Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back In Action


Hey peeps!! Im back to blogging. HEHEHEHE
Well I have been on hiatus since last year november but I finally have more time to myself!
And all the posts to upload and photos to photoshop (*cringe*)

Well if u have noticed, i have a joined blog with my friends at
Its not like i wont be blogging there anymore, I will when there are acupfultea events.
As for me, I would like to have a platform for myself to be more truthful (& mean) LOL so onecompiledpiece is here to save the day wohu~

&& here is the FIRST POST OF THE YEAR!!
Okay me and corey went back to T.P to help out with the Second Life workshop with the freshies.

On the bus back~~ (omg i still had purple hair then, really loved it!)

Its an one hour ride back to school. so I had to freaking wake up at 630 am just to reach school at 9am. 
Anyways there were other classmates like aaron,rehka,jiajie, vernier and zhihan there to help too.
Basically we had to facilitate the freshies in building and decorating their Second Life's room.
I always wondered how building and decorating an online room has anything to do with orientation.

So Corey & I had some free time and we started to camwhore, and please he took more pics of himself then me.

My hair was really damaged when i went platinum blonde, thus the condition of my hair

Someone acting fierce hahaha

Someone requested for a LookBook kind of shot.

And more of his selfshots.

Dear Corey went into N.S (which i will be enlisting in 1 month+ time)
so I guess he will miss his hair when he see the pics here. LOL
I think helping out in Second Life was kinda boring and some freshies were attracted to my haircolour.
HURHURHUR. I think i secretly helped out cause i could meet my classmates before we graduated LOL.

Thats all for that day~

Signing Off