Friday, September 30, 2011


Life have been very interesting for me many ups and downs throughout this few months.
I didnt win anything for teenage, but i gained a chance, a character for a dancing boyband for cosplay.
Even the boss of Haru was shocked when she later realised that I am a cosplayer (:
I have to really thank her as she taught me many things and I always enjoyed the practice with the boys.
We are such a playful bunch of people but we are working hard to shine (:

Its really intriguing for me as people from total strangers a few days ago can feel like your really close friends, like after communicating for a short period of time.
Due to my hectic schedule, I have not been working at Sgpools or going out with my frens (i apologise ); )

&& to people who are interested in which anime we are doing, we are doing 

Uta no Prince Sama :3

&& i will be cosplaying Natsuki Shinomiya ;D

Please do support our page by liking it (and my pictures if possible hurhur ;3)

&&& if u were missing my face, here's a camwhore 
Pictorial Journal sample i taken after my Visual Kei walk last sunday ;D

Aweshuuuum? :D

Signing Off,

Monday, September 05, 2011

Goodbye Baby Goodbye

The current me ! :D

I kinda like how much glossier my hair is because there is no bleach and I have been trying to style my hair differently.
School Life in t.p has unofficially ended, because my attachment will have to start next fri.
YES, who starts attachment on a friday, but me right?
And i have rehearsals on the night itself + I have competition on sat, and sun (if i scrap thru the semis)
I will be dancing goodbye baby leh. I have already thought of the worst case scenario possible, getting eliminated.

The judges sing 
'  Good bye Kazue, GOOD BYE! 
(in tune to the song i m dancing to)'

Im kinda excited yet at the same time afraid of the day approaching.
Well it could be a day that will make or break my fate (haha too exaggerating)
Anyway it will be very important day/s, performing infront of a crowd would be a very interesting experience for me at least.

Hopefully i can stand out from the 11 guys (yes, 1 dropped out which i 暗爽 abit coz hes a good dancer.)

I also really miss cosplaying you know, like putting on the costume and wig & makeup , and fussing for the 'here not nice' , 'there not good enough' but in the end still go out and take pictures.