Friday, July 27, 2007



there was the NDP parade andd i didnt waNNA go
HE CLAImed dat he had tuition at MOE at 2.30 and it was CRUCIAL
parade started at 3 and soon we had a break

he said his tuition lasted for 2HOUR
and it took him HALF an hour to reach the destination

it should at least take him 3HOURS to REACH the school
budd he reached at onli 2 hours! -.=

me andd han qi asked.
tis was our conversation widd one tooth

'tot sombodi not coming?'
'mdm zhang ask mi come'

'tot u gort tuition at 2.30,and u somore wear outside shirt inside ur school U'
'aiya the shirt was alredi in my bag andd i rushed back as fast as posible'

'dun bluff lor u should take longer den dat lo,we saw u at canteen at 2'
'HEY u all DUN show ATTITUDE to me HOR! i gort COME GOOD OLEDI'

i said
'FINe u take over me i go home (cuz my mama was goin overseas at least can rush to sayBYE)'
ONe tooth
'U all keep showing me attitude FINE LA'

bluddy hell. after dat conversation i was black faced -.-
den my mama called and i picked up the phone.
hadd a short tok andd she said goodbye as shes gonna board the plane
i didnt even manage to say byebye
rushed back home imediately when i was dismissed

I SHALL NEVER DO ANYMORE HELP BECUZ I m showing too much attitude.
wads wrong widd sayin byebye to my mother.

oh yar one tooth

Monday, July 23, 2007

c my pics and u noe lah -.-

shes my gurl (:

awww dunn be shy

emo gurl? xD




my drawing... on the notice board its a hammer btw -.-

todae was a fun dae(:

went to far east to get design for wushu tee

widd chu quan .nichole. hanqi and samuel

de designer was weird SERIOUSLY

found out dat lods of qtnian also gort their teeshirt dere

took 105 back and alighted at commmonwealth mrt..

decided to eat some icecream

i took the spoon scooped the icecream and the spoon broke -.-

the uncle nagged saying the spoon wasnt cheap and stuff

guessed it really shows dat im from wushu hurh xD

my kawaii bear (: mata ashita :p

Sunday, July 22, 2007

LOdsss of things happened


hadd listening examination ... stressful! didnt find my bag and i went crazy):

i even scolded mr goh for it. after i exam i realise dat the bag was in the HALL.ALONE.

if u took someppl stuff, pls msg dat person or inf0rm dat person incase he or she goes crazy ):.


nuthin much so i skipp~


hadd wushu so i went to tiong to eat. dere was a msg like wadd Lkk finding mi or wadd. -.-

made me so scaredd i tot gonna sit on the floor for weeks xD sort of ACCIDENTALLy skipped the maths club ><>


went out widd kymm and clarisa. LOL first time went out widd my neighbour xD crapped alot at tiong ate kfc haha. dat person didnt collect the coupon and clarisa took it back xD. dere was lods of jokes and finally neoprints..zzzzz dere was a theme on like halloween whereby i looked like a ghost! ):


went out widd kyclar again!xD went to the foodcourt to eat-.- we were tokin about some incident about caning in the noon. I feel sorry for the guy bud felt disguisted by the teacher. she demands more power now as if shes found a powerful pillar widd support -.-


went back to school and decorated the notice boardd -.-
i was drawin til my hands almost break!! lots of commotion from the chinese dancers o.O
after dat it was my grandpa's birthdae celebration. went to a restaurant at bedok. SEriously.

invaded by bees and ants. the waiters jus didnt let us indoors . the bees and ants were of high speed hitting the lights and the fans. most of us didnt have appetite ): the farnie thing was dat when the food is served, we would chiong and take all the food before the bees and ants pollute it
i onli like the yam paste most.


suffering a horrible sorethroat ): tryin to complete 2 chinese compo and 6 demaning toa cah soh qn in 6 hours? xD

signing off~~

Friday, July 13, 2007

camp's over

didnt blog for a long time andd tis is goona be dragggy (:
we were introduced with 2 instructors and dey were gonna take us for camp... hmm den we were splitted to 2 grps and startedd icebreakin. soon the group name was DIAM LA and i was one of the diamdiam.

cuz if anybodi ask

somebodi: 3Bie!
3Bians: Diam LA
smart rite?

was taken to the camp site andd started with the high elements. i was dammned scaredd cuz i reallli had a phobia of heights as i fell of a super tall monkey bar and sprained my arm at the age of 5 b4.. dere was a stable rope and i had to walk over a distance with the help of 5danglin ropes. saw some ppl screaming budd all passed. it was my turn . i tried looked up and some intentional vulgar language and walked over to the other side. the instructorS were nice except for some realli kbkb de ):

went into the mud pool rite in the morning... i had 'O' lvl oral at noon cuz we sec 3hcl nid to pass de.. goin to the mud wasnt a good idea before the exam.... Still went in and everybodi except for a few scared ones were dirty (including mi). my face wasnt realli dirty budd i noe my shirt was dirty. gulped a few drops of dirty water and it tasted bitter ): loads of teamwork goin on also.. we went to the sea to clean ourselves with the help of the floatin devices.
NEVER ever ever drink the water in sea as it is 10000x worse den the newAter believe mi.. ANd dun try to act like a hero and drink the seawAter.. PoisoNing guarenteeD (:

went for the fxxkin oral.. sooK cheng with her bitter gourd face as usual.. looked at mi and she scolded mi for tuckin in too little .. oral didnt run smoothly i had a premonition of failing ): had mac in qtss loads of jealous eyes staring (: ..

Back to the campsite and dey were preparin for the item.. some ppl stared at us and finally realised dat we were back . some even asked why were we back as if dey didnt want us to be back. didnt care and suddenly i was involved in the dance -.- i had to do wushu with nichole i was afraid i would hit her legs..kinda fragile u noe (: we chreographed some flying kick actions and some leg swingin..

campFire was meaningful didnt cheer alot i guessed (malu) ><
some touchin speech from some instructors and loads of dance.
i slipped a bit in front of the crowd hoped nobodi noe (:

which is 2DAE packed up and did area cleaning.. after dat the chief instructor said loaads of meaningful and encouragin things.. i was touchedd but not to the extent of crying. good things have to come to an end and soon we went back to school. fetched my shirt and homed with hui xin and tionglin in a cabie (:

while in the cab remembered dat kent our instructor hadd never been so attached widd a group.. haha (: i guess it was hard to say goodbye ...
sometimes i joke about him lookin like the engllish version of AH DU
budd he doesnt realli scold much and keep smilin everytime like tis :D
instructor! keep smiling til ur teeth drop when u r oldd (:

camp rawks 3booogie rawks to0!

Monday, July 02, 2007

a week

plain and super memorable ice cream ):

loads loads loads fillings (:

finsh le i decided to be more creative in drawing
GINGeR (: the cat version of licking nose

sleeping beauty kiss kiss (:

u woke up after my kiss (:



sitting arrangement (right)

siting arrangement(left)

heyy wadd u 3 doin? BIRD YIN xD

i findd dat kissin cats or other pets are jus a way of showin love..
now u kiss ur stead de when u show how much u love him/her rite?
if ur photo appeared in my blog, congrats (: ur well known xD
i still prefer the last tyme sittin arangement.
DUNCH everybodi agree?

(: i love GInger
i love u MUACKS (: