Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cathy Doll Lip Smile Lip Perfume

Hello y'all!! Today I am going to introduce a lip product!
I am sure you all have heard of lip gloss, lip bum, but have you heard of Lip Perfume?!
The scent of this lip perfume is really amazing and not only it smiles good, it helps to moisturize your lips!

There are 4 'Flavours' to choose from.
They are Peach, Dragon Fruit, Lime&Citrus & Green Apple.

Within the 4 selection, my favourites are the Dragonfruit & Green Apple.

Cathy Doll Lip Smile - Lip Perfume Green Apple Vit E (5g) $12.50
For me the green apple is like the classic.
The basic scent that most people will like as this scent reminds me of like Qoo Grape or something.
There is a sense of familiarity and of course it is very sweet in smell.

Cathy Doll Lip Smile - Lip Perfume Dragon Fruit Vit B (5g) $12.50

This is my favorite scent! I Love LOVE LOVE this scent! It is really weird because I didn't expect dragon fruit to smell so sweet and lovely. In terms of holding power of scent, I think dragon fruit beats most of the others hands down, except probably Lemon Citrus which is good as well (but only for people who likes refreshing scent)  

In terms of application, you just need to put a small amount of the product onto the lips. The only bad part about this is that there is no applicator or what so ever, so you will need to use your fingers to apply it on. People who are OCD, may not like it. But then again, if you clean your fingers before applying it, its alright.

In terms of moisturizing power,  it is pretty decent. But what I liked is that there are different Vitamins added in different product to help to lips. Presence of Vitamins B & E are important so as to prevent chapped lips.

In terms of holding power, as it is a balm, it will slowly fade throughout the day as you drink or eat. But personally I think that , when I need to reapply I will do so (:

So if you are interested! You can pop by their website at and do check out their latest promotions on theirFacebook & Instagram (@karmartsclubsingapore)!