Sunday, September 27, 2009


Got myself a pair of BLUE Brazilano Praia (:

Top view~

Top view (:

Pampered myself wif 2 tank tops as well!


&& Tennis ((:

Went to vivo NUM to get myself some tops.
Planned to buy wif someone becos its a 50% off for 2 products.
Bud evryone got their stuffs and i havent, so i have to buy 2 myself.
Got myself 2 tank tops at 70, when usual price was 140 :/
Couldnt find myself japan nor wakeboarding ):
While buying i took like 30 mins to tink.
There was no fiting room and i didnt noe my size.
So i chose the best 2 out of the not-so-good ones.
Bought L as its a safer bet den M, didnt want easy-to-zao-geng clothes ;x
Went to the toilet to see if its alright, den i went to work aft dat.
The sperm-like plastic bag is so humiliating.
IDK why, bud i jus feel so embarrassed when i hold it



They how-to-use-ur-character-catalogue

Ginnette's character :D

Bought my psp from ginnette's fren at 170.
Den we went to bugis basement to play arcade.
Played arcana hearts 2 and lost at the last stage AS ALWAYS :/
Den played daemon bride wif ginnette, she lost ;x
Aft dat we played on seperate machines to clear the stage.
I lost at the BOSS , AGN ):
Bud ginnette couldnt reach the boss , TSK

The game really rock socks!
&& I hope arcana hearts 2 & daemon bride comes out in psp )):

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Down wif SORE THROAT && FLU ):
Really hate the feeling of sore throat.
Its like some painful ball stuck at ur throat
& no matter how much u swallow ur saliva, its still dere!
Nose gets runny randomly, & its like some1 jus spammed pepper on my nose.
That about-to-sneeze bud can't sneeze feeling is horrible 2 !

Just came back from work, YES look at the time :3
Have got CIP at 6pm - 12am later , at turf club ;/
Staying over there ( no choice ) cos deres some major event on sunday.
Around 150 of us Year 1's gota pack 10,500 gooodie bags ;/
Hopefully i can take some peeektures and blog about it.
So i wont be around from sat-sun.
Will be back on sunday nite ! (;

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Xiaohei (;

New cat in town: ORIS (:

Cute lil thinggg (;

She moveddd );

Oris and xiaohei playing

Shy xiaohei (:

Oris kissing xiaohei :3 ( look carefully)

Oris blur loook (;

Xiaohui ((:

Not so shy xiaohui ;D

New cat in town oriss (;
Cute lil orange cat, very hyper active.
Its best fren is xiaohei :D
Xiaohui is also quite new.
When it was young, it was dam timid, didnt dare to let ani1 touch.
Abt 1 month since i saw xiaohui and it grew so much bigger.
It allows me to touch it and take photo of it (:
I want to take more pics, buddd theres cip this sat and sun, no more cat pics til nxt week.

BTW ppl, rmber to scroll down to check for new posts.
I have the habit of posing many posts at once

Sunday, September 20, 2009


My oxygen deficient eyes ); ( had to wear ugly specs)

At west coast (;

Grp photo at the entrance(;

Waseda Shibuya Senior High School
When we entered the place we were all given dis (:

The curry rice coupon (;

The small yet filling curry rice (;
The cute bear dat says ty (;

'Handsome suit' remake by the students (:

They performed the handsome suit at this classroom.

Group phottoooo (;

Some random stage.

1st game. OH NO LIGHTS!

2nd game. In the body of the merlion

3rd game . POKEMON ((:

Look at the deco ;o

Cute pokemon figurinesss (:

Stages to clear (;

Points accumulated for pokemon game to change for sweets (:

2 nice bread.

Chocolate breadddd (;

Eating at the mini cafe and look at their english ;x

One of the crackers i won in the game (;

4th game: Haunted house (;

Look at the posters (:

The decos of the exterior classroom( lots of hard work put in!)

Ginnette and xue ni on candid phone camera( waiting to go to haunted house) (:

5th game : Summer festival

Edmund and puik's catch.

Ginnette's catch, all by herself ;o

Last minute cheerign for all of u to vote for dem.

Ppl who stuck their 'im okay' sticker on this poster ;/

Went to seiran-sai wif ginnette ,puikwan,edmund and xueni ( Epsilons ((; )
Wore specs cos my eye was bloooody red after the celebration wif edmund.
Took bus 51 from queensway to Waseda Shibuya Senior High School (:
Waited for edmund to come and took a grp foto at the entrance.
We managed to take a foto becos some passerby asked us to help dem.
Bud in return dey have to help us ;D

Entered the school, sanidized my hands, checked my temperature and got a cute sticker.
After dat we went to get some food to fill our stomachs.
Went to eat curry rice at 2 dollars.
Ate it in a canteeen like place wif a live band.
Sad to say dat some songs sounded realli awful at times ;/
Went to walk around the classrooms and it was bustling wif activites.
We went to get coupons for the 'Handsome suit' show and the Haunted house's entry.

The first game we played was OH NO! LIGHTS.
Took off my specs and got blindfolded, hve to cross obstacles dat dey instructed me to do.
Got a walking stick and maneuvered my way in the classrooom, felt like a blind man.
Den had to cross a road wif 'spiderwebs', it was rubber band and we had to walk thru it.
The person asked for my name and i said
ShunAn:Oh.. im Ahhh... Shun an.
Jap: OH ASHUNA, welcome to the

ShunAn: WAd the ..

Played the 2nd game where we were 'stuck' in the merlion's body and had to play the games.
Well, to get out of the place.
There was mole whacking, ball firing and 1 more game which i forgotten.
Saw Derrick Tan Fish wand/ Dirty jade & said hi to him.
He had to wait for his brain computer to load to realise dat im SHUN AN ;/

Played the 3rd game , felt like i was in the land of pokemon.
Had to find pokeballs in a pool of weird shaped balls.
Did some mole whacking and bowling as well.
I was impressed wif myself as i did 29 hits in 15 secs for mole whackin (;
Had to find vulpix in a dark room bud i didnt find it );
Last stage was to guess the pokemon plushie dat we were touching in a box.

The 4th game was the haunted house.
Saw some girls running frantically out of the classroom crying& frightened.
Was a lil afraid of wad was about to come.
Bud i thought of it in another perspective, 7th month is over and they are all senior high skl kids.
SO , there were nuthing much to be afraid of.
Walked in at the 2nd last position.
The classroom was dam dark and spoooky wif green lights.
Reached a corpse lying on the bed at the first 'rooom'
Den had some random people wif ugly masks "BOO!-ing' us at times.
There was also a place where some hands reached out and grabbed u.
Puikwan got scared by this guy wif a scream mask.
I saw him so i wasnt afraid and i heard puikwan screaming like a crow.
The 'ghosts' were following puikwan and she was a lil chicken ;x
Overall i felt dat it was more hilarious seeing ppl like ( Xueni&edmund)feeling afraid.

Last game was summer fest.
Was horrible, out of 3 games i scored 0 for ALLLL.
Didnt want to play the last game as it was mole-whacking AGN ;/
Edmund got 2 waterballoons so i took 1 from him (;
We went down to relax after the games at some weird table.
Left the place aftr dat and saw the poor Naughty G model getting vandalised ;/

Went to Clark Quay to eat and get my ear cuff (;

Ate beeehooon wif chicken at yoshinoya(:

Went to get my earcuff at 9 bucks.
I pointed 1 wif gemini horoscope sign.
Bud the man gave me a flowery pattern 1 );
I onli realised it after 1 day have passssed

Bud it still loooks good doesnt it? (;