Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I m a Hyuga now (;

All know / or if u dont, the Hyuga Clan from naruto always have distinctive features

1. White eyes
Hyuga Hinata
2.Veins popping out when in combat mode.(Byakugan)

Hyuga Neji

&& Presenting to you, Hyuga Kazue LOL.

Okay i swear i differ GREATLY from the original hyugas.
They all are good at combat skills like hands on with like some simultaneous attacks.
  (i forgot the name sorry)
Bud Hyuga cannot have camwhorish ones meh? :/
Haha whatever lah, So i have transformed into a HYUGA! :D
U better dont irritate me or i byakugan u & hit ur vital chakra spots.

&& to show u the superficial camwhorish self 
Unedited somore kao pore so big + pimples ):
Oh well. 
I was a Hyuga for a day due to photoshop weee.
Okay im not dat superb at photoshop YET, so i cant make the veins looks like dey r popping out.
Bud i did spent like almost 20 layers in photoshop painstakingly drawing out the veins lor.
Somore i used the touchpad on my acer lappy cos i dont have a mouse hehe :D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

5 things i dont like about Human

Well Im a human myself too (duh) but since im so bored now, i will list down & explain 5 things i dont like about human.

Firstly, Human can be late. (more then 15 minutes late)

(Googled pic :D)
Okay I believe that at least everyone have been late once? (if nt good for u lah, keep it up). As such the partner waiting for u have to stone and wait for the time to pass while
u stroll/sashay ur way towards ur partner.

 I am quite a punctual person ( as in arrive on the dot) so i also have the tendency to be late. So i will always apologise if i have been late because, the poor fellow have been estimating your arrival for god knows how long. (bud since my clique ppl nt very punctual also, i dun reli apologise LOL).

Well the point is, the one waiting suffers the most, especially if he/shes alone ( IMO). If u have a mp3 good for u, u can spend ur time listening to songs. If not you can walk around the mall/wherever u are meeting that person.

But isnt it much better if the person reaches on time? Then everything delays & you also go back home later, :o

Secondly, Human (some) can be hypocrites. (gonna name it as hypo for short)

(Googled pic)

(see the similarities between hippos & hypos? BIG MOUTH, hehe )

The world aint as nice and pure as we deemed since we were borned. Theres grey spots here and there which surfaces now and then. Thus when such ppl like HYPOCRITES appears, sometimes you are lost as in what to do. I have faced many hypo-es in my life and I am a hypo too, ONLY TO HYPOCRITES.

Because I strongly believe in 'You Reap What You Sow' . So it aint nice if this big fat hypo(no pun intended) starts backstabbing u like some serial killer & u do nothing about it, after u found out rite?

I dont know about everyone bud some of my frens actually allow hypocrites to jus get it away, bud i will fight for my rights ( most of the time i guess, unless environment says otherwise) .

Thirdly, Human can have last minute changes.

A classic example is NOW , today this very moment . I was supposed to go to my fren's house to play & try hairstyles & other stuffs bud she jus realised dat she had something on, so.. CANCELED ): .
I noe this is unevitable right, since she had a meeting with other clients or whatevernots.

However, I / other ppl who had been 'pangseh-ed' , kena 'fly kite' or whatsoever, doesnt really feel good. The person may apologise, in which calms down the tension (if dey dont its worse).

However, you have to spare a thought for the other that initially had a meaningful afternoon which is being reduced to a rotting day FML. A good example is me , im rotting here so im writing all this LOL. I dont really blame her, bud its just irritating to have nothing to do SUDDENLY & i have got nobody to call out at this point of time AS

Its a Saturday & Everybody have got plans already :/ FML , oh well.
Thats why im blogging such meaningful stuffs LOL :x

Forthly, Humans(some) like to flaunt.

Like i think everybody likes to flaunt because I think its hard to finally find something you are good at and thus you subconsciously tell everyone about it (okay even i do that :x ).

This Flaunting can include Money,Grades,Looks,Atheletic abilities & whatever nots lah. I would just like to say that sometimes when i see good looking people/Well Built people / Rich people / Smart people, i have this inferior complex constantly building up. I also hate it when People who have those good qualities console you.

An example i have drawn to show u :o

E.g Ultra Sexbomb says : 'Dont worry you dont look hideous' to an average chick.
Or Smart guys to avg guys saying dont worry your results aint dat bad.
Or double eyelid ppl says to single eyelid ppl dat ur eyes dont look small.

Aiya u get my point? I feel that is SUPER contradicting lor, because firstly they dont have the rights to comment because they are like at the top of the spectrum already in which they have never been down there to average before.

Secondly,they still want to be nice(genuine or not) to console someone whos average. I find those words especially ear piercing, even if its genuine.
(I have got experience in the grade genre recently too) :/

P.s(lol i digress bud, I just dont like it when ppl with good qualities console ppl with not so good qualities)
P.sMaybe im supersensitive or jealous easily, bud whatever. :D

Lastly, Humans will always have conflicts.
(Googled pic)

I believe everybody sees conflicts EVERYWHERE, from primary school to maybe the working sector. Which upgrades the small bicker to politics.

I just dont understand why friction will always be formed when people work together. Probably because everyone is different and has different ideas & views bud wouldnt it be nice is there was no such things as conflict? Like no wars & court cases on legacy & whatever nots?

Conflicts can also result in leave a 'scar' which may or not be removed.
And theres bound to be someone hurt in a conflict ( always someone at the winning & losing  end right?)

Maybe its just me but, I think that the world would be nice if its simpler.

Anyway its not dat i dont like humans, you still earn money, get good food & clothes from them .
But i think that its balanced with the pros and cons.
Cant believe i sprouted such good nonsense(IMO) LOL

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Natsu Matsuri(Summer festival) 2010

The tickets i got from Jiaqing for Epsilon, wenjie & nette's frens :D

With prior lessons learnt from last year, we arrived at the place at ard 2pm when the event starts at 4pm.
Why? Because we have got advance tiks now & have a higher chance of getting yukata (:
Last yr we arrrive at 4pm and queued til 6pm and yukata ran out grrrr ):

It was 2pm onli and the queue outside the skl was all the way til the BUSTOP!
Us queuing :D
The beautiful school
Wenjie, Ginnette, Puikwan, Yvonne , Zifang & Me :D
We also met Tingyu & Katherine :D

After waiting for 2 hrs under the Sun, the gate was opened and we went in via advance tiks to get yukatas!
We have to collect some paper to get our number tag for yukata :o

I was 35 despite being quite fast. :/

Wenjie & I were both excited since this was our first time wearing yukata :o
&& when it was our turns, the wooden clogs ran out, );
Changed weee (:
Grp pic with the girls :D
I look so awkward posing wif 3 short girls tsktsk.
We met violet tooo weeee :D

As we were hungry we went to get some food (:
Chicken curry rice & fried pork rice ( pork was good!)
Mocha icecream very nice :D
In the making , looks nice eh?
We also met Young and Dangerous, Kelvin hahahaha :D

So we ventured out of the crowd into the open space.
Saw lots of cosplayers that we know bud they dont noe us (dat kind).
While walking around aimlessly, I spotted Sheng Yang! :D
&& i asked him to take a picture with usss (:
Hes a fabulous photographer!

Nette , Sheng Yang & Me :D
He also helped us to take this grp shot hehe :D
We also found Jiaqing, with candied apple ! Didnt get to eat 1, bud took a bite from his.

So we got onto the field as nette wanted to play some summer games.
Bud i wasnt really interested so me , puik and edmund started camwhoring on the field.
With lots of ppl looking noe? But we dont care LOL.
&& as puik was leaving at ard 6pm we took this opportunity to spamm nice pics :D

Ed, Puik , Me :D
Me & Ed (:
&& again
Ginnette took some shots with us (:
The giant and Puik.
The couple queueing up for summer games, with zifang & yvonne
The pikachu fan is cuteee (:
After the game they joined us :D
deliberately left ed behind & on the left theres the water balloon they won (:

Puik left us for her own activities.
So we went near the swimming pool to sit down & camwhore even more.
Initially was resting bud we started taking pics LOL.

I feel like a gooseberry
Took pictures with Jiaqing tooo! :D

&& there were songsplayed during the summer festival.
Some kpop songs too!  E.g SHINee - Lucifer
I find it awesome as korean songs being played in a japanese culture is just unexpected :D
As it was ard evening we were tired and went to return our yukata.
However, we could onli return dem at 8pm and it was 730 or so, so we took last 30mins to camwhore LOL

Edmund got corn & Wenjie got cotton candy :D
I got a ChocoBanana , jus banana drenched in chocolate. & not banana coated with chocolate ):

So disappointing lor, i was expecting coated chocolate like those anime kinds.
Like u noe how the chocolate fondue in hagendaz get stuck onto the ice cream yeah?
But it wasnt lor, somore the chocolate (supposingly warm) was cold & taste abit like milo :/

Back to Camwhore.
This is what anime ppl always do, slotting the fan on the obi?(if im not wrong)
My sexy hair
Last grp shot :3
&& nette was showing wenjie how to get a proper shot.

Nette & i did some funny shots like gangster / creepy shots.
So i took very long to photoshop this 1 (the best out of the lot)
Enjoy :D

Amazing right?

IMO its not creepy enuff i dono abt u guys opinion. LOL
U can compare the previous photo background and the current 1 :D
Anyway we got changed and took our last shot! (:
Byebye Seransai 2010! :D

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bubble Tea + Cats

Comes with Hellokitty labelled country packaging  :D
Trying out the drink ;o
Skeptical face *

I am a fan of milk tea && this aint no ordinary milk tea :o
It has this tint of caramel taste which blends REALLY WELL.
Argh i feel like drinking this again ><
It has got nice chewy pearls (not like bubblegums)
&& i ordered Pudding Milk tea so it has got

, okay lah i jus did this out of fun, im actually a fan of Cupwalker, since the chalet last april :D
Thanks Kymm for introducing me & the clique to it.
Its really gotten me into it + its onli like 1.90 SGD or the most 2.10SGD or something.
So much cheaper & better den koi (IMO)
Its of a medium size(as standard) too :D

Anyway initially my plan was go to tampines to make spectacles. (last day of bus concession)
 && since i was at tamp already, i took another bus to Pasir Ris to get cupwalker.
I was quite amazed with myself lor, i actually found a new way from Pasir Ris to the specs shop in tamp by taking a bus! (applause*)
 Anyway got to the specs shop and made this normal black full frame glasses.
I did that so i can wear for my exams (at dat point of time).
&& the infuriating part is no one could tell it was new lor, since i always wore the half frame black 1 :/
Walking out from the Specs shop i saw this cat!!!

Curious cat head pops as i was taking this shot sneakily :x

&& it daunted to me dat this cat was one of those cat that wasnt afraid of strangers
Cause i can take nice shots of it hahaha :D
Or maybe it wasnt afraid of me cos it knows dat im nice (: (tsktsktsk)
I went closer and took more shots!

I tink it is a poser lor hahah, bud so obedient lemi take fotos :D
Naturally a beauty :D

Pat its cute head , massaged it for a lil while before i left (:
After dat i walked to Duck's shop to find duck, bud she wasnt ard.
I took some pics of the other cats over dere.

Injured black, awakened brown
Stretching after its long slumber hahah
which means....
Okay i tink its jus me lah, cos i believe dat the cats love me LOL :x

Mr droppy head still sleeping (shant disturb)

Brown tabby on my laps :D
p.s if it looked like its suffocating or whatever, it isnt because i was massagin the neck area :D

&& i jus carried and hugged a stray like dat! :D
Well, i didnt really care abt hygiene or whatever nots , im still alive right? ;o

Mr Puss (:
Massage Massage :3

Anyway i tink i spent my last day of concessino fruitfully!
Buses i took on dat day!
8 buses i took on dat day hahahah.
Even if its 70 cents ea, its like 5.60 liao LOL
I tink if i took 8 buses everyday SBS will be suffering a loss hahah :x