Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Long time no see :D

Had a photoshoot with Paul & Eugene few weeks/months back and it was fun (:
Some camwhore pics in Lexy (Lx-5) :D

Camwhoring at Long john :D

Bigass-ed face of me Using flash at night ((:

&& finally an update on my dark/black hair :D

It looks kinda awesome here as someone helped me style it :D

Anyway i went back to my gramps house after like 1-2 months and took back some memories hehe.

Lump of cuteness there :D

I woke it up by accident and Cappuccino look so freaking stunned. LOL  AWWWW 

Rise of the Apes Kitty (her name)

Failed shot, she so dao! ):

Cappuccino in my arms, act cute somore hehe ^^

Dao kitty :o

I love her eyes 8)

On a random note, this used to be my hairstyle LOL.

&& currently i style it like this! 

2 more weeks to end of studying in school, can you believe it?
Well I will be on 5 months' attachment to NUS, hopefully there are no nasty people there (:
On a really really random note, i was really glad to be chosen for the semi finals of Teenage.
So im 1 out of the 12 guys in Category B.

WELL, its SEMI-FINALS, that means dat there is another round of elimination.
This time we have to show our talents within 5minutes in front of the stage in Iluma!
Freaking scary, just to think about it.
As my throat is not in a good condition + I always supply it with KFC, i dare not sing.
Im scared that 1 off key/ cracked voice would leave me VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Thus i have decided to dance a full song to impress the judges! (:
But heres the catch, i have to dance alone in front of strangers & hopefully impress the judges.
Well, i aint awesome dancer + does not have an established dancing background.
BUT, I hope that my determination & effort AND HARD WORK will gain its recognition.

Yes, I have decided to dance Goodbye baby from Miss A . Alone! :o
That is the tentative plan which i have to submit by this friday.
Miss A have been my idol, especially Min with her strong explosive moves.
I would really like to achieve that kind of standard and will try my best (:
I was kind of afraid how people would judge me because im dancing a girl group dance alone , 
since girls does guy group dances, why not the other way round? :/
++ this set of moves are more like fierce then the super over cutesy kind for guys , so i think it should be fine.
& many kpop idols (males) also LOVE girl group dances ,like me, and i dont see why i should be laughed at.

Definitely, it would be a challenge to learn dancing (alone thru tutorials) and during the period of my final exams. Whats worse is that I have long limbs to add on to the visual distraction ( heh ); )

Shall try my best to impress the judges. Whether i do get into the finals or not, I shall let the judges decide (: