Sunday, May 31, 2009

Call of the nitemare

ARGHHHHH 2mlo to term test )))));

Still have got 60 over Human anatomy and physiology slides to go!!
GAWD, )));
Better not be late, better not wake up late );<
Better not fail also!!
jyjy!! must do well, nitemare begins 2mlo like WADDDD?!?!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

CLique hangout (;

Cute white whiteeee ;D ( teddy bear!!)

Went to cut my hair ytd after maths.
Den dere was a call from tionglin asking me if i was freee.
I told him i wasnt free cos i nid cut hair.
After contemplating for awhile, i decided to go out wif the clique WITHOUT KYMM AGN );
NU ER faster come back );
Went to meet dem at plaza sing
Went to jusaia at if im nt wrong, deres free flow of drinks and icecream for your setmeal.
Didnt take a pic of the food );
Had a full dinner and we went to plaza sing's shopping mall.

Saw ppl running frantically for the exit, dere was this awful SHIT SMELL.
OMg it was so XXXX smelly we had to go to the basement to avoid the smell.
Played the sweets machine dat pushes plushies down.
My frens managed to get 2 (;
Went to walk ard and saw yellow liquid dropping from the couple ring lab.
I tink it was urine and the shop seller was relli pissed off.
We scampered to the exit and its dam stinky lah.
I tink the sewage pipe broke lor, imagine 20-30yrs accumulation of shit being released.

Went to dhoby mrt to slack
We were outside pcbunk sitting down, slacking and chatting.
Talked about skl, and the business/IT ppl talked about their finance and account
While i spoke to weiyi a lil on aminoacid and H.A.P
After a really long talk, we went home.
Found out how JOKER our clique.
Homed ~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Practically Practical ;D

Protein test (; (biuret test)
Small containers called cuvette wif solution (;

Fun g.v staffs (;

Idk why, bud onli my name and huihui's name reflected at this angle.

Had a protein test like donkey years ago, dam long nvr update ;x .
We had to use saliva for our test.
I was good at generating saliva (((; !
Had to do 25x serial dilution for the saliva.
Tested for protein and if im nt wrong, dere wasnt anything.

Went to work on fri and worked wif huihui and edmund woo~~ (;
This time hilmi came, ;D
Had fun working in candybar bud was scolded by someone who said we played 2 much.
And we needed other station's staff to help us do our closing. whatever ;/
Slacked at the garden and we were toking about lots of things.
I took out my phone and let edmund view the cats photos.
I told him dat my gramps house will be sold in a yr time and those cats will be gone.
I went to the staffroom to change and came out.
I saw him crying i was like wtf?( i tot some patron scolded him or smthing)
He told me he felt sad for 20 over cats which are homeless in a few yrs time.
Didnt noe edmund was so emotional uh.
I haven cry , he cry already ;/

However, the dreaded situation will still happen 1 day );

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Outing wif the beloved clique

Sugar cane ;D

The spread of food ((:

Chickennnn (;

Coconut (;
2/3 of the clique (;

The boys (;
The girls (; ( wif kymm missing )

Clar wong and mi (;

Er ma (Weiling) and me ;D

Met the clique without kymm ); on sat.
We went to newton circus to have dinner.
Was kinda pissed off by the ppl overthere, like boycotting lah.
Auntie: Want to buy stingray or cockles?
Us: Let us see the menu first.
Auntie: Want the bbq prawn? 56 dollars only.
Us: Give us a while to order.
Auntie: okay
(camps behind us for 10 mins)
Auntie: Are u all done? Each of u
call 1 plate lah, so 6 plates lor.
Us: -.- Okay we will have stingray and sotong.
Auntie: Stingray LARGEST OKAy? 15 dollars only, sotong largest oso?
Us: Stingray large sotong small pls.
Same goes to the auntie dat sells drinks.
Luckily ordered 2 plates only, we ordered sotongmee ,oyster egg and satay and bbq chicken!
Ate heartily and had some talks here and dere.
Went back to plaza sing and played Scissors paper stone and loser get hit on the hand.
PLayed wif clarisa, and clar played wif tionglin.
LOL, tionglin lose clarisa can hit him 3 TIMES.
Damm funny lor, bud tionglin hand is humongous, 1 hit = 3 x the dmg ;D

Played animal farm concentration at p.s awhile and went to vivo.
Slacked awhile on 65 while watching jus for laugh.
Went to vivo rooftop and 10 cent coin-ed.
Some malay guys was like disturbing us when we were singing lah -.-
& i believe we scared off many ppl ard us cos we were loud (;
Clar was a maths eqn -----> ji(hum+dum)
After dat we started camwhoring (;
Took pics and realised my flash is the BEST-est ;D
Ard 1130 we took bus home );
Chat-ed on the bus wif weiyi and clar and homed.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cats exhibition

Gingerrr (;

Marbee yawn (;

Cream cream ;D

Pepsii (;

Scratch ( pulled his face when he tried to bite)

Marcus all grown up already ;o

Fierce scratch :D!!

Peanut who looks like yaya );

Scratch lying down (;

Weird intimate moves between 2 male cats

george and White white INtimate ;/

White horseeeeee ;D

PLayed wif scratch to create some of the unusually weird pics of scratch.
He always tries to scratch and bite us when we play wif him.
So duck pulled his cheeks a lil and the result was the very fierce face.
ANother time he struggled a lil and it resulted in a laughing cat LOL
WHite white was so intimate wif george so WEIRD.
They used to fight, bite , scratch(nt the cat), chokeslam .
I tink they noe dat im taking pics so they 'act' friendly ;o
Oh yeah look at this conversation .

Me: Hey ppl guess this cat , its orange and
. ( shows picture)
Frens:Ginger? ....
Me: NO! , Its a kind of sweet and fluffy and tasty.
After a long while..
Maryann: CREAM!
ME: YES (;

ME: okay next
Me: Its, oh shit hard to describe. Erm has a water
melon butt
.(humongous)( shows picture)
ME: Its name is george.
Frens: OMG Lloyd george!! ;D
All: burst into laughter.

Lloyd george is my biochem lecturer who cmi.( round fat oxygen atom ;3)
Talks alot and always blame us when we cant finsh the tutorial of lecture.
ALways tink dat we understand bud yet we dono A THING.
Says everything is EASY and ask us to NOT WORRY if we dono A THING.
And said that wait for other OC or PIPC lecturers to explain it for us.
Like wth?
I tink i flung biochem , shit him1!#!@

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Qn: heat or cold is faster at running?
ANS: HEAT, because u can catch a COLD bud not heat );


Jus caught 1 recently wif sorethroats and tap like running nose );!!!!
And fever will come after this 2 symptoms ):
Still got amaths test 2mlo ));
On top is a sick pic of AMU (; Hinamori amu from shugo chara <33!!
Oh gawd deres still work 2mlo at candy bar ;/
Shoooooooooooo the flu viral ;o

Monday, May 18, 2009

archives of the brain

Had a weird dream last nite.
Dreamt dat me and duck were at gramp's room.
Suddenly dere was a sound and both of us freak out.
We saw our gramps, alive!
SO shocked we were lost for words.
He even said hi, and talked for a short moment.
Couldnt remember the dialogue.
Bud after awhile some adult came into the room and gramps layed motionless.
Like the day he left us.
I woke up 1 sec before my alarm clock rang and started crying.
I couldnt help but cry, this pain from nowhere beyond description.
Went up the bus and saw a few uncles.
Listened to the song the climb and had watery eyes again.
Idk why, i jus felt very terrible and started weeeping like a baby again.
Den after h.a.p tutorial, someone said' Grandfather ' and it let me tinking of him.
Its almost 2 months bud i still felt dat i realli let him down.
Its not because im very close to him dat makes me feel so heartbroken.
Its because i wasnt dat close to him, not telling him many things so i felt so bastard, guilty.
And i didnt hate him when i was young, making fun of him and mimicking him );
I guess only when u lost someone, u will realise his presence.

Dam you tearglands );

Saturday, May 16, 2009

school life (;

maryann and me :D

mememe wif aravind beside me;D

Ryann me and aravind ;D

Shen ;D its 'SHHANN' not god in chinese

Ryann and steven candid (;

Me, suba and rasyidah (;

Iodine test(neg), chloride test (pos),Reducing sugar test(pos) left to right.

Had all the the sanguine's pic up (nt including steven ;x)
Had got 2 tests this week already .
I have been last minute cramming, im afraid i might screw up my results.
Got another 2 tests nxt week, organic chem and ama (;
I love ama, bud organic chem is gonna be tough.
Wif mr 'crinkled nose' lecturer assurance of a tough quiz, its defintely metal ;/
Poly life in applied sci is like taking thriple sci of a higher level.
Physic,Chem and bio.
Bud i realise dat most of it is chemistry den bio.

Ytd after bio test me ryann and aravind went to the cyber centre.
Played abit of com and facebook.
Found corey's blog, kinda EMOO (look here corey).
Went to take bus to great world as i was going to work.
I was afraid to work becos i long time nvr work and working wif some not so close frens.
Luckily PEARL wasnt working dat day i was sososososo dam happy ;D
Worked wif junjie,DANBAI(benson),alvin, mandy at floor.
Actually it wasnt dat bad after all.
I have to thank edmund for accompanying me (;
So nice of him to have stayed from 8.30-12( which is not his work time)
See i got thank you hor (;

In the end cab home at around 1.20am
Cabbed wif junjie,hweeshan and xueting.
All stay jurong de, want to make me be last.(kao i stay so near)
In the end oso i go home first cos i m xiao didi( dey all so old ;x)
Had lots of funny conversation on the cab.
However i look more matured den dem when im like 16+ and dey are like 18,20,22? ;o
Bathed and slept at 2 am after watching some jacky wu show (;
Didnt expect to have such fun wif more working frens.
Work is fun now (((:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Caty caty (;

Xiao yannnn (;

Fat butter sleeps ;/
Fat mum sleep (;

White horse and peanut (;

Puttty (;

Hinged butt (;

Unglam lanee!! O.O

Sexy poseeee (;
Whiteeee whiteee (;
bobooo (;
creammm creaaammm ;D

Stayed at katong on sunday.
Stayed wif prawn,springroll and duck.
But slept wif prawn and springroll on ahma's bed.
Dat sunday was gramp's 49th day, which he's tablet gets beside grandma.
Dat day was also like the last few opportunity to stay at katong.
I can feel like the house is going to be gone soon.
Although its like in 1 yr's time.
Hope we cousions stay as strong as ever );

I wonder how is it like to have seperated house, will we still be as close as ever?
Will we still have gatherings like christmas or bbq??
How i wished somthings did not happen.
Caused so much changes which is traumatising to me );

Sunday, May 10, 2009



Ocean or sky idk ;D

3 of usss (;

Collage ;D

3 birds on myhand (;

Puikwan,ginnette & meee ;D

Went to ginnette's house to dye hair ;x
Spammed ginvera oil on my hair .
Went i left house at 1030, dey told me it was postphoned to 2 .
I was like WHAAAATTTTT?!?!?!
Went out at 2 again );
Puikwan came along to help us dye our hair.
I bought cool rose while she bought some bleached rose.
We started ard 3pm and we put the solution on our hair.
Me and puikwan were fake hairdressers ;D
Watched totally spies while waiting for the 45 mins (;
After dat washed my hair and had a hard time getting the thing of my hair.
( was so afraid my scalp may start bleeding or somthing :/)

Washed my hair and i looked at the mirror, it started looking a lil reddish.
Den, when i came out walah! ,it was reddish copper brown.
Kinda like my colour, but my fringe doesnt have much colour );
Ginnette also had a reddish brown tint, but it was uneven as well ;D
We went to kfc to have dinner and the interchange to go home.
I wanna work wif dem again >< !!!
So fun to be wiff );

Zijian and charlton, if u 2 happen to be at this blog, pls note dat i want to work wif both of u 2 );
Fun colleagues dat are missed );