Monday, February 26, 2007

badd news very very badd

s0me sad NeWs

fr0m my cuzzie ..>DUCkiiE<.. bel0ved cat ard3-4mnths died name(EVE) due t0 heart failure. ): her pic
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0ur last pics.. it was 0n cny 2nd day

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Eve h0pe u can rest in piece. u lo0ked 0kay t0 us when we hugged u . we didnt n0e dat u were sufferin in great pain til the d0ct0r t0ld us abt ur c0nditi0n. u f0rced urself rite.. u lo0ked at us sadly 0n ur last day and seemed s0 0bedient.. h0w i wish i c0uld hug u again..go0dbye EVe!
s0 s0rry f0r having a mo0d swing a BIG S0RRY t0
JIAYIN (BIRD) very frustrated dat day denn maybe vent 0n u barhh ..

Thursday, February 15, 2007

sicko pervert

t0dae while walking home after alighting from us 272 a man said like hi and wads ur secondary stuffs like dat.... i tot i knew him so we chatted .. he said he knew mi since i was young and my current secondary scho0l. he knew i to0k wad bus t0 schoo0l and walked when i was primary 4-6. he said i would always talk to him when i was young and my dream scho0l was gan eng seng..

HH0WEVER... i was very lonely and quiet when i was young i had nver talked to any stranger n0r WEAR PYAJAMAS UNTIL PRIMARY 6.. AND M0ST IMP0RTANTLY MY DREAM SCO0L IS TANJONG KAT0NG SECONDARY.. den he started t0kin abt bi0 since i had a bi0 bo0k ...

he is freakin disguisting he went to xXxxxxXXxxxXXXXXXXXxxxxXXX(adult materials) n0rt 18 dun c xD budd i asked my mothher when i reached home i was so stupid to tell him my name and surname . my mum says she dunnn0 g0rt tis kinda pers0n in the neighbour000d s0

i sweaar n0t t0 take 272 f0r a weeek at 2-3pm and
nver t0 talk t0 dat man again
if he eva haress mi i gonna c0r the p0lice...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

viv0 ciTy

HaH!! guess waDD! i wenT to viv0 f0r the FIRST TIME!!
0k i n0e im LAMe budd it was huge ...KINDA LATE TO saY this?..
i went wid my mum and sis and guess wh0 i SAW?!

long shirt singlet(fashion type) sh0rt pants=> kYMM!!
white t0p and jeans?(blue) fluffy hair=> vAnesa w0ng!!

lidat als0 can c dem?!! sh0cked until cann0t sh0cked la!! ..
cuz i heard s0me 3 gu 6 p0 t0kin i lo0ked back it was VANesA xDxD
heres 2 pics fr0m mi and my cuzzi0n we draw 1 0k..


Cuzzie's (harmee)

she did the shadin lar mine like a lil anime her's is dirty RAT!! like templet0n x)xD