Thursday, May 24, 2007

heh heh i brog lerh! (:

the lie on the table

the stick out tongue

the half body

these are the memories be it ugly or nice pics.. (: shes my partner sitting beside mi (: also my daughter(kymm).
the funny times we had together,
LAUGH hysterically, or slammin the tables.
The bad times we had, crying or consoling each another. ):
The lame times we had, racist jokes and anythin insulting (:
keke hope dat the sitting arrangement will nort change for
the times we had (:
U kimchi liang! (:

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WAsnt dat badd at all

my own made toast (: wid peanutbutter

duck's own made toast...

watashi Oreo-chan desku (: ariagatou
im sorry i had to do tis (: zhen's true colours..
anyway... the overall results were astonishing... (try to act to improve my english) (: so happy at least didnt pass so muchh.. the most suaii was the comb humans -.= 49.9 D7 wtf.......
happy happy happy
my b'dae 11 days (:
meet parent session 3 days
school ends 2 days
reportbook 2days

Friday, May 18, 2007

horrendous news ):

hey guys... i dun want to admit bud im feeling dam sad now
dun tink im in the mood to joke at all..let me display my story

Eng-failed gort a 8 (40)
Comb humanis-failed gort a 8 (40.5)
Emaths-failed,gort a 8 (42)
Biology-failed gort a 8 (41)
amaths-failed no nid to say
higher chinese-57 barely scraped through
comb sciences-56 ard dere

i dun tink my parents would understand the stress im under. they tink dat my results are due to my laziness and playfulness.. i wouldnt be spared by the rod i guess.. i dun want to hide budd i cried 5 times ...

quite incredible rite? nort cry like for 10 mins jus teary la....
im so afraid of my parents pls hope dat the final score will be a pass ):

my worries have expanded and the tears increased
the report book will be back and the bad new released ):

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

flooding pics

Exams are over just random pics dat are captured by me.
Btw the chess are cakes,have fun everyone
gd luk for ur results (:
any queries abt the pics tagg mi (:

Friday, May 04, 2007


ok two papers are gone... plenty more to go...
deres like 8 days of torture and i will b free weee~~~~
hcl and eng paper1...
i tink english was 0kay~ budd chinese maybe not..
i did write well and mr goh stated in the paper

'350-600 words'
'If the essay didnt reach the amount stated, 10 words will be counted as a mark and will be deducted'

'gulp* wahh so jian!'

gd luck all of u for ur exams~exams finsh den gd luck for ur results~
u no exams den bad luk to u haha (:

Evil thoughts and dark desires,
Boil and burn in a wicked brew!
Throw hate and fear ino the fire
May friends and lovers both be true.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

labour day

wow.. wadd a labour day~
have bio ,amaths,english to do.. will be home alone at home ):
hope i can finsh dem todae to spare myself from the punishments dat awaits me 2mlo..
wont b goin to cousion's house.. so sorry DUCKIE~
4 more days to exams. countin 2dae.
drats! i hope i can pass.
my aim, to pass all the subjects
am i 2 greedy to ask for dat?
i dun wish for an A or a B
an occasional A or B would be fine
no pics i didnt have the mood to put up some pics.
however i would promise to put pics nxt time (:

If her soul is bound by an evil spell
call her back with a ringing bell.
Salt in her left hand, gold in her right
Will cast out the dark and restore her soul's light.