Saturday, January 27, 2007

mR xXx

hey u stupid mR xXx !! i tucked in myshirt aledi u still ask mi sit on the flo0r .... and u failed my test... u made the 1/2 of the classs sit on the floor becuz dey were late from recess by like 5 mins..? y dun u try sitin on the flo0r??

ask ppl sit on the floor nxt time i c ur desk g0rt any trash 0r wadd i ask u sit the flo0r 1?? andd dun b to0 thick skin cuz ppl sc0ld u u say ppl sc0ld fi0na still dare say'po0r fi0na' fi0na s0 'yuan wang'

b4 i end my speech theres 3 powerful w0rds i wanna say....


Sunday, January 07, 2007

LEft HOshIgaOKa

to say this ... its kinda of reallii realli sadd...i w0rked in this restaurant at ard 2 months yup and i managed to know some friends talk and joke ard widd .. its hard to say goodbye... learned lots 0f stuffs

(crooked specs -.+)
-u r a great person u taught mi f&b on my first day and u r the 1 willing to shake hand with mi onli.... =) i remembered ur NIuu0rr* sound sometimes hillarious hehe and thanks for being such a nice friend!!
-FAV PHRASE= (xiao xin shou lan diao) chinese :)

-a fun and enj0yable colleague dat every1 wans to w0rk widd..(its true) nobodi hates u as its fun and u sometimes might start.. onli youuuu* haha.. =) or some china accent when i dropped the tenzaru set u were the 1 who rushed to mi first (btw the accident was beri malu) yuppp
hope to c u again qin ai der!!(green love 1)
-FAV PHRASE= (bu shi wo men jia de)

will miss u all i feel like crying lerh hope nxt time u all wont forget mi!! h0shiga0ka rawks!!! =)

Friday, January 05, 2007

a return fr0m hELL!!!

scho0ls starts !!!!sian! ok wadeva some teachers are great while some are XsXh0Xes.(guess) den h0rr i got 1 teacher teach mi a subject . its a he !!! he teach maths he is mr XXX sensored lata i banned...

den teachteach teach for 2 period i ask my fwen wads nxt period he says maths.. i was like waD?D! i check my timetable i copied ...sian i copy wrong he is strict u noe nber bring tb la... hmm den i tell him b4 the lesson starts (thinking he might let mi off) he stared at mi and said...

"its not a small matter u noe"
" i will accept any punishment u give mi" i replied

wtf la i can share widd ppl rite?? i can jus copy the whole chap until handbrake i dun care why must sit on the floor so malu.. in the end i sit on chair dun care bout him he look at mi i look on the floor... finally he left the period den yay go home cut hair! =) lolz i hate u mr XXX