Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cousion outing + Prawn birthday

Okay so when everyone arrived (after i took so many pics with cappuccino
we went to 23 Lor Geylang, idk where to have steamboat buffet LOL.
I sat with duck, prawn & chunhui.
So its like we 4 went out for dinner only.
Whats worse i didnt take picture of my other cousions, so yea whatever.

Cherng lin drove us there (: Camwhore on the car

(i tink its awesome to have cousions that can drive, so many of them!)

Abalone , like 4 piece complimentary

The oo-so-nice-looking-but-taste-like-shit crab

Our soup base ( not spicy cause we all are 'KIDS')

Live prawns, mad scary they r still jumpin lor!

The other table put the live prawns into the soup & 
1 prawn jumped out of the soup!
(talking about determination LOL)
All i heard was someone screaming hahahha!

After like an hour or so hahah.

Duck & chunhui

Nastily oily fried porkbelly with crabmeat

I didnt really like the food.
The sausage tasted like FISHCAKE, like wth?
&& our soupbase got so salty we asked the waitress to top up with plain water.
She like a STUN onli hahha.
After that we went to grab desserts

Nice cakes thou

Then when paying for the food, my elder cousion's boyfriend actually paid for it.
&& he intended to treat us, we were like all shocked :o
It was like 22 each (12 of us , mind u ) && the food sucked (in my opinion).
Well some of them enjoyed the food so, yeah good for them :/

Then we drove back, && at geylang's odd no. streets at 10pm or so, u could see lotsa... chickens.
They were dam scary i tell u.
Cherng lin locked the door when he saw a bunch of them near the car.
Apparently some of them might jus open the door, if u were alone, FREAKY :/
LOLOL, there were like young chickens, old chickens, wayang chickens & even hippos! LOL
(okay im super mean!)

We played monopoly deal for an hour or so before i lured prawn to the fridge , pretending to make ice water.
Then i took out the cake & sang birthday song.
She was caught unnoticed & felt that it was random LOL!

Cakeee :D

Surprised Prawn! (:

Gave her presents & cards (:

She seems happy! (:



Apparently i was blur in most of the shots cos i was setting the timer den ran over hahah!

We began munching th cake hehe

Opening present*


OMG! * (she was really shocked haha)

Glad she liked it, but she blame us for making her gain the kilos she have lost LOL

Being such a happy occasion, we made souffle~

Shit the fonts made it looked like some halloween eat & die foodstuffs LOL

Doesnt look nice bud tastes really awesomeee!

My handwriting + the colour looks like the Love Cher bag :o

Lastly wishing prawn a Happy 20th Birthday.
Hoped u enjoyed the presents  (:

Signing off

Friday, December 24, 2010

A day of Cappuccino

 Cappuccino ?
Hopefully u didnt think i was talking about

NO, NOT THIS hahhaa.
I m talking about Cappuccino !

The CAT! (:

Last saturday i went to my gramps house to have a steamboat outing strictly for cousions only.
&& like close to 12 out of 16 of us turned up, hehe
Well thats the coming post, after this because i took many pics with/ of this cat, while waiting.

I still cant tell if its a SHE or a HE bud i think its a girl ;3 (hopefully)
I picked it up and place it on my lap.
Omg it jus stayed there & purred, GAHHH SO CUTE :3

Cute kitty cat :3

&& some time to camwhore of course, LOL

Gahh i always take pic of my halfface.

BUT somehow i feel that it looks sexier that way, LOL
Okay if u noticed i had some blonde strands of hair, well, thats blonde extensions that i played ard with.

Engrossed in the toy, its mad cute lah!

This cat super cooperative when taking picture.
Maybe its a camwhore? Hahaha :D
Its got this M on its had also , daaaam adorable pls.
I walked to the back and took some pics !

Bobo & cream ! 

They were intially sleeping together in the box 1 lor, den my flash woke bobo up )):
Damned! They 2 orange kitties look mad adorable squeezing into a cosy box .

Sleepy head , Cream.

&& they are not twins! Jus happened to be 2 diff cats of same colour ;o

More camwhorish shots LOL.

I went back to disturb Cappuccino.
So fun to play with it ((:

The shocked face LOL.

See its a poser! I LIKEEEEE (:

Ultra close up shots & it doesnt mind.

&& it started doing R.A stufffs!!

BATHING, hahahha !

I have possibly died off while typing this post, its MAD CUTE.

Shutup, i noe i have used the word cute & adorable too many times.
But what other terms can u really come up with to describe this kitten?

Actually it was just licking its paws haha.

'I can bite my furry chest'

 Do not get fingers too close to the mouth, 



U will get bitten!

haha, soft bites are alright lah.
Its not that aggressive so im okay with its nibble.
See its got pearly white teeth, prolly cause its quite young too, maybe 3-4 months old?

Killer wink !

Last Picture Already!!

I  you too (:

I dont care if the last pic is blur or unglam or whatever nots.
ITS DAMM sweet pls.
Oh no,i m obsessed with cappuccino also :3

Oh yes, i will be out the whole night til christmas morning.
So Merry Christmas in Advance! :D


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hair update

Alright, before i show u my current hair, i did some stupid && crazy stuffs with my longer hair.
Pictures to proof haha :D
I dont care if it looks stupid/gross/girly because its over & is for memory sake (:

Jus to show u all how DRIED & DAMAGE it is.
Being a frequent 'hair dyer' the ends have become dry & omg theres a few that looks blonde.
I had never bleached my hair && my hair was so damaged that it looks blonde.
Dono should feel happy or sad,LOL.

Moving on..

I played & changed my parting && i think i look better like this!
Fringe thicker && no need to photoshop e,
Bad thing is its effing long &&  its very hard to survive while studying cos it will drop 
& hinder me reading anything.
I look like i have (SHINee) jonghyun's  puppy eyes here :3

Ughhh, his eyes dam big & puppy-ish .
(like love-me-pls that kinda eyes)
The best thing is that his is NATURAL.
Mine is 14.0mm coloured contact lense den got this size 1 ):
Grrr, why cant i jus have naturally big eyes. ( Sorry i digress, back to the crazy pics)

(Inserts bimbotic voice*) 
HI , I am 'Tailor Sleeve
okay lah its a small plaits that i made which i think of taylor swift somehow LOL.

I dono why many girls like to tug all their hair to 1 side, like above.
When they do that i think that they show their chioer side of the face.
But it means seeking attention too, HAHA.

I can has a side ponytail :3

&&  Ridiculous Top ponytail

Its so dry it can even stand up on its own.
No gel,hairspray or whatsoever involved.
Mad damaged lor  :/

Seee, i have some healthy looking hair over here okay!


See i can has a golden bun, LOL
The damaged parts does not seem prominent here :o

Okay Last pic already, stop your puking (if there is)!