Friday, March 27, 2009

Cats spamia

The mom wif 2 legs onli ); terribly hate abusers i tell u!

One of its child mr captivating ;D!

Mr cute stripesss :D

Xiao hua (;
Chocolate myy loveee (;

Sleepy butter ;D

Cannot make it cat, jingle ;D

Chocolate agn ;DD

Jingle and puss (;

Went to watch shopaholic and hotel for dogs last sat wif harmee.
Both movies were nice esp shopaholic, i was almost laughing on the floor.
Isla fisher, acting as Rebecca Bloomwoods(if im nt wrong) was dam comical.
Especially the part she dances wif the fan ;3
(spoilers spoilers ;x)

Hotel for dogs was dam cool lah, wif like 50++ dogs running on the road (;
Went to eat subway after movies and ate bacon sausage( thx adeee)
Went gramps house after dat, felt like puking becos i was too full ;/

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kissing dogs (;

Kissing dog 1 : Snowieeee

Kissing dog 2 : Russel

Prawn's hands want to poke snowie's nose

The mother of 2 kissing dogs

Grp pic (;

Wagging tongues ;p

I love dogs oso okay.. (;
Went to prawn's house cos i foloed deir car back to katong after cremation.
Since nobodi reached yet, dey wanted to go home.
Prawn's father ask mi to go his house , after debating wif myself i went on his car.

Gawd and the kissing dogs never failed to kiss at least once.
These 2 (silky terrier & maltese) have hard paws.
Dey run around and jump around bubbly.
Speaking of which, dey run around and make tap dancing sound.
Sounds reli cute lor (;

Played wif the dogs and played o2mania at prawn's house.
Oh yea, snowie the white maltese is afraid of chairs and fans.
Basically something that moves suddenly.
Heard frm prawn dat she could be abused before her relative gave her.
Oh well orientation is starting soon, 2th april siannnn. );

Bye all!
Hugs and dog kisses ;D

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ginger tribute (;

Supper blur pic of me and ginger ;/

Her bushy tailll (;

A ball of ginger ((;

Pretty womann :D


Licks smreee ;o

Her pawww (((((((((;

She andd my cousionnn (;

Stares ;o

Ginger and mummm (;

Ginger have been a darling recently.
Coming back home like 3 times a day.
dono if she noes ahgong pass away? ;o
I like the BALL OF GINGER.
Its dam cute lah.
She was licking her feet , thus u can onli see her back.
Some barebacked cat she is ;D
I really like how ginger looks in my phone now.
Thanx alot to 5 mega pixx (;
2m.pix sucks ;x

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chunhui's cats

This is tigger ;D

This is duck and charcoal( the cat )

Fat snowwieee ;D

Pink paws ;D

Big blue eyessss 8D

I had onli the chance to take tis photos becos gramps passed away.
And dat period made me realise alot more about my cousions.
I had a stronger bond wif my 'buddies' and some bonds wif the not so close ones.
I jus hope 'DAT' thing wont happen like in serial dramas.
U noe, dat thing dat comes after death is the will..
I hope dat peace comes after this.
I relly dun want to see parents quarreling over $$ );

Friday, March 20, 2009

5th day );

Slpt at 5am and woke up at 10am.
Went back to funeral place bud most things are gone.
Because today is considered the last day .
Yes, cremation.. );

Had some chantings from the monk and we accompanied our grandpa for the last hour.
It started pouring and rain grew in large amts..
I rmbered i used to shun his cigarette smoke,
Bud i gave him his last cigarette to smoke, how irony.
Had a small band dat played 'Tian Mi Mi' , dat made me cried bitterly.
Because it was my grandpa's ringtone, memories of him..
Felt super duper guilty because i hated him when i was young.
Bud i didnt have the chance to say dat i didnt reli hate him dat much );
Followed the coffin car back to home and drove to ang moh kio cremation place.
Slpt awhile on the bus soaking wet, due to the rain.
Thought i didnt have any tears left bud i was proven wrong.
The moment the coffin was pushed into the flame furnace, tears shot out of my eyes like darts.
I reli couldnt help bud cry, his presence could never be felt again );

Grandpa im so glad for all the memories i had wif u.
Grandpa i love y..ou.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My lost

Grandpa past away on monday around 4.42 am.
Rushed down to the hospital at 5am and found out dat he couldnt continue life.
Was really heartbroken to see him lying on his bed, motionless and lifeless );
Had to cancel work because i have to attend the wake for ard 7 days.
Have been folding ingots and burning paper notes for him.
Hope he could live happily in the other dimension? ;o

Touched his weak and cold fingers for the last time.
Wiped his mouth with tissue for the first time.
Saw him motionless for the last time.
Saw him gasping for air, frantically, for the first time.
Hated myself for not having a liking to him for the entire time
Guess onli the loss of someone important can make one realise his/her importance );

Sorry wont be bloggin for this week

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another setback.

Wanted to maintain happy and cheerful budd heard some news from mum.
She said dat gramps have last stage cancer and he might go anytime.
I felt reli crest-fallen as someone u saw for your entire life might leave this world.
The doctor said the most he can survive is for a month, as the cancer cells are spreading.
I reli want to go and visit him before i really regret.
Life is really unfair.

Its unfair at the start when our gender is confirmed.
Its unfair as we dont have the chance to choose where we're going to be borned at.
Its so unfair that i have to pick myself up and spend my life happily.
Its goin to be a tough time, but i hope grandpa will stay longer in this world.
I really hate myself for saying that i hate you when i was young.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Outing wif harmeee (;

ME and prawnnnn ;D

Trying to take a snapshot of me? ;o

Cheese maki which taste VERY grosss

Damn crispy gyozaa (;

Deep fried scallopss (;

Premium nigiri sushi ;DD

Bright chawanmushi ;D
Ichigo kiss and yam ice creammm ;D

unwrapped ichigo icecreammm ;D

Sexy sideburns ;D can u do dat?? ;3

Went to watch marley and me wif prawn.
Nvm, bought tiks and found jia wei and lina at the same place, PLAZA ;o
Annie came at a later time and we chat abit.
Dey left for their show as our dear prawn hasnt arrived ;o
Went in to the cinema and sat down.
Third row from the back by the aisle wasnt good enuff.
Went to sit 5th row from the screen at the center ;D
Watched the show, loved the dog and dropped some 'eye-dew'.
Common, its sad to witness ur own dog being put to sleep );
Ops, spoilers spoilers spoilers ;x

Guess wad? went to sakae after the movie AGAIN ;o
Wohooo, who cares sakae's great for the buffet ;D
Ate played and crapped at sakae.
Cheese maki wif crab seriously sucks, its like putting garbage in your mouth.
U would waste 1 red plate because it sounds tempting, so.. DONT.
Went to buy iced milk tea wif 3 MILK Pax at mos burger.
HOHO, prawn was being fussy/picky/caring/nasty at the same time ;x
After dat went to top up my ezlink wif NETS ( omg first time doing it)
And bus-ed homeee (;
Finally got to noe how to blog after the change of phone.
WEEEEE, gonna watch marley and me AGN && departures 2mlo woho (;

LOL broke my promise to go see juniors AGN ;x
Agn is a relatively bad goooD word to use ;3

Saturday, March 07, 2009

LOOOTS of cats (;

Cuddled up lane ;o

Garfield- like gingerr (;

Big eyed coco (;

Lovable white-white (;

Sexy stripessss (; (fanboy screams*)


Mr captivatinggg (;

Anybodi realised my phto's quality is better now? ;o
Cos of the change from 2 megapix to 5 megapix i tink ..
I love my phone camera.. TOTALLY (;
Budd because of the chnage of phone, the pix size is different also ;o
Hope it doesnt affect my blog ;D

OH YEAH role playing wif edmund was fun!!
He was workingg at box and i was working at floor.
We swooped identity and nametags and stationed at our 'respective stations'
Den i onli responded to the name of edmund and he onli respond to the name of shunan.
LOL, so funny i imitated him and he imitated mi ;DD!!
Dam fun working mann (;
Cos i was wearing the edmund nametag i even talked back to a customer ;x
Customer : I tot ic is enuff to get the

Me: Sorry i nid ur Credit card as well.
Customer : Why so troublesome?
Me : Its for verification purposes lo. ( kinda
pissed tone)

Customer: Bud i was sure dat the ic number is sufficent
to get my online tiks.

Me : So u mean someone who noes ur ic can steal ur
ticket from u?

Customer: ... ...


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Movie trip

At sakae (;

Candid jay ;D
Fun at barrage ;o

Barrage's dustbin ;o

Greeen light~! (;

Blueee light ;o

Yellow and RED light ;o

Purple lightt (;

Went out wif jay,clar,kymm , weiling and tionglin to watch role models.
HEHH i treat dem all okayyy (;
Andd, the show was quite funny & pornoo ;D
LOL best part is the WHISPERING EYES >< :D !!!

After dat went sakae for lunch/dinnner :/
Ate quite alot and played scissors papers,stones to finsh the GROSSS salmon dipped in vinegar
Went to marina barrage after dat.
Clar realli like to go to singapore's places of interest hurh? ;/

Snapped more pics at barrage and played mrt game/ animal game/fruit game? ;o
Played and took pics on the grass ;D
Threw some grass at clar at times to hear her hysterical screams :3

Went to shenton way to drink something and to our surprise we found a MAC.
(which we least expect to find it dere)
drank Caramel frappee and chat and gossiped (:
After dat took same bus as clar.
DENNN after like donkey stops, we realised we were on the wrong side of the track.
Went down and luckily, we found farrer park mrt and traine-ed to vivo ;o
Den cabbed homeeeee (;
Thanx clar for the cab rideee ;D
Look at the blog post date hohoho (;