Sunday, June 29, 2008

ginger strikes back :D

me and ginger (edited)(: my hair :/

ginger's fake diamond collar :o

ginger stretches* (:

looking emo :o

big pupils :D

realli emo (:

yes i love u :D

ginger's just too adorable (:
bud she can go mad sometimes :/
one moment shes purring and acting cute,
de nxt she starts tearing the newspapers into shreds :/

oh yahh chinese oral was over :D
i dont think i did a FANTABULOUS job thou );
at least i could have gotten a MERIT! ,.. i guess :x?
the conversation was on "bring your own bag day"
den i stutter like mad :/

argh dere goes my distinction ):

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

some bad luck );

i have p.e 2mlo :/
and i have chinese O's oral 2mlo! );
so suay lahh..
only 4A class peeps and 5 peeps from 4B.
den one of de 4B is mie !!! ><
so lucky uh? buy toto also not so accurate lah.
dammit lor, havent been practising my chinese much.
have got to do better den a just pass :/
im aiming for a distinction, i've got a pass last yr onli -.-

so i wont give up, no i wont break down,
sooner dat is seems life's turn around.
I will be strong,even if its all goes wrong.
And im standing in the dark aisle still belief,
someone's watching over mi.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hair cut AGN -.-

omg i cut my hair dam short ):
no more fringe ARGH!..
dun laugh or get shocked when u c mie :/

Sunday, June 22, 2008

leisure :/

this is fay from tsubasa chronicles

this is ginta from MARchen awakens romance (:

these are de donuts i had for dinner ytd :/

i jus realised something horrible :/
arghhh... :/
wdh? it jus came on suddenly -.-
shall avoid de colour pink ALEDI -.-
back to de pics :D
i love drawing even thou i noe my drawins aint purrrfect :/

and i bought a haversack at zinc wif duck ytd.
we have the same bag budd different colour :D
den boss/salesman was dam friendly at sales lah (:
went funan to find prawn :D
her colleagues dam friendly (:
1 tried to poke my waist bud im not afraid of itch >:D

had donuts for dinner , how cool eh? :/
ate at J.O donuts or something.
it was reali good budd it was a lil too sweet uh? (:
we got lost in suntec, unfortunately :/
took a cab back to katong (:

anybodi realised i posted 3 posts in 1 day?
i owed de posts :/
im not gonna be very active soon as im gonna mug.
like seriously MUG :/
todae's last day of games .
luckily animes still available :D
im trying my best to get good grades.

i dun wan history to repeat itself like when i was p6 );

caty stuff :D

dun try to 'paw' mi :)

nxt favourite :D 'YOYO' ~

ginger wif her new collar wif fake diamonds :x

cute laneee :D

lane and star :/

wadd? paw again? :/

OH NO lane's cockeye-d :D

YO.. ! yoyo (:

ahh i jus love love love love <3> cats (:
dey are dam cute lah :/
i love going to my cuzzie's house to play wif dem
i normally would go to my cuzziee's house on sat and sun.
budd from this week onwards, i gonna go on sat onli.
i nid some time to revise and i plan it on sundae :/

nid ta work my ass off >:D
i see dat i hadd improved, gonna improve sommore! (:
seriously nid time for my comb sci and s.s and geo :/
i nid to do many chapter summaries );

ard 1 and a half month and 49 chapter summaries to go!

an end to my birthdae stuff :D

we wont :D

i was eating my desserts :/

fugly hair ;(

duck and harmee :D

duck bowling :D

sakura's desserts :D

prawn slam*cough bowling:D

de 1 dollar bear (:

half a spring chicken :D

duck's sphagetti :/

dat was de last celebration aledi :D
sorry im so so late :/
i rmber dat day we rushed to sakura to eat cuz den buffet ends ard 2.30-3?
den i eat like madd(:
shouldnt go buffet, dun eat much also :/
went bowling wif duck and prawn !
so farnie lah,de poses and stuff.
den we saw a machine den i try to get a pooh bear.
and unexpectedly, i got it! (de picture on top,3rd from de back :D)
so heng uhh (:

den tried in vain to search for an arcade.
den we ended up in dhoby ghaud again :/
ate dinner wif duck de tomato place.
de chicken was nice and big , highly recommended.

i was damm happy dat day having to spend time wif my cousions.
oh well to the next post (:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

change of song :D

i've changed my blog to a damm cool song :D
its 8 songs remixed into 1 !
the sound system aint dat good uhh?
see if mediacorp can use this song again! (:
ok gonna go mugging :/
55 chapter summaries to go ><
-.- slaps myself on forehead*

Monday, June 16, 2008

got tagged :/

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

B) Tag 8 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse or they will get bad grades.
These people must state who they're tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game and send it to other people.

Tagged by: ZHEN DE DUCKIE :/

-If your lover betrayed you, what would your reaction be?
Chase her wif a chopper? :D

-If you could have a dream come true, what would it be?
Infinite dreams come true (:

-What would your dream wedding be like?
Something out of the box :D

-Are you confused about what lies ahead of you?
Kinda, i duno whether its dirt or air :/

-What's your ideal lover like?
Gentle , nice :D

-Is it more blessed to love or be loved?
To be loved :D

-How long would you wait for someone you really love?
If dat person is worth waiting , forever :D

-If your secret crush is attached, what would you do?
Give up, i dun wanna be a 3rd party :/

-Is there anything that made you unhappy these days?
Yes, you ):

-Is being tagged fun?
Hmm, dun think so -.-

-How do you see yourself in 10 years?
10 years? I would onli be 11 ? :D

-Who are the most important people to you?
Family & dearest people to me :D

-What kind of person is the person who tagged you?
Duck , she likes swimming and quacking in the pond :D

-Would you rather be a single & rich or married but poor?
married but poor (:

-What's the first thing you do in the morning?
Ehh, wake up?

-Would you give all in a relationship?
Most probably :D

-If you wanted to do two things at once, how do you decide what to do?
See which 1 is worth doing FIRST :/

-What type of friends do you like?
Funny and people who can understand mi :D

-Do you have a pet?

-What type of friends do you dislike?
I dislike friends who dislike mi :D

people to be tagged: clarisa :D,
shalina (:,
jiayin :/,
adeline :D,
jeewang :/ ,
jayjay :D,
weishan (:,
krystal (:

breath :/

something about breath i wanna share :/
i hate ppl wif cigaratte+liquor breath .( either or dem)
when dey sit beside mi in bus i get dam frustrated -.-
so smelly lah, pollute air huh? :/
sometimes it smells like urea!
yahh as if urine's coming from deir mouth .

damm long nvr post :D
i did a plan todae about my studies (:
realised i gort 58 chapter summaries to do ):
dats a loooooot of work to doo .

jus wondering if anyone noticed de song i put in my blog gets used as tv's commercial song.
wonder if its a concidence or not.
budd it didnt happen jus once or twice..
it happen THRICE :/
rmber C.H.E.R.R.Y? it was played in de campus superstar adv
rmber rolling stars from yui?? it was played in some campus superstar adv also :/
now my blog song love song. channel 5's using it for some GSS+ IT+ radio adv ):
if its some mediacorp ppl is visiting my blog, im so honouredd :D

maybe im thinking too much?? :/
i wonder..

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


This big nitrogen-filled balloon dat made mi embarrassed :/

Debbie, krystal and yuping gave mi this :D

A whole lot of present :D

First cake from mun yee

Second cake from lina,yinghui,june,charlton,hanqi :D

Third cake from my mum (:

This is gonna be a long post . PLs bear wif mi :/

thanks to everybody who shoke my hands and wished mi a happy birthdae :D
be it verbally or in friendster or in my blog!
i can tell alot of ppl messaged mi in the morning.
u noe why?
i left my phone on my desk before i slept.
the next morning, my phone fell onto the floor and had 10+ messages :D

i loved the presents alot (:
becuz i hardly received presents when i was younger.
i onli received presents at p6 when dere was de sars period
where skl was held in june -.-
i can see dat the presents were painstakingly wrapped and sincere :D
thank you ppl!
i feel so touched dat many people still rmber my birthdae :D!

met at tiong ytd.
yinghui brought a big helim balloon wif the 'happy birthday word"(its the 1st pic)
den ppl keep staring at us lahh :/
in de end we poked it cuz it was hard to move ard wif it and it was super duper malu ):
went marina to eat sukiyaki or wadd eva -.-
had a great buffet and lina came wif the cake
the candle cannot blow out 1 lor :/
blow like mad den de candles extinguisheddd!!!



thanks to everybodi who msged mi (:

thank YOU THANK YOU :D!!!

will be looking forward to go out wif my cousions on thursdae :D!!

its all about cats (:

a small black kitten on the bridge

LANE look at her whiskers :D

fat lane gort double chin!, like kaiting :x

she moved and it looks like a mouse :o

MARBEEE :D cat wif 'eyeliner'

i feel alil guilty.
i saw dat cat, the cat frm the first picture.
Dat day was raining heavily i could do anything about it.
All i could do was stare at it.
I wanted to help, but how?
I could feel that it was hungry as it was meawing like mad :/
This really reminds mi dat i have to work hard for my O's.
I want to get into a course dat will eventually help animals in any way.
have been playing alot recently.
i tink its time to stop soon..

Sunday, June 01, 2008

ambition's reminder

im watching this show called shugo chara :D
this show urged mi to be determined to accomplish my would-be-self.
and in de show, if sombodi is determined to change him/herself
a TAMAGO will appear (: (tamago is egg in jap :D)
and deres an embryo which lets anyone fufil his or her dreams.
den de bad guys are trying to get it lahh :D
umm. this may not suit everyone cuz its a lil kiddish.
NEVERTHELESS, its nice ! ><
watched til 26.. 25 more to complete :D!
anime anime anime FEVER (: