Friday, October 29, 2010

Seiransai 2010

Ginnette, Wenjie, Puikwan, Xueni, Jasmine & I went to Seiransai 2010
We took bus from Alexandra at around 10am :D

Camwhore shot, not fantastic thou ;x

Grp shot outside The japanese skl (:
Camwhoring while waiting to go in :/
With better lighting :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mister Potato Rice Crisp Contest

What crazy things would u do when you are suddenly hungry?

I even wear a shirt that says offer me food! Haha :D

1. I would find food desperately!

Cake found!

I once bought 2 of this & wanted to give it to my fren as birthday present.
To my horror i had to sew it myself, i thoght it was read made lor, Fml.
(I digresss :x)

2.I would grumble & keep asking questions

Sometimes when people get annoyed i go to the pets (:

A hungry man is an angry man!
Lucky the dog ignores me );

3. I start hallucinating about non food stuffs into food!

Shit, why the Shar Pei*(corrected) puppies look like muffins!

Bud i seriously find this disturbing! Especially this moist like muffin fur!
I dont wanna die of food poisoning due to ingestion of ink, so i gave up haha.

4. I will try eating Catfood (:

Althou 'Its so tasty you cant resist', its not the can cat food. I go for conventional "Cat-food"

Literally Cat As food.

&& this is the new cat Cappuccino i tried to bite haha (no joke, it was named like that)

Smart cat leaves with a fart. (photobomber, kitty on the background)

Hallucination starts again, the fat thighs look like chicken drumstick!! Target spotted, Kitty!

Attempts to devour Kitty :3

Target Oris Spotted!

Nibbles the ear*
(not a good idea cos they got earwax hahah ;x)

But i didnt eat the cats at all lah.
If i did who would i play with on lonely weekends? ;o
&& could u bear to eat this?

Awww, my answer is no. (:

Dont even try messy up with pugnacious cats.
As aggressive as its name is, 'Scratch' is not one to be trifled with haha.

5. I can fight for treats with the dogs! 

I obviously lost & have gotten a soft bite from chester (brown dog)

The Solution!

Mister Potato Rice Crisps!

Yays (:

Comes in 4 flavours!

1.Hot & Spicy

2. Sour Cream & Onion.
Its comes in 3.Original & 4. Flame Grilled BBQ as well (:
Bud i prefer flavourful ones so i picked those 2.
&& i loved the sourcream 1 so much i finished the whole canister in an hour! (no joke)
I normally will be bugged by guilty conscious because its rather unhealthy.

However, Mister Potato Rice Crisp is made up of rice & not the usual potatoes !

Additionally, No Added MSG, 20% Less Fat*
Cholesterol & Trans Fat Free
& No Artificial Colouring!

So i happily gobbled down another canister the next day, LOL

Sharing the Goodness with Chester
(jus tried 2 pieces or so for his reaction)

He looks happy!

&& BEGS me for more, hahha!


 "There’s no need to act like a madman because there is Mister Potato Rice Crisps for you to munch on, anytime, anywhere."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Everyone is a Cheat.

Have u ever lied to anyone?
Not return the cashier's excess money because you think that u have got ur item at a lower price?
Cheated during exam or worse on ur spouse/gf/bf?

What is Integrity nowadays?
Graduating from a Secondary School that teaches Integrity as its core value, i tink it bullshit when it comes to the real world.
U think that someone from the arbituary world will compliment u when u rely on urself to do tests?
U think that u will strike lottery every week because u helped an old lady to cross the road?
It all boils down to 'feeling guilty' or not.

&& i have seen alot of people done it countless times , without feeling guilty.
Like who the hell gives a damn about integrity ?
Can it save your life or earn u money?
Get u better grades or even better, get u into a University?

Sometimes i wonder why i hold on so much onto integrity, when some people around me doesnt.
I do know that i dont live with a guilty conscious , but HEY, they arent living like sinners too!
It has become part & parcel of their lives, or rather a routine to survive thru a day.
It has become a need to them, as if 3 meals a day.

Where's Justice? Who cares about justice, people are only concerned about their own lives & income.
Where's Righteousness? Who cares about righteousness, when doing the right things leaves u in an inferior position compared to the rest.

But yeah, i cant expect the whole world to be nice & totally giving right?
If not there wouldnt be 3rd world countries & wars.
Bud sometimes im frustrated because some people just doesnt deserve it.
& u could be 1 of them.

Imagine urself as a 3 yr old kid, u save every 5 cents u can for 3 weeks and u got ur dream lolipop.
While a cunning 3 yr old kid deliberately falls & hurt himself/herself in front of the lolipop & the shop owner might just give it to the 3 yr old for free.
(okay lah, 3 yrs old kids are not so cunning bud u get me?)

They just dont deserve it!
U can tell me that karma will get back to them, they will grow up with that kinda bad attributes, bud some of those people still can lead their lives peacefully or worse, with fame & fortune.

How i wish karma is tangible & immediate.

P.s Im not a perfect person too, i do cheat, but im 1 who will be stuck with awesome guiltyness.

So u cheaters out there, i noe u all selfish, self-centred bitches dont give a damn but i hope that karma will really get to u!

Signing off

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to secondary school.

 The last time i went back to Secondary School was Teacher's Day 2years back.
&& being barred off from entering the school was a major turnoff.(happened once)
But, I tried entering the school a few weeks ago 
That day was raining heavily, i tell u as heavy as elephants! ):
Me, weiyi & clarisa had to open umbrellas to walk to the security guard area.
&& while walking, our shoes got wet, our jeans got wet too 
( the school doesnt allow sloppy attire so must wear jeans , FML)
Clarisa's pumps tore off because of the rain too.
When we reached the security post, the 2 guailan security guards supposingly indian forbade us to go in.

1. They are having exams, we may disturb the students.
2. We had dyed hair


Lets attack the problems one by 1.
They are having exams, && mind u whos having exams?
THE STUDENTS. Okay, some teacher may be involved in invilgilating.
OH OH WORST STILL, dey ask us call the teacher to come down to fetch us.
Retards. Like wth right?
Its not like we need a grand entrance with red carpet & scattered petals to enter the school right?
Disturb them?
Do you tink that we will yell & discriminate every student we see? NO.
We do have common sense & courtesy, which dey dont btw!
Whats worse is we only wanted to eat the noodles in the school, meeting up wif teachers are a bonus!
(I think im more 'disturbed' by the security guards)

&& whats with coloured hair?
Fuck u lah, u sure NONE of the teachers have got coloured hair?
I believe Pearly Ang had them, since we saw her at the bus stop.
Im not pinpointing her only(bud i believe theres more teachers like dat), so why is coloured hair barred ?

&& why do u even have rules to forbide visitors from coming in?
Oh u do , only on TEACHER's DAY.
& the security guards didnt even have basic good manners.
So they only display good manners to overseas visitors la?
Double faced school tsk. -.-
So i conclude, i wont wanna go back to Qtss again, unless theres a horribly good reason for it.

On a happier note, we went to IKEA to have lunch (:
Tionglin joined us :D

Meatballs are Love (:

Clar's hashbrown thingy

Chicken wings, ((:
Weiyi got Curry 'Peng'.

We still had to survive the aftermath of wet shoes & socks la.
My feet turned white as if i went swimming for dam long 
We went to Great World's Coffee Bean to slack (:

Tionglin bought monopoly deal (: 
(like all the kids playing this game all over)
Yes that includes me.
We played for many rounds, close to 10 over i tink ahha.
We went to eat dinner
I had duck porridge & dey had noodles from marcus tham's dad shop haha :D
Didnt take pics thou.

&& if u miss my face cos i didnt post any, heres1 HAHA.

This was on my class' bbq

Didnt take pics so i wont be bloggin it , anyway it was fun (:
&& i retardedly wear green contacts because i didnt check the color of the tube & poured out the solution.
In which i have no choice to wear green because pouring new solution in will be a waste right?
This happened to me twice(2days) in a row lor.
The second 1 was when i was working , the previously yuki yaki post, thats why i have green eyes too.
Not because i purposely wear them, is just kinda suay lor haha.
Im gonna go out to work in close to 3 hours time (:
Will be out til 5am :/ Bye all

Signing Off

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Abit of everything

I kind of get freaked out with myself camwhoring, because sometimes i dont even nid to photoshop it.
Like under good sunlight i look very fair + it makes my nose smaller.
&& i sometimes get impressed by the way i smile, i didnt noe how i look like after taking a picture of it.

I seriously dono how to smile like this anyway ( i look super pretentious hahah ;x)

My verdict is dat my tongue is rather short.

Okay this aint a camwhoring post, so i went out with kymm to search for tionglin's present.
Preferably a presentable top.(it was dat day the 3rd thing of human i hated happened agn)
Dont understand? Its okay leave it as it is / Read my archives.

 So we 2 met at Cineleisure to have lunch first.
We had wanton noodles at Graffiti Cafe (idk if i spelled correctly)

SUJU & SHINee Fans like me :D

I find this funny!

" Im a pig hear me oink" LOL
On the top righthand side also got B2ST/BEAST
I onli noe a few, doojoon,yoseob,hyunseung & ki kwang :D
Theres also a 'BANG HEAD HERE' on the top lefthand corner.
My first time at a Graffiti Cafe, sua ku er not hahah.

Kymm got cheese fries , from..

Best Fries Forever

I found that it was mediocre onli leh.
It tastes slighly bitter (IMO) like abit burnt
Kymm told me its the potato skin bud i was very sure it wasnt.
Because i ate home-fried wedges with potato skin & it wasnt bitter.

The noodles :D

Camwhore wif geek specs (:
Camwhore wif kymm (:

Tried to show dat we were in the graffiti cafe bud failed haha

Hugeass Panda Monk hehehe.

We went to fredperry to look at some shirts, dey werent very nice & worst, overpriced.
Like without the logo it would be a plain polo tee & like 80% less den its original price.
We walked along other random shops to find clothes and had leather jacket in mind.
Saw a few expensive ones and we went to find drinks to quench our thirst.

1 dollar bubble tea leh!
Weeee (:

Bud the pearls wasnt sweet at all, so its like chewing starch.
Whatever, la 1 buck for milktea/bundung also quite worth (:
We ended up at Ion walking up and down and finally made a long decision at Topman.
Then there was this piece that both Kymm & I agreed on (we have very different opinions on clothes)
So we bought it & after that i went to my grandma houseee (:

Poor oris, got caught by flash ):

It had been a long while since i went to my gramps house.
Close to 2months i guess?
study break + exam + outings ma ;x
Glad nothing much changed & i still love those cats yeah ((:

Oris & Kitty on the stone table :D

Attempts to bite fat kitty :D

Poserish Baby (:

Abit of ranting to do here.
I jus survived graveyard shift of 1045-445am of work at SGpools.
I also screwed up a chinese call
(infront of a supervisor, he freaking walked pass once nia & i screwed up infont of him) 
because i didnt noe of that chinese term.
&& i have been assigned 1105-505am on thursday. ):

And i had a unhappy cabride home.
I guess people doesnt know that i have sharp ears even though my hair covers dem!
I would like to thank Aravind, Ginnette & Sheng Yang for their encouragement when i was down.
Those words were extra enlightening to me when i was really emo.( :/ )

Signing off