Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clar's birthday

Grp photo !!

The colourful cake ;D

Without candles ;o

Attempting to extinguish the 'unblowable' candles

Picking out the candles wif her teeth ;o

Didnt have the grp pic polaroid photo so i cant post );
Ppl who were dere were Kymm,weiling,weiyi,clar,pearlyn,jayjay,kachee,tionglin and me!
Went to the bbq after watching,
New in town & pink panther wif mandy,charlton,edmund and zijian ( thanx ppl (: )
They were still starting the fire when i arrived ( as expected ;/)
Took friggin long to start the fire and started cooking.
Ate alot of raw food , and semi cooked food. :/

Asked some passerby uncle to take phto for us.
Played super lame games like 007 bang, zookeeper & monkey anddd something like heartattack.
Even played mrt and fruit game LOL.
Jookoon for the win :D

Finally ate some decent food after weiyi made a mini pit wif aluminium box
Kachee came and we talked and played those lame games above.
Sweared i had fun playing dem.
Den waited til 12am bade our goodbyes and went mac.
Only 4 ppl stayed overnight kymm,pearlynn,junjie and mee.

Played at the humongous playgrd at west coast ( kinda underestimated it)
Sat at some sandy place and we talked our hearts out (;
Chated til ard 4am den went to macs to chit chat agn.
Kymm was the noobest she fell asleep at mac. J.k
Gossip-ed til 6am den took taxi home while jay had his personal driver, his father ;/

Homed bathed and slept at 7am.
Woke up at 2pm and got ready to work );
Hommed at 11pm and slept at 1am after some anime and telebishioon (;

Happy birthday clarisa!! 17 yrs neighbour and counting ( right? )

Duno when should i go for the xray ;/

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lane tribute 4 !! ;/

Lane is disgusted wif u! ;D

Sleeping on coca cola tissue box ;/

Followed us for a walk wif the dog.

Thought she dropped her fur ;/

Lying her FATS on her beloved tissue box

Going vegetarian for an hour(;

I slept wif lane for a night. ( sounds dirty )
Anw, she took over the whole pillow lor );
She kicked me when i was sleeping as well.
Naughty cat . );
However its adorable to see it cuddle beside my head to sleep.
Wait, no she placed her ass beside my head ;/ !!

Oh no, she doesnt clean her butt when she does business! ..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A stayover at gramp's house

Ginger came back during my stay <3~~

Coco the black (;
coco and laneee (;
Coco comes into the house :D

Bathing meowthhh (;

Realised dere were so many pics of coco ;D
who cares.
Anyway, saw and learned abit on how to bathe cats.
Saw duck painstakingly washing off fleas from meowth.
Stupid blood suckerss!!
The amount of fleas were stunning, seriously alot. ;o
First she rubbed a flea lotion onto the cat.
The cat was obviously screaming and scratching like mad cos its burning.
The lotion smell and 'hotness' was somewhat near the ointment for sprained ankles.
Den duck had to pick up the fleas 1 by 1 wif her nails and put it into a pail of water.
Within 10mins, the water was floating wif flea carcasses ;/
Den dipped meowth into a big pail of water like boiling a chiken in a hot boiling water. LOL
After bathed her wif shampoo and water( i did help) and walahhh, hes done.
Cats wif wet fur felt like chicken, like seriously!! ;D
It was an eye opening experience , hope dat i can do it someday (;

Received my enrolment package, bud the amt of forms in dere is stunning, wtf?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

No voice );

Pic from shal's blog which is so true );
Credits to shal for photo ;D

I lost my voice -.-
Ate ( kfc,pineapple tart , currypuff, KFC AGAIN) now i lost my voice );
Frigging irritating, ppl dont even care wad i say cos dey cant understand me,
Im gonna sell tickets later .
Not gonna eat kfc for a month! ):<

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dat eccentric kat, Meaowth ;D

Taking a pic in the dark ;o

Desperately wants to come out ;o

Its damm cuteeee and innocent (;


Worst of all its a guy i mean male!!

BUt it still bites!! Really hard );

This meaowth really scratch & bites alot.
I call it meaowth cos its like the pokemon 1, onli noe how to scratch and bite ;x
Although my cousion calls it scratch ;/
It is much tamed now as in i can touch it and pat it.
However it gets into crazy mood and bite ppl once in awhile.
Den i have to stone and not move, den it would stop ;/
Budd its getting cuter and cuter now, oh gosh bud its so fierce ;/
Gota tame it all gota tame it all, POKEMON!
LOL ;/

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cats marathon (;

Mozaic tiles wif lane ;D

Ginger came back (;

Cute bobo (;

Poser-ish bobo (;

Sexy stripes ;D

Violent cat, choke slam ;o

Ytd was at my gramps house cat's camwhoring as well.
Ginger♥, came back i was damm shockedddd
Den went to hospital to visit my grandfather.
He looked very feeble and weak wif puffy eyes and sunken skin.
I felt very terrible remembering dat i hate him when i was young );
He had blood cancer, and needs a bone marrow transplant i guess?
Hopefully he could live thru this setback of his life and return back to his normal state.
if not, the house would be gone, and so will the cats );

So please any deities/gods if u hear me, please bless and save him );

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy St Valentine's Day ;D
Lina's present ;D

Will u be my valentine? ;D

Me and yinghui :D

Grp Photo ;D

Grp photo number 2 ;D

Happy V day ppl ;o
On V.day worked from 10- 5pm :/
Got 85 credit cards slips ( new record :/ )
Gave some chocolates to my frensss (;
After work, went down to tiong to meet yh and lina.
charlton and jason couldnt come, how i wished dey came );
Went to bugis to find something to eat, budd restaurants were full
Places like fish&co, Swenson and even V8 ;/
Thought of a splendid place, CHINATOWN ;DDD
Dineddd, and played wif the puny chocolate fondue dats costs more den the earthquake!! ;o
After dat went back to bugis to arcade and hhomed ;D
Have to thanx yinghui and lina for spending time wif me on v day.
If not i would be a lonely soul );

Friday, February 13, 2009

Slumdog millionaire

Went to watch this movie ;D

Tcc's oreo coffee frappe

Jason's idk, the whipped cream looks like mushroom!

My rose juliet , siala no romeo ;o

Chunhui's cat snowieee (;

Watched slumdog millionaire wif great buds like jason and junjie.
I treat dem wif my compass wor (;
Show was quite funny, except the torturing part was disturbing and confusing as well.
It was a relatively good exposure to show us the not so elegant part abt india.
The indian kid was rather funny, wif the jumping into the shit scene ;D
After the show went tcc to drink coffee and slack wif jay and jay's son(jason).
Crapped alot, saw jason's hair , laughed and crapped alot ((;
Suddenly came a young indian boy asking if prisoners deserve a second chance.
We said yes and he talked so fast i couldnt understand him except the last few words.
"Buy this box for charity"or smthing.( so slumdog lor ;x)

LOL, rejected him and i went to my cousion's house.
Took pics of snowiee, bud dere was charcoal and tigger as well :/
Played some television games and we went my sis's birthday bbq.
Sadly when we arrived at 8, dey were still starting the fire.
Took a walk and found a toilet, wooo to relieve myself :D
Went back and ate some sausages.
In the end ate some pizza and chicken as well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Randoom :D

Guess who's claws :D

this is wad a call a satisfied customer (;

Flooded by gifts from ppl (p.s nvr login for 1 and a half yrs)

Facebook was flooded wif invitations to games by some ppl i dun wanna name WHO.
Its irritating, got like 400+ invites -.-
Had a hard time clearing it thanks to those ppl ;/

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The winner!

Fat lane's victorious pose :D
She defeated baby by 4:0 .
LOL , All hail america's next top MAODEL :D

Monday, February 09, 2009

Yawning society ;O

Hyper beam!! ;o

Snorlax's YAWN ;O

Fire blast!! ;O

Shadow ball ;O

So into pokemon ;D

Sunday, February 08, 2009

New cat ;/

See how cute it looks

Nice looking eyes and cute fur ;o

A dirty secret lies behind this cuteness

Its dam fierce more like eccentric

My hand ); wif alot of scratches due to dat cat.

Dat day i saw this cute lil kitten dat resemble lane in a room.
So i went inside to touch it.
At first it was biting me, i tot it was a friendly bite to remember my scent or somehting.
Bud the bite was deep and long, i panicked and pulled it aside.
Omg den it started chasing me, biting my hand and feet,biting anything dat moves.
It doesnt have a name rite now, i would call it eccentric ;/
Dam scared now , dun dare to touch it unless i have 'feng you'.