Sunday, February 12, 2017

First Filming Experience

I have joined Mediacorp(part-timer) for quite a long while now and I didn't have suitable roles previously due to school commitments and my loud hair colours previously. I have always wanted to try acting in my life and I finally had such a chance. Thankfully there was a small role that fit my schedule yesterday and it marked my first filming experience! ( no lines but, at least it is a good start (: )

I was told to arrive at 7am for makeup & wardrobe. That timing was really early, but I was so excited i woke up at 5:30am and eventually took a cab down as I realised that the buses to harbourfront were not operating (because it is at the other side of the terminal *cries*) I reached at 6;30am and navigated into their new campus at one-north.

Obviously I was the first few to arrive and I walked into the makeup unit as it was opened. I told them my role and they actually thought that no makeup & hairstyling should be done for some game challenge contestant. But there was this senior staff that was so nice and she said that since I came and took a seat, might as well do something to my hair. She curled it a little and set it with hairspray ( thank god)

After that the main bulk of people came and they were coming to line up for the wardrobe. It was a hectic scene as I think 3 shows were ongoing and the scene that I was going for that day had a lot of spectators. After Q-ing up, they gave me a dry fit shirt so that I wouldn't get heat stroke if I were to stand under the Sun for quite sometime ( Still not revealing what this role is keke )

We took a minibus over to Symbiosis where the scene was filmed. The building was quiet on a saturday as I think most of the offices operates on weekdays from 8-5pm ish. Either that or they booked the place. The filming place was also barricaded to a certain extent ~

Through this experience I really learnt a lot of things. Like simple scenes you see on television require many takes from different angles. Also the audience had to move accordingly to where the camera was filming. Different filming requires different lenses (wide lens, focus lens etc..) And it was really cool to see some panning action :D

(a photo of the set to satisfy your curiosity)

I also talked to some people that day , be it part-timers or extras. I learnt alot from them and it was really interesting to hear stories and important advices. I made friends with some of them too~ Most people were helpful and nice especially towards a greenhorn like me. For that , I felt very grateful. (:

The main cast was Jeffrey Xu Ming Jie and I had the honor to be standing just behind him most of the time (hint hint for what I may be doing). The host of the game show was Kun Hua (with platinum blonde hair , omg envy) from 9.33 And I must say that their chinese proficiency is like really accurate and amazing. Every word can be heard properly and distinctively. ( i better work on that soon, gulps*)

 With Jeffrey
With Kun Hua

They were both very friendly and didn't mind taking a selfie with me (':
Thankfully, my scene ended earlier and after that I could go back myself to return the wardrobe and leave. (luckily I did my scene in one-take)

It was a really fulfilling experience and I hope to get more roles (maybe challenging) in the future!
Hope to have such chance again! (:

Signing off,

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

AOA Favourites

Recently AOA had 2 songs released and they are "Bing Bing" & "Excuse Me" respectively.
It dawned on me that they had really different concepts since their debut.
(I followed them since then) 
I am glad these 2 concepts are slightly back to their usual funky concepts.
(although 'Bing Bing' still sells a little sex)

But these are the 3 members that I focus on the most :x (*Credits to respective picture owners*)
These are just personal opinions~~

1. Choa

She is without a doubt, my bias in the group. I was very happy when one of my friend bought an album for me and the postcard was CHOA!! It was like omg happiness! Her style & voice is so lovely~~ A definite goddess to me (sparkling eyes*)  
And can I say that she really rocked the blonde look?
After she did her shorter hairdo(In short skirt MV), it was much quirkier and less boring than her long hairdo in Elvis. And as the lead vocals, you see her in most of the MVs, even in AOA Black.

2. Jimin
I noticed her IMMEDIATELY when Elvis came out. It was her turquiose ombre hair that caught my attention, accompanied by her unique voice. Many people thinks that she is too nasal , but I think that is what makes her stands out.

Plus that voice of hers is really suited for rap-ing songs. I am glad she got more famous during the "Unpretty Rap Star" shows.

she even got to do an Mv with Xiumin after that. (althou im not into songs that raps all the way)
Lastly, I cant shake that fact that they did this comparison of Jimin & L.Jackson
It was hilarious XD


I personally only noticed Seolhyun because she was in many Mvs, Ads and is visually pretty.
I am not too sure about her personality, but many variety shows had their guests nervous about meeting her and her being many people's ideal type. 

As for the rest of AOA, I am not too sure about the members :x
But I was quite sad that the drummer , Youkyoung left.
She was quite underrated and only appeared in a few Mvs. She didnt have much exposure either, despite being a really drummer. Hopefully she seeked a better company or another route for herself.

Initially AOA was a girl band that launched after CNBlue's success but now, they hardly play their instruments. And I am not sure about the rest of the netizens, but I really missed their 'Elvis' & 'Get Out' days where its more of visual and not sex sell.

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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Secondary School Reunion

Hair colour update! I've bleached my hair twice & put on an ash dye to achieve this look (:
I did my hair myself heh heh. The bleach was from Gatsby E-Hi Bleach Series & the Ash Hair dye was bought from City Square (J.B)~
Then I realised that the hair looks like..

Jean from Shingeki no Kyojin Hahahhahaha! XD
( just a kinder version :3 )

Anyways, I met up with my Secondary School clique after a really really long time. We had a little friction years ago and we didn't meet up.
However, I honestly feel to a certain extent (my dad) , got us back together and we were catching up like old times. 
Well, we all made mistakes when we are young & we have grown up already. It is important to let bygones be bygones. It's been a long time since we all met! 
And it was funny how our memories of each other were stuck 4 years ago.
We ate Poulet for Dinner!

I was craving for Poulet for quite sometime and I finally satisfied my tummy :3 
The mashed potato there as the bombzz (as usual) and I had one servings all by myself (:


It was such a long time since we met and had a proper chat!! I will never let anyone spoil our friendship from now on. It feels nice to not have restrains like meeting anyone and the opposite gender. We met the rest at Starbucks & Yay to group pic :D

 Weiyi, Junjie, Cheryl, Tionglin, Clarisa, Weiling, (me) & Kymm !
One more group pic before we left Vivo!

I am so glad to have them all back in my life. These are the people that made up almost half of my life , starting from 13 years old. I am starting to believe that friends that crosses the 7th Year mark, does become eternal friends.

It may sound mushy but, I really did miss you all. We caught up as per normal, despite the years of not meeting. We laughed and joked about our progress and its heartwarming to see how we have grown from complaining Mr Lim & Azlina to like work and jobscope and leaves.
Well, some other gossips still remain intact thou :3

Looking forward to meeting them again *touched tears*

Signing off

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Lab Stuff

Recently, lab is driving me crazzzzzyy :o
I think as science students, we all will agree that lab is a super tedious and annoying session.
It is a love-hate relationship with lab.
Without lab , we can't earn a livelihood *it is what we are paid for* but at the same time with lab is super time consuming and some wrong steps can cause the entire procedure to go wrong. (CRIES)
At the same time, we expose ourselves to possibly carcinogenic and mutagenic chemicals *for the better of mankind?* or just for our ricebowl and to lead a decent life.

But at the same time, I feel that scientists/ lab researchers are very underrated because as much as the Nobel prize winners are widely recognised, that is probably 5% of the population. 
There is so much competition from searching for the newest element, or chemical structure that cures cancer. And as far as research goes, if you didn't find anything, you have wasted your time.
Or worst, If you found something, but slower than other people who have published it, you have wasted your time.

All in all, it is a time-consuming process and even for testing labs, many procedures are required along with thousand of samples and a concerning deadline. And more often then not, the pay may not be comparable to your secondary school teacher.*coughs*
So probably, next time when you hear of someone who does research/ lab stuff, hopefully you might see the person in a different light.

Okay, I spent accumulative of 6-7 hours just doing a pro forma (not a full lab-report) and started typing nonstop. Partly cause I suck-ed at Microsoft Excel and cant do graphs and equations well.
And recently, some issue came up with lab that is going to stall my trip! @*&(*@^*(#(*#*#
Shall call the office tomorrow to see what really happened, and hope to get that cleared.

*On a happier, lighter note*
Here is an old picture of my turquoise hair which I liked, super long ago and haven't posted it before due to some reasons last time.

Come to think of it, was I really that fair 5 years ago? I sort of became more and more tanned recently, hmmmm. Need to start avoiding the sun and look more 'un-humanly' fair (:

Signing off

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Selfie Stick

Today I was looking around for selfie stick as my travel log vids are like too close to my face.
Plus there are times where it is easier to stabilise your video with a selfie stick compared to my wobbly arms.
So I was asking for my sisters' if they had any and a funny conversation was made.

Me: 'Sis-es do you have selfie stick?' 
Elder Sis: 'Nope I dont have'
2nd Sis: 'I think I might have but I need to find.'
Mum: 'You need what? There are alot of Satay Sticks in the drawer.' 

We all burst out laughing hahahha.
Luckily my 2nd sis had one and it fits my camera!
Preparing for a travel log at the end of this month (:

Signing Off,