Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Well , this should be on the day where my blog post is on time.
Its Halloween , YES 31st of October 2012!!!
Time to get craaaazy and dress up in whatever u want and not get judged hahhaa.
Couldnt really enjoy myself on the actual day of Halloween this year because im enlisting into the National army.

BUTTT, I did do my fair share of dress up by having EGA/EGL hightea with nette & eliz &&&& going to USS for the Haunted house ! Nothing is scarier than the Rides itself hurhur. Not really a fan of rollercoasters but i still got up on it. Not updating this 2 posts thouu HAHHA.

I did a photoshoot myself thoughhhh.

Yea so that's about it!! && I will be enlisting tomorrow and I feel kinda normal about it.
Idk why, but I dont feel exceptional sad nor happy. Just.. normal. 
Maybe because i have yet to reach Pasir Ris and all :/ Im just a little uneasy because I have been running to the toilet , I hope that doesnt affect me making friend tomorrow :/

I will be gone for like 2 weeks~~ Wonder how life is like without internet .
I felt that NS is quite fair to me alrdy because it gave me 6 months' notice, which is quite a fair bit of time for me to do many things before i enlist. 
I feel that i shouldnt complain and instead i should be appreciative of it (: 
I have also successfully made a makedo Rainbow hair chart with my iphone! (yes i will miss u phone)
&& nope i didnt cry when i shaved botak, im not that much of a wimp please.

&& there are like additional colours like PINK and faded colours which i havent added haha.
Kinda like the rainbow colours hehehe
So til then... 2 weeks later!  (:

Signing Off,

Monday, October 22, 2012

People whom I detest.

In life, everyone is bound to meet people who they dont like.Some are really easy to spot, some reveal themselves over time and some are those that you realised from what they are doing behind your back. So basically this is like a summary of people whom i dont like.


Don't you just hate this genre of people? Like people who acts innocent infront of everyone but is in fact the biggest bitch? I don't like when people pretend that they are something they are not, unless its for the sake of role playing or for front-line service crew who needs to be really nice. It just irks me when you know just how fake that person is when you know they are not like what they are.


You do know that people have all the time in the world and alot of opportunities to do whatever they want. && when they do something for you, be glad that they chose you, and not anyone else. I put in effort to do something nice for you and all you do is complain about it. Fine, ungrateful people doesnt get anymore help or attention , because ....


I m not asking for praises, im not asking for you to worship my help but I think the most sensible thing is to not whine about the product. IF you want to, please give constructive comments so as to improve the situation and not just dissing it. Thanks!


Talking bad about people behind their backs, I guess everyone will have a little or many experience on this.But I think its too much if all you talk is about that particular person and NOTHING is positive. Well,  its not as if you were the most perfect human being on earth either. I personally wont get to close to that person since most things that the person talks badly , could be you.

I m not a perfect human being either. I could or not fall into either of the categories, DEPENDING on how you treat me. Imagine, if you were really nice to a person, why would he/she be that nasty to you? Unless its a devil's incarnate or you are really that unlucky then, I have nothing to say.

The world becomes a clearer sight to me as my age increases. Nothing was like a fairy tale , or should I say there isn't such things as fairy tales. The world isn't as white as it seems, its grey. Covered with specks of black that it cant deny. Its really frustrating to fall prey to the black portion as it is a waste of happy emotions. Not feeling emo or really sad right now, I am merely writing my point of view on people who I won't necessarily appreciate.

On the bright side, i DO like

  • People who are funny (Humour is IN for sure)
  • People who likes cats & dogs :3
  • People with good fashion sense
  • People with same music interest as me

Abrupt ending with a self obsessed picture of me hehehehehe :D Didnt liquify my jaw okayy!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Graduation Day 2012

My graduation day in Temasek Polytechnic was somewhere in May.( Gonna be a super lengthy post!)
Sorry for the sequence because that was before i have purple hair (:
&& Yes I am a Student in Biotechnology who graduated with a GPA of 3.38 ( not exactly fabulous :/ )
My graduation was at 6pm ... the latest slot! But i took too long to do my hair and thus I had to take a cab!

Formal Attire on the cab :D

After that I walked to the convention hall and it was a long walk. Not to mention the horrible weather :/
Was perspiring and finally found some friends. 

Rasyidah & Aravind & ME :D

My Poly Clique !! Love you guys hehehehe :D

Bumped into Chevy too! Hello! ( rare few queenstownians from sec skl)

&& Then we proceeded into the graduation hall~~

I was seperated from my friends and was seated with some other coursemates.

Went to find Shen, Corey && Jolyn :D

Corey's Ducklips LOL && Jolyn :D

ME on Stage with the Dummy Certificate hahaha.

Went to find Aravind and Yansiu after that heheh ! Look at the amount of people!

Mama and Papa :3

Rasyidah my very blur malay friend!

Rehka, Rasyidah, Suba and Shen!! :D

Joeyyyy~ Dont get fooled by her appearance! She is really strong & likes to flip people. Ops*

With Ria

With Liza the PIZZZA. Haha really nice girl & from orientation her impression of me is: "Friendly"

With Jiajie's Gang

Joey and Samantha! :D

With Lester a lecturer!! (whom we always tease about ;x)

Zheng Yi!! He sat beside me && we know each other presence in tp but never had the chance to talk, til graduation LOL.

Aravind (Monkey), && Corey . My best buds in T.p . Its fun crapping and studying with these people!!

Almost with all the guys in my class (ops overexposure)

Yong Sheng! The braniac who is ridiculously smart !

Zhihan! The shy boy who has an eye smile.

I miss you guyssss

More pics~~

Candid shot ! Look at corey and samantha LOL

With Chun Hui. 

Shamelessly took Yongsheng's flower and camwhored (:

Last Picture

This marks the end of Temasek Polytechnic in my life. It was really fun and sad at the same time.
I would dare say I matured in this 3 years as I sort of realised how the real world is .

I will miss..
Gossiping about lecturers, playing with their slang and always drawing on each other's Lecture notes.
Rushing to print notes in the morning, running to get seats during lunch time and surprising each other during birthdays. Rushing to board 65 and 23, always running to get on 23 at the deadly turn.

Waking up at 6am to get ready for a 9am class, styling my hair everyday.(duh) Predicting when to bring jacket for tutorial days, playing badminton on unexpected days. Gossiping about people on 23, meeting weird people on 23 (i always bump into weird people :/) Thinking of what clothes to wear everday and making sure I have at least 1 week before i repeat a certain clothing.

There is just so much going on my mind.. I cant put them into words.
Those 3 years were spent fruitfully!
All those people i've met, those lecturers that taught us i wont forget them.

Signing Off,

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgery/Correction

Okay here is my random thoughts on Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery /Correction.
Recently I realised that many people had done surgery to themselves!
Many celebrities, bloggers and even my friends.
As far as cosmetic surgery is concerned (this is my opinion)  even braces are considered cosmetic surgery.

These corrections are done to enhance a particular part of your body you do not like.

Yes braces may not be a real surgery where you cut out bits and pieces of flesh, BUT you do have proper teeth that are functional which you do not like the form. Thus, you changed it to the society's definition of pretty teeth which is straight teeth. & that is a correction of form which is regarded as cosmetic correction.

Not just braces, even lasik is a form of cosmetic correction.

I actually had thoughts of doing cosmetic corrections.

Here is a photo of me with only the lightings adjusted.
If I was given a chance to do  surgery, i would have double eyelids and a more define jawline .
Because my tapered eyelid are really small, they look like single eyelids.

Horrible attempt on double eyelid and with jaw line defined!!

I dont know but i feel that i dont suit parallel lids, maybe i shouldnt have made it so high hahaha.
But i still think that the eyelid surgery would be nice because people with small pupils like me without contacts , will look like they have even smaller eyes without defined double eyelids!

But there are many concerns when it comes to this kind of operations. I am afraid that it wouldnt turn out well , or there might be implications or getting more surgery since im no longer 'Natural' 

In my opinion most people who does cheeks or head implants sort of have the similar look after the recovery period :/ Most of them would look like.. Park Bom?

Its a pretty egg shaped face with chubby cheeks after some cheek fillers.

That is pretty weird because some people look kinda similar even though they are of no blood relation lol.

Well in summary, i feel that plastic/cosmetic corrections are amazing technology that enables one to change or correct their form. But I guess only if there is a need to or you are really wealthy then you should do it.
Otherwise... Photoshop is always good hahahaha.

And i partly feel that photoshop is one of the main cause, for the start of having plastic surgery thoughts. Because you would know what are your flaws already! How I wished that my face could sharpen with just a brush in real life, LOL.

Signing Off,