Thursday, July 31, 2008


im not in the rite mood now.
trust been broken upteen times, due to some friends.
just some words of advice if u really are looking at this ..
FREN, its like less than 90 days to O's and ur still fooling ard.
MUST lab session really be always fun?
it can be, provided u learn stuffs and dun copy other ppl's work.
it doesnt seem like u have the right attitude to do work.
so wads wif the lighting of ethanol?

"never see fire b4 ?" quoted by jayjay :D
u said u would pass the sub and i hope u mean it.
dont like trust breaker & ppl wif harum scarum attitude. :/

Sunday, July 27, 2008

fun wif laneee (:

Shes my cousion (: ,her silly thing

rendevous.. :o

active lanee (:

curious laneee (:

gonna-pounce lane :D

lane's shadow :/

sleeping beauty :/

im the beast, shes the beauty :D

*arms folded* :D

super uber cute lane :D

lane's fun to be wif.
she wakes up and just guaa* ppl den goes back to slp.
den u poke poke poke, she might change position.
Looking back at her photos, shes grown alot.
From the oh-so-fluffy-palm-sized kitten to this sleeping beauty :/
The great thing is that she didnt turn ugly (:

Still rmbered the first day i saw her.
She was hissing at mi, tinking i was a freak or something.
After a while Lane hid behind my back and slept, wad an adorable sight. :/
Oh yea she was damm innocent dat time.
There was a bowl of water in front of her and she didnt noe how to detour.
She stepped into the water somore :/

DARNN-cute cat :D

Saturday, July 26, 2008

fun in the lab :D

our grp's picture, kinda blur :/

bio lab :D

urine,bile,saliva,blood plasma.. :/

potatoes tested for reducing sugar :D

starch present,i carved it :D

reducing sugar present ! :D turns from blue to orange :o

practicals in labs are definetly fun! :D
jus afraid i might screw up on my actual exam :/
nothing extraordinarily amusing happened this week :o
jus dat ytd gort this uncle sat in the bus beside mi.
he fished out his phone and answered dam loudly, the whole bus was looking at him :/
imagine maxing ur mp3 and u can still hear his hokkien language -.-
thats what i call vocal power :/

chao, gonna catch ,martin mystery :D

Saturday, July 19, 2008


cool drinks worth of $2 each(:

the oh-so-spicy-stuff (:

my hand (:

'cut me' it says :o

cute cat, idk the name.. will find out soon! (:

artistic catt (:

artistic laneee (:

dumb cat in the basket (:

lane disfigured yet farnie face (:

been a long time since i had posted cat pics (:
actually 2-3 posts onli :/
ohh well gota love the cats (:
have to get rid of the not so nice stuff and get over wif life :D
had tuition jus now and realised yuan ling's vocab was powderful :/
if she could finsh her compo in time, she would be much much much much better den mie :o
it rained when i got home );

oh yah on the bus an old ah pek keep looking at mi.
coz in de front dere were 5 BUKIT MERAH SECS ppl making alot of noise.
YES, that skl -.-
den dat idiotic uncle keep looking at mi, tinking i might be 1 of dem.
wth? sweared i wore a frown and looked back at him. >:D
LOL, den he changed to the seat parallel to mi :D

tata, later going to gramps house (:


u dun even noe how i feel.

Yes, sombodi piqued mi in the bad way.
Your one of my closest kin yet your empty promises lacerated my heart.
You have manifested the loftiest level of exasperation.

I am utterly disappointed wif your harum-scarum behaviour.
Its not because of the clothes that i am having a cold war wif u,
its de way u delivered ur stand dat hurt mi.

Its vexing to have hopes diminishing.
I so hope that you are reading this.
thats all. Hope you understand how i feel.
I hope that this would never happen again.
I hope this would end soon. ):

Friday, July 18, 2008


Im kinda have an urge to study more, read more, buy more books.
Just very kiasu actions (;
budbud... those may be de actions dat makes somebodi a straight As student.
I have to thank the coach for letting me realise some stuff.
Hmmm.. i guess i will be sacrifising a lil of play time in studies :/
Well as dey say, its time to 'peak'

Distance makes my heart ponder, ginger (:
A cat chocolate, isnt a petite dessert dat makes 1 burp :D
The more i see yoyo, i look more like a boh doh :/

Ginger, chocolate and yoyo are just damm cute ((:

Friday, July 11, 2008


hey hey ppl!!
see the friday weekly for this week !! :D
have got my drawing inside (:!!
FINALLY like after 1234567890 weeks lah!!!
(actually 4-5 months nia :/)
budd im quite depressed cuz i get C onli ):
onli art awarded wif grades B and A gets money );
obviously i dun get any money ..
and dey minimized my drawing and it looks ugly!!!
i swear it looks better when it was bigger ):
and the news spread quite fast and scary..(duno which big mouth uh?)

im determined to draw a better 1 to get and A oR B ):< !!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

kitty katty catty (:

artistic spring :D

harmeee wif de cool lamp :D

lane sleeps :/

X-MANN! (:


can u c yoyo blocking his face? :o

dere he is (:

gramps installed a really cool lamp and harmee had a pic wif it! :/
im so gonna take 1 nxt weeek ):
lane's a fulltime sleepyhead.
sleeps and sleeps, like a pigg :D
she changes pose becuz i disturbedd her (:
budd after dat, she went back to slp againnnn !!

ytd chiong maths :/
finshed 3 papers in 3 hours str8.. -.-
now my hand aches & i have to do many things wif my left instead..
still gort lots of work to do ):
hopefully can finsh (:

BTW, good luck to ppl who are having O's chinese oral 2mlo :D

Friday, July 04, 2008

height :/


Something came to my mind todae, which i tink is quite hilarious.
If onli intelligence was determined by height,
i would easily be de smartest in class :/
im 1.79 m tall (:
(please reach 1.80 for heaven's sake) -.-

im bored :/

Thursday, July 03, 2008

doggie rumblee (:

cute puppy (:

how i wish i had this small puppie ):

aww sun-like smile :D

Hmm.. i did something incredible todae (:
I LIVED ON $2 for the whole day in skl !!
i realised dat i didnt bring any money to skl in the morning.
OH CRAP i went >:D
really calculated everything i NEEDED to buy :/
at de end of the day , i still have 30cents left.
ok dats kinda lame , i noe :/
this guy in his blog trying to show off cuz he spent less den $2 a day :/
well , its something im proud of .. at least?(:

i have to finsh 33 chapter summaries by this month hmm.. by 8/1 :D
tink it is possible cuz i do 3 summaries at least 2 times a week (:
realised dat mr wan's really a big time joker !
stil rmbered de first day of skl
i loooked at this Discipline master so stern :/
didnt expect him to be my chem teacher and something hilarious happened todae :D

the story went like this.
mi jayjay and kymm were walking out of skl .
saw mr wan walking towards his car.
kymm shouted through the densely growth of trees covering de fence

kymm:" bye bye mr wan!"
mr wan:' bye bye whoever you are!"
ehh he can hear us leh*
kymm:"mr wan over here !!"
mr wan:" i also know u on the left!! You are the trees huh..? Very beautiful lahh! (:"

den we laughed for quite awhile :D
well , the conversation was more or less lidat :/
hes a real nice chem teacher :D