Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exam update ));

Ughhh i cant make it any bigger :/
Oh well if u really are interested, u can click on the picture & it directs u to my to a bigger picture where u can read.
Anyway i have got 6 papers, damm sian la.
&& theres one paper which is on a wednesday & its freaking 5-7pm lor ( Mind u its like eng somore)
Why all the language paper starting to get shitty timing? ( Ever since O's -.- )

2 Bio papers on  the coming Monday.  :/
&& i keep getting distracted by Suju & other mis stuffs )):
How i wish this would pass by quickly and let me watch their vids :3
Oh well i nid to study now, i may or not blog again during the exam week.
&& if most probably if i do, i would rant about how badly i did for the exams, :x

On a side note im getting addicted to Brown Eyed Girl's Sign.
Tack Tack Tack Tack Tack :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SUJU Super junior :D

I have never thought that i would like this band so muchhhh. ITS SUPER JUNIORRRR >:D
After exposure( by my sis) to certain funny vids like Exploration of Human Body (EHB) & Intimate note  I realised how funny & talented they were  !! :D

The princey look :o


Hangeng ! ( Hankyung)
Hes from china & has some difficulties speaking korean ( not his main language anyway). Bud he is really funny when he speaks broken korean & the rest of the members have a hard time understanding it. I liked a vid where he pulled pranks to 2 members, heechul & siwon && after that he was rolling on the roll laughing & crawling like a tortoise LOL.

His different looks !

Also there were some problem faced when he entered SUJU like the visa problem + the law saying that foreigners could onli appear/perform in 3 diffferent channels ( really stupid law ). Its SUJU for god sake, 3 channels are stingy enuff. He was poor to begin wif & left china without any money. It was like a real hit to his career. In order to save/ prevent the band from being disbanded, he wore a mask & performed on stage for weeks, sometimes a hat 2 ( as a backup dancer). 

&& one fine day heechul pushed him to the centre of the stage (in the performance)  , took off the mask and asked him to dance. He was really scared as it might provoke the law & all. However he continued his dancing unmasked after that, with heechul's support. After a long while the visa & laws were solved ! However due to some unreasonable contract( 13yrs of work with no breaks) with SM entertainment, he sued the company  & is most probably out of suju now.  )): Hes really good looking in blonde hair thou :o


Look at how many hairstyles he has? Be it girly / manly , its dam nice !!

Hes really nice to hankyung ! He went to find trouble with the students who swore at Hankyung (despite his idol image). He also have this cat (heebum) from a fan. Its soooo cute ! :D Heechul is dam funny & cute. && sometimes he would crossdress & act . He have got long hair previously & he didnt even nid a wig :o He loves playing prank && mostly he is the entertainment of the show :D He also have got super duper big eyes which sparkles !! I once thought he was wearin circle lense/ coloured lens but his eyes are natural :o . I also like how japp-ish he looks soemtimes  :D    


The cute boy from the band.

He always have some cute & funny expressions ( on par with teukie & heechul) . && starting i thought he was a gangster like character. (extreme right photo of the collage) But i realised that he was quite adorable & 'sticky' to the members. Also alot of people always asked him to act cute & he never fails to do so :o He also have got big eyesssss 8) . I like his black long hair with 'tails' resting on the shoulder ( thats like my dream hairstyle lor :/ ) . I was quite impressed that he ,of such looks,  could actually do martial arts ! ( like hankyung) && its not normal strike pose kind, but like the cudgel & fly kicks kind :o Totally impressed :D

Ye Sung ! :D
Hes one of the members that i also really like to spot especially when he is singing. He (as told by kangin) has some weird & eccentric actions like sleeping 20mins on 1 members bed & move on to the other member's bed after another 20mins. He also like to touch ppl's upper lips , LOL :o . He never fails to volunteer himself to try new stuff (eating world's hottest pepper & carrying impossible weights) . I also like his hairstyles which are really simple & good looking :D He was in SUJU because his mum applied his application for him online. Without his mum, he wouldnt be standin at where he is now :o 

      && after watching 50% of guides to SUJU , i realised that idols are still human being. They have really earned my respect because its no easy feat to be working with so much stress by competitors, fans & even haters.

We really nid to keep some nasty comments to ourselves, the most gossip among ourselves lor. They also have feelings & cry/laugh/whine like we do. They were also borned from a mum & dad that supports them quietly from behind.

Work Hard SUJU. I believe you all can attain World Recognition ! :D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Skl + Clique dinnerr

Aravind was a nice monkey && he brought cakes from TCC  for me & shen :D
We ate the cakes while waiting for our usual bus 23 to come. Luckily we finshed it before the bus came.

Pumpkin cheesecake was quite special, something i have never tried before.
Bud it was quite niceee (:

Rasyidah's lovely Bun (cough*)
Me Playing wif it :D

Kymm was so nice because her class ended early( at 3pm), she wanted to slack with me.
My class ends at 4pm so she took mrt down to tamp to find me :D
Tutorial Class for PCT(Plant Cell Tech ) ended kinda late so i got to the mrt at 420pm 

Us at tamp mrt :D
She got me freshlook coloured lens from Malaysia ( TY NU ER ♥ )
&& it Amethyst (purple-ish colour ) :D

We took mrt down to Tiong because the clique was supposed to meet for dinner at 7 at greatworld.
Bud kymm had some other meeting somewhere & we jus had some gossips within ourselves.
After listening to kymm's stories, i could jus say that 'Girls are really scheming'. LOL.
There is also the 'DONT Like That Lah' person ( DLTL) which was really gross :D  

Reached KFC & got cheese fries with cheese onli & chat awhile. We also bought bun from breadtalk & bubbletea . We got ourselves seats at some stone bench && had a long talk :D && when it was 6.45pm , it was time for me to go. However kymm didnt really want to go for her outing wif other frens ( cause it is freaking khatib :/)  I told her to toss a coin & If its Heads she would go, Tails, she would come with us for clique dinner. In the end it was TAILS lor, super duper happy (: We board the 195 that jus came & alighted at great world. We also bumped into weiyi on the bus , so qiao :D

Wanted to surprise clar with kymm but she sort of saw it lor. Then we went to Macs after kymm got double eyelid tape from SaSa. It was dam funny to see them use the tapes lor Kymm & weiyi. I also have been using it, hoping to get double eyelids :/ ( it takes alot of faith to believe that it would naturally form, oh well)
Then junjie & tionglin came & eventually weiling came. We went to eat tze char at tiong somehow :/

Weiyi & weiling
Junjie & Tionling
Shun Kymclar :D
The place we were eating at ;o
Fu rong dan
I forgot this some chao mee fen?
Ha chong kai
Tie ban dou fu
Pai gu wang.

So we finshed our dinner & had some jokes here & there. Clar was really (cough*) to ask questions like whether she was innocent or funny. Oh well, self explanatory. After dinner we went to Cheers got some drinks & then got to some playground near greatworld. We had some Heart-to-Heart chat for most of us in 3 different grps ;D We also took 20 mins to figure out who is Mickey & Minnie :/ In the end we took the last 195 home while tionglin,kymm & weiling had to find their bus home :o 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I went to 'Hangout Cafe ' today with Liza,Aravind,Corey,Jolyn,Manice, Joey & Xunhui.
It was a cafe which really resembles 'Mind's Cafe' which I went on the previous National Day. However there is something different about Hangout, its that Wii & Xbox is provided!( need to get stations, depends on availability)

Pictures koped from internet :D

You get to book like rooms/slots to play those games & wii games are especially fun, WHEN YOU HAVE 4 CONTROLLERS with both controls :O !!! Theres also games for Wii Like 'Mario bro Smash' , 'Mario Kart' , The crazy bunny ( idk what name :/ ) , 'Bomberman' && lots of fun games .  Corey,Aravind , Me & Joey made LOTS of noise while playing 'Mario Kart' , thats when all the vulgarities comes out :x

Whats more we played 'Band Hero' which includes a band of a bassist, guitarist ,soloist & drummer. So THEY ACTUALLY INCLUDE THE BASE+GUITAR+DRUMSET+ MIKE ( External accessories). How cool is that? ( && if u reli find it cool, dont blame me for being sua ku, its my first time kay) && you get to have this mini KTV moment by singing the songs, & its not easy being the soloist caz' u have to follow the starting & ending beat & long the note & HIT THE PITCH :D

I started off being a lousy drummer ( 42 % )): )& i gradually became much much better hitting close to 95% everytime :D . Nevermind if u are really bored of Wii & Xbox. You can also play mind boggling games with yout frens like Taboo, UglyDolls, Granny Apple the list goes on :D

The price?
5 Bucks for EACH  PERSON NETT for weekdays Mon-Fri (2-6pm Happy hour)
Too good to be true?
There is also free flow of Peach tea/ Grape drink. :D

I sorta played too much & had a splitting headache after playing too much WII .
Oh well  it was realli fun thou :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prince of Persia

1. If you have a dagger that turns back time, what event/danger would you change?

If I had this opportunity, I would have changed how I handled 1 situation with a very good friend. Although it was not entirely my fault how it is now, I could have handled it better knowing what was in it for me. Now that our relationship had gone so 'cold' , its like we have never met before. Probably we could still be best buds if i had not said/done something that was quite selfish &avenging. :/

Catch Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Movie starting from 27th May 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitter page!” :D

Monday, May 17, 2010

Usual rants

OHA! (:
Hello peeps!
I sorta like fell sick due to exposure to rain + not drinking enough water.
Super hate my sensitive throat, i need to drink water after i finsh eating something sweet/salty  if not i will have like sore throat after 30 mins. && the sequelae now is that im having an 'Atheletic nose' -.-
The weather these days are odd enough && some weird flu viral is spreading. !
Had some fun playing wif the objects found in photoscape, so many cute stuffs! :D
OHOH, and i finally got the right dimension for my blog header pic.
LIKE-A-Finally :o
Im gonna sleep now so that i wont be late( hopefully for skl 2mlo at 12pm hahhahah.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Duck's belated birthday :D

Camwhore before i left to meet prawn at dhoby :D

Me & Prawn were making a DIY shirt jus right before the celebration with duck at night (:
We bought a Plain white collar tee shirt & some fabric paint to facilitate our process :D

Paints we 've got
Hardworking Prawn :D
Hardworking me :D
End product
Us :D

Prawn wif her dark fabric paints (:
My bright fabric paints (:
The whole process was kinda fun yet nerve wrecking at the same time. We would console each other when the other person drawing said that hes'/hers' drawing was ugly. Overall it was quite a good attempt, in my opinion for 2 virgin shirt drawers okay (: We slacked abit at katong until it was around 5.40pm && left to paya lebar mrt. As it was raining, we cabbed dere & it was 5 bucks even thou it was quite a short distance(due to peak hour)
Prawnnie paid for us ( THANKYOU ((: ) 

Cool teas flavours :D

Food we had
Unglam shot of chunhui ;x
Me & chunhui :D

Duck & Prawnnie.

Duck took quite some time to reach paya lebar && we went to sit down at the sushi shop first. We ate the alacarte plates and paid for how much we ate. Overall it was quite affordable and we were quite full after that. We also crapped along the process of eating. I also figured out i had this cuisine mode for my camera which takes awfully good macro shots :D We sent chunhui halfway home & went to the next part of the activity, LICK ( icecream shop) . It was available worldwide and theres onli 1 outlet in singapore, Tanjong Katong !! :o So we curious souls went to try the infamous icecream

L.I.C.K  Cafe (:
My unique selection :D
Duck's Sweet Selection :D
Prawn's fruity selection
Theres always time to camwhore :D
Cute orders :D
Us Us US ((:
Girls :D
We ate our icecream heartily :D I love my strawberry & cheese + butterscotch. The Butterscotch was FAB ! It had nice soft buttter cookies in it & i mashed it up wif kinder bueno, ultimate YUMS (: Overall it was like 6 bucks each, quite an okay price i guess  :o Camwhored a lil on the sofa and took drinks to cover the sweetness. However the water tasted weird, it had this weird bitter aftertaste which wasnt the lemon that was in it. 

We walked back to katong after that &&& We saw a cute white parrot! :D

Cute or what?

We rushed back home for a quick celebration as prawn's parents had to leave early. Me & Prawn had to cover our lies frantically when at times our loopholes were revealed :o It was quite funny making up stories hahhahaha.

Cakeeee from bakerzin
Making a wish
Ultra YUMS strawberry shortcake :D

Duck was realli slow lor. Prawn took in the lit cake & i was distracted her by asking what is dat app on her itouch. She kept going on until the candle extinguished LOL. Then we all took 1 bite on the cake && IT WAS DAYUM NICE. STUNNED ! Ultra good Strawberry Short Cake ;O Then we took out our present hidden under the boxes tp surprise her somore! :D

Happy birthday girl :D
Cute ehhh?
Very rushed grp shot :D

Last shot for the day.

Prawn went home after that && i sorta had a H 2 H chat wif duck :D We also talked about school days, teachers and some miscellaneous stuff.

Because it took us so long to celebrate your birthday which was like April 19th, close to 3 weeks later.
However, i really hoped u enjoyed our company & 
SUPER Happy  BELATED 16th Birthday ((: