Monday, April 25, 2011

Random outings during the holidays

I remembered that Clarisa and I went to Tionglin for dinner after his work (ITP)
We went to bugis food court to have lunch (:
There werent many empty tables and we took rather long to find one.

There was this particular table with 2 packets of tissue and clarisa suggested to sit there.
But i felt that it was quite mean to take people's seats (you know singaporeans do that to kop seat)
As we were about to sit there I found another empty seat so we moved.

In anycase tionglin reached and we went to buy our food.
I used to like the omelette curry rice there, but idk if it moved/ closed down.
Cant find it anymore, so i bought chicken cutlet omelette rice with chawan :3
didnt take pics of chawan thou ;p

Omelette riceeee (:

After that we went down to the basement to get I ♥ Tai mei bbt

I think i got caramel milk tea :3

If im not wrong i think i have aged.
Chewing on pearls have become tiring for me and i recently prefer pudding :D
Pudding no need to chew so much mah && taste nice hahha (:

Plus plus, 
Chewing too much pearls = big jawline
 = face bigger = uglier 
= need more photoshop ):


We went to find weiyi and she was working (ITP) at an optical shop near Promenade Mrt area.
Waited for her to end work and we slacked at somewhere and then we went home :x

-abrupt ending-

During the holidays i went out with Yinghui & Lina too!
Its been quite long since we last met, maybe a year?
So we settle over lunch and reminisced
We had lunch at Pastamania in dhoby ;3

Soup of the day : Cream of Mushroom  

Garlice breado ;3
Creamy chicken pasta
Prawns aglio olio (i tink)

Sausage baked rice :D

Then we walked around dhoby and took some pictures while waiting for the lift

I told them!

'我蹲下你们不要蹲 hor!'

So we look like we are of the same height hehe.
Its always like that when taking with people who are shorter than you ;x

I basically have same poses, well sometimes I do run out of poses.
ESPECIALLY when taking pictures while waiting for the lift to come right? LOL

In the end we all left rather early, like at 2pm because Lina and I have work at 2/2.30pm
I bought gongcha for my sis and went to Pomo to work :3


Signing off
Kazuewhoendsoffwithabruptendings LOL

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to make a 5 minutes cheesecake (:


7 Marshmellows ( per cup)

1/16 Tofu ( used to balance out the sweetness i tink) 

1/8 of a Philadelphia Cheese (or less if u want it less chessy)

2 Digestive biscuit (for the base)

Some milk to coagulate the base abit 


The first thing you do is to pop your marshmellows, tofu and Philadelphia cheese into a microwavable plate/container and microwave for around 30 seconds odd !

Cheese and tofu cut & ready to be placed with marshmellows later

Pop the whole thing into the microwave


Your results will be like that

You will need a spoon or a stirrer to stir this mixture as best as you can.
If it is still very chunky you can microwave for another 20seconds and stir it.
Dont worry if you have some cheese chunks here and there.

If you noticed i place my digestive biscuit in a plastic bag , this is good for pounding it.
After that you pour a small amount of milk to wet the base alittle so that they can form a nice flat base.

(CAUTION, dont pour too much milk or it will taste like wet biscuits which you would not like )

Scoop your biscuits into a cup like container and make the surface flat with your spoon.

Then, pour your marshmellow mixture into the cup and it should look like this !


See i never set it nicely, but oh well it will still taste nice


Okay at this stage you can either eat a hot cheesecake, or chill it for a few hours before eating it.
Well, i prefer cold desserts so if you are adventurous enough you can try the hot 1 lol.
(okay im just joking , who eats hot cheesecake 1. Somore still in liquid form lol )

Well the 5 minute cheesecake doesnt include the chilling part la. But u can submerge the cup in a basin of ice with salt to accelerate the solidifying process if you want to eat it in 5 minutes.

&& guess what the ingredients costs less than 15 bucks altogether.
You can make like close to 6-9 cups of cheesecakes.
You can also make different flavours by adding your desired flavours 
at the mixing part at the microwaved marshmellows :D 

Credits to Channel U Japanese Show 

Signing Off

Friday, April 15, 2011

Why do people not like guys with long hair?

Just kinda bothered by this topic WHICH i have many first hand experience with countless of times.
Guys with long hair (or medium-length) always get talked about, and sometimes shunned.

Like wtf?

Why do people always associate guys with long hairs to gangsterism, no manners, looking messy, a dropout or worse an ingrate. We havent even utter a word and you label us because our hair are 10cm or  longer then the average man.

We can still do work like any other people and just because our hair moves more when the wind blows, you hate us?

I think its about time that we should get some justice from you judgemental people.

Pic to proof that my hair is not of an average joe's length (actually jus the sideburns only)

Sometimes i reallly cannot take it, people criticize, despise... forget it. But to stereotype?
 Who do you think you are?

I have had short part time jobs in the science, service, food and sales industry 
and they only accepted me reluctantly.
I know that being neat with crew cut hair is the best, but it doesnt show my personality.
Common lor, if all the guys do that, wouldnt that be extremely boring?

&& why dont u mock girls for cutting their long tresses?
IF girls can have short hair, why cant guys can have longer hair? Sexist idiots.

Thus i think these are the few reason why some people do not like guys with long hair.

1. Your hair is better than theirs




Well they always say that 'The grass is greener on the other side.'
So 'The hair is always silkier/shinier on the other scalp.'


These applies to those people who had a shitty colour/dried like straw hair and is envious of your nice hair.
Because they are too lost for words that a like guy you can actually have such nice-smelling(abit kua zhang), long & conditioned hair that they go all personal and verbal attack you with threats. 

Well i guess it sucks to be them to have shitty hair. 
Go get some treatment or some good hair mask la, criticizing people's hair will not magically repair you hair right? TSK.

2. They cannot grow until that length

They are apparently jealous of your length! 
If not comment so much, disturb you and force you to cut your hair for what?
This condition normally applies to ladies with screwed short hair cut or guys with short hair.
Because they are jealous of your length that they cannot humane-ly reach or sustain so they kajiao u. 

So they make mean comments like your hair is like shit (maybe theirs are like diarrhoea? since L.S is always worse than B.S) , you look like a girl/tranny , your hair is ugly and blahblah blah. 

So guys, if their hair is much shorter than yours and they make such mean sarcastic comments. 
Just dramatically flick your hair and walk away LOOOOL! If that is too dramatic for you , you just turn your head to the right/left (any direction) violently to whack them with your hair. 

They will know that they have lost, heh heh.

3.They just have nothing to do

Since they stereotype so many kinds of people im not surprised if they ran out of ' types ' to gossip about.
It just unlucky of us to have longer hair length than them so they make a topic out of it. 

My hair is attached to MY scalp, how is it of any inconvenience to other people?

As an average human drops 40-120 strands of hair daily ,i think i will only burden the cleaners  that have to sweep the floor. SO other than them no other people are allowed to insult as they are not in any way inconvenienced.

4. We are better looking than them

Due to many countries influence, more guys are having medium- long hair length.
So im not surprised if longer hair suits different faces. 

Different hair length hides/cover flaws and boost your facial features what. 
So as they are the plain-TOMs on the streets they ought to put you down to their level so that everyone look like plain TOMS-es.

What kind of world are you living in if everybody has the same hairstyle,hair colour and face.
That is why we longer hair guys differentiate ourselves from this mundane mainstream looking kinda guys.

Well im not trying to say that all guys should start growing their hair to hip length now && saying that long hair suits everyone. Im just trying to say that some people in this world should just stop being so judgemental. 

Short hair is good for different people too & short hair guys do not get criticized for cutting their hair short right?

Thus, theres always the longer hair guys getting targetted and being ridiculed at.
E.g if you dont like my hair, so be it. 

Its not like the hairstyle will determine my EQ OR IQ right?
Must you be so critical to pinpoint my every mistake and make it seem like im a total loser 

&& although i talk so much about this, i might still need to cut my hair to a shorter length for my attachment.):
Because i study biotechnology in which no lab researchers have nice long hair & im no exception to start being one.
Well that is in 5 months time, so i will cherish the moments i will have with my long hair :3

Picture credits to google ! (:

Signing Off,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodbye my frens

Sounds so solemn right? 
When guys reach 18, they will have to finsh their current education and leave for N.S
We need to shave botak, wear grass coloured uniform and go for harsh training.
NONO, i m not talking about myself, i have 2 j.c friends who have enlisted.
So i spent went out with them on their last few days (of freedom).

#1.Jason Han Wei Yuan . LOL

Met him at dhoby and ate jusacia, den we bused to tanglin mall.
He bought expensive daily contacts at like 53 bucks lor. MADNESS.
I keep suaning him because he couldnt say no to the salesgirl, too kind to a fault lol.

&& i was looking for blonde hairdye there, BUD TO MY HORROR 


I was really stunned lor, like which watson got no hairdye 1.
The people there no need dye hair 1 meh?! 
Well, probably they are too rich for diy hairdyes and go to salons T^T

We walked from tanglin to qtss to look for more hairdyes but to no avail and slacked at some random HDB.

He act fierce only (my hair colour looked kinda light heere, I RIKE) :3

Why do i look like i have highlights ? I havent processed my hair then.

I was kinda pissed with my camera because it kept taking blur shots. (thus the quality)
I was proving to jason how my stupid cam is sensitive to black stuffs (that gives it false impression dat it needs flash)
So my camera is kinda racist to a certain extent ;3


took my lok kok spare phone and it flashed lor u SEE.

I tried using the camera pouch bud it failed, guess it was too far away.

Jason was very amused by my racist camera LOL.
We walked to redhill, then decided to walk to bukit merah interchange so dat we can chat more.
SO long never see him liao must chat more. (althou i gt bus concession tsk)
We finshed out chats when our buses came and we left.

Hope you are still coping well in camp! 
Is your throat any better already? ;o

#2 Ho Ka Chee

Kachee invited our clique to his house for dinner on a sunday.
I finshed work and chiong to weiling house to do his farwell card.
Drew a kacheek for his cover of the card

Sketched out the kacheeek

The marker ran out of ink and so i used colour pencil
The kacheek was dam gross(above) thus i covered it with a coloured paper and drew a small kacheek instead.
No pic for the final outcome cause i forgotten to take )):
We then bought a cake at Hans and went to his house.
We lazed around his bedroom before his mum started cooking. Joash & kachee did help in the dishes too.


tofu, salted fish & taugey. (simple bud really awesome)

truckload of chicken wings & drumsticks (YUMS)

tomato chilli prawn that the mum cooked

Cereal salmon( cool dish!) 

Kimchi ((: (not my fav thou lol)

The kangkong which most ppl complains to be saltish

So we got ppl to distract him and set up the cake. (: 

He felt that a cake wasnt needed. (well farewell + early bdae since he mite not be able to celebrate it)

The happy strathmore guy

Then we took many solo shots :D

Kachee(KC From now on) & Clarisa

Kc & Jay

Kc and Joash

Yingying, Kc & Jay

Kc & Tionglin 

Kc & weiling

Kc & ME (:

&& some group shots!

Everyone looks happy here :D

My constipated looking face because he asked us to look at the book used to heighten the camera.

Really candid & nice shot :D

He likes his dead sotong face here so, so be it :D

Present for the soon-to-be-botak guy (:

&& he passes off well as a delivery man , no? :D

Candid pic of them ((:

The uncle and aunty who were oblivious when they saw some kid, lol

We played card games like indian poker & ban luck and the 4 '7' game haha.

&& then a song erupted.
TART(hokkien for block)   *Sings in the cha cha boooo rhythm.*


We played til dam late and realised kachee's house was a really good place to chill.
Got place to sleep somore, as in spacious enough to laze ard and sleep i tink haha :D
In the end me and clar took last bus home because we both had other plans for the next day.

&& MR DIVER KACHEE, hope u are surviving well too! (:
All the best, 6 months will be gone in a flash.