Saturday, November 29, 2008


I tink i lost alot of money from the box counter.
Idk, like 2 tickets which cost 75 dolars ea missing );
Omg, i duno wad to do.
The management also haven called mi.
I hope dey wouldnt down my money, cos i would earn lil money );
Im a lil paranoid now :/
Gosh, god bless god bless ><


Shagged ):

Reached home at 1am ytd and slept ard 1.30
Was very tired as i worked from 6-12 am.
First time working til midnight.
And my trainer was late :o
Made more frens today, working at box was quite fun.
Except the part when u have to be really careful wif money.
Now, i have to work at 11am.
Dat means waking up at 9!!
So tired lah );
Working til 6pm today, dam restless now :/

Thursday, November 27, 2008

First day at work

WOW. its the first day of work.
Suddenly felt nervous, like taking a national exams.
I was abit afraid, bud confronted wif a friendly person like redwan, i felt better.
He was my trainer for today.
Den he told mi he leaving tis sat, as his attachment ends.
I was like WTF? So fast sia );
Saw a few fierce and benevolent faces.
I tried to be nice and said 'HI' Or 'Bye' when i left, bud some wont budge.
Work end pretty quickly and i was afraid of erring 2mlo.
Some uncle told mi some advice and i tink i did my job wrongly 2dae :x
Still a lil intimidated when i have to face credit cards );
Oh yah dere was a cat fight btwn 2 eurasian customers todae.
I was a lil taken aback, bud i had seen such customers so im quite used to it.
Dey 2 were like on the verge of fighting and the manager had to calm dem down ;o
Pretty fruitful for a first day at work (;

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happyness ;D

WOOHO! I got a job at gv grand(:
Finally spared from the boredom of rotting at hme :D
Working wif yinghui,charlton,june also.
Woo, working wif frens rock lo (:
Working tomorrow at 2 hehe :3

Hui Min's b'dae :D

Siying gave mi this belgium chocolate (:

Mini souffle :D

WOO, appetising,appealing,sensational,mouth-watering,finger-licking goodness.

Guess whos the chef, ITS MIE :D
Yes, i have an 18th year old cousion.
PRAWNIE, 18 le, can watch m18 :D
Hope u can score well for ur coming exams (;!!

Btw, i;ve got a call from gv grand.
Gonna go interview todae.
Hope i get the job, bud the pay isnt dat high.
Budd its okae, better den slacking at home.
Budd the job have got great deals if u dere for a long time :D
1 step closer to getting employed :D

Cats strikes back :D

Rudolph taken aback O.o

Fierce rudolph :/
Cute fat cat,butter (Gu yu) :D

Guyu's layers of fats sent my adrenaline pumping :D

Lovable stripes :D

Cathunk 2008 :D

Awwww, great pose! :D
Went job hunting sessions wif jayjay&kachee Or charlton&hanqi.
Tink dat dere may be some calls aledi :D!!
Well, i duno de name of the cats wif stripes.
IF im not wrong it should be mickey or smthing.
ITS DAM PHOTOGENIC in black and white ;/
The coloured 1 ironically, loses its shade to the black and white :o

Suddenly, im addicted to stripes :D

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Being healthy:/

Aww so cute right? (:
Im tiredd of rotting at home.
I would like to say this again..
Seriously borring to stay at home do nothing, i tink studying is more fun :/
I would really like to get my results NOW, and study 2mlo ><
Gonna go job hunting soon, AGAIN :x
Talking about the devastating ECONOMY :/

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sentosa wif friends!! (:

Big face we made wif sand (:

mini faces of us. (:

Wet clar and kachee XD!!!
People involved were, weiling,clar,alina,kymm,weiyi,kachee & jun jie :D
Went sentosa hopping to get a tann 2days back.
In the end it rained 3 times, wow..
Played frisbee and volleyball.
The ball was dam hard lah.
Every hit/serve, felt like amputation on the arms );
Burried kachee wif sand and i sculptured his 'superman' body :D
Played alot and dere were lil acidents here and dere, bud it was fun :D
Went back to vivo after bathing in the cramped toilet ;/
Took pictures dere and was forced to leave by the ppl working dere :/
Went to eat and homed.
I have been rotting these few days, waiting for the important call dat sounds like this.
"We really need you."
"Oh really? o.o (feeling excited*)"
"To work for us."

Budd my phone didnt ring!!! ):
And something really funny happened.
Jayjay's parents picked up a call saying dat he was kidnapped.
However , he was having fun wif us in sentosa :D.
Those ppl really have no life.
Imagine u have no son/s, and the kidnappers said ur son was wif dem .
Cant dey have anymore creativity? :/

Trip to vivo

Dripping wet taking photos (:

tongues out :D

Group photo at steamboat (:
Went to eat dinner wif kymm,clar,weiling,kachee,junjie and carson.
Hadd dinner at some steamboat place.
The 'mala' hotpot was dam spicy lor ;x
After dinner we went daiso walk walk.
Jus went in ard 2 minutes den dey say closing liao ;/
wth -.-
Den we went to the wadd sky park at the top floor.
Its actually like a swimming pool for babies.
Bud we werent allowed to swim.
The girls , wearing shorts and slippers, went in and played wif water.
The guys were all dressed in long pants and shoes );
However, i took off my shoe and fold my pants.
I went in :D
After awhile all of dem went in.
We had a waterfight!! :D
Realised i can 'qing ting dian shui in water' (inside joke :D)
Carson also played wif us and we managed to 'break the ice'.
In the end we took some pictures dripping wet.
Budd piggie clar didnt sent mi , so i cant upload it ;/
Went home taking the same bus as clar.
LOL she sit on the seat for few stops and stood up.
I was amazed to see a small puddle of water on her seat after she left.
Den later, a teenager busy wif his incoming phone call sat on it.
(whistles*, and looks away)
Went home, was afraid dat i might be scolded by my parents.
In the end, dey havent reached home .
HAHA! the end (:

Mum's birthdae

The chef who cooked the delicious food (:

Mushroom soup o.o

Pudding :D

Lamb chop with rosemary sauce(:

Raw food getting cooked ><

Some appetizer ;/

Pork chop :D
Such a filial good son rite?
Mum's b'dae was on 7/11 bud i posting it on 21/11 ;/
P.s lor ><
Budd the food dere was definetely appetizing.
Dam dam nice :D

graduation day pt 2

Group foto :D

Dats the last foto i can find from ppl.
Other ppl have been busy wif chalets/going out and wadeva nots.
Thus, i cannot claim the other fotos from dem.
Have been feeling pissed while waiting for dem :/
I really love my school and my friends (:

Friday, November 14, 2008

graduation day pt 1

Last time seeing this :/

last time entering the gate

delise,tionglin,kachee ,mi (:

peiyu and mi ( ;

Me and kymm polaroid pic (:
charlton,tionglin,kachee,junjie,mi,jeewang :D
the girls are pearlyn,delise kymm (rite to left )

Last day of skl and i watched hsm3, their grad day
It was very emotional to watch it lor.
our grad day sucked, until we camwhored alot.
Even guys camwhored.
It was a touching scene to see.

'Take pic leh take pic leh !'

Ppl took pics til dey sweat ;/
When friendster gets better, i gonna post the other half of the lost pictures.
And hsm3 rocks ( ;
expect the ang mo kids were very hyper and danced to the beat...
they even said:

'Mom isnt here, lets dance for now on the chair'

they blocked my view lah...
At the ending song, they ran to the front and danced wif dem
One even did a front flip!
Ang mohs are super active ;/

After watching the movie i went on the bus alone.
Staring at the road, memories flashed past my brain.
I realised i started to miss my frens aledi.
Especially my table partners for 4 yrs.
Especially muggin together wif frens
Especially smugglin food back to class.
My heart wrenched and it was an involuntary response, to cry.
It couldnt stop and i tink i scared the passenger siting beside mi :/


Combined photo (:

Me, charlton and yinghui :D
Dark in kbox (:
Lina and mie (;
Went kbox wif lina charlton and yinghui.
Went to this rm no. 29.
It was awkward to sing in the beginning.
After few songs, i rocked the lounge ;x
It was fun singing ur hearts out and sometimes going out of tune.
Lina brought this thing out, grey and large and shiny.
mi yinghui and lina laughed our ass out :D
I went back to return the remote.
The ppl dere were puzzled at wad we were laughing at.
Imagine wad she was tinking..

Oh ok it has got number 1-9..
and theres the replay button, back button and next song button.

then she realised she brought the remote out.
Went to ate at yoshi and we were damn lethargic.
I really wanna work!! Bud theres nowhere dat wants to hire mi.
SIGH.. );

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Toradora :D

Rozen maiden traumend (:

Gintama :D

Dgrayman :D

Those are new animes dat i will be catching (:
A total of 300+ episodes i guess ;x
O's are over !!
Im like spreading rainbows everywhere :D
i finally felt 'this feeling' many ppl felt 2 days ago.
Cos i got bio mcq lah -.-
In any case, its over.
The work of 10 yrs handed up to the cambridge markers.
Its kinda a pity lo :/
Woo, going kbox later ! [;
Scared later come back become ah du ;/

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

pious? :/

Praying hard dat i would score as high as possible for Bio mcq :/
Even thou it seems impossible im aiming for a 40/40 (:
Many had tried to deter mi, bud as long as i score 35-40 , im contented :D
God bless me *crosses finger


I feel a lil sad cos many peeps got the misconception dat i finshed my O's.
The fact is i HAVENT! );
13th october okay!
No... Its not becuz its rihanna's concert, its the end of my O's.
Feel abit jealous caz u see ppl screaming, tearing their entry proof.
But, i can even lay a finger on mine :/
ON the BRIGHT SIDE, theres one more mcq paper lefttt :D

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Delayed post :D

Cute cream (:

Vongola 7 rings :D

Vongola Captain ring :o

The 7 rings :D

Went out wif jayjay,jeewang,kachee,tionglin and alvin.
Went to watch 'Burn after reading'
First nc16 movie of the yr :D
I noe it is a nc16 movie but...
Alot of vulgarities, supposingly a comedy, not farnie,every character said fuck at least once:/
Lame lor -.-
I noe the only farniest part was.

This woman went to the russian embassy or something .
She wanted to give some secret info to dem.
She waited for 45mins, and she saw the man coming in.


LOL, dats the funniest part i could tink of :/
2 words of advice, DONT WATCH (: