Sunday, August 29, 2010

Recipe for Tasty Potato Salad :D


Potatoes x9 (cos for 9ppl luckily picked some small ones)(have peeled 2 so deres 7 here ;x)
300g of bacon, yes ownself panfry!
Eggs ( of own preference)

So I peeled all 9 potatoes painstakingly with a spoon (was #^$* hot lah ;x)
&& i put dem 8 of dem in a big plastic container to mix while i left 1 outside.
I started mashing dem up so dey wont be dat big and chunky when scooped.
U can add a lil of Mayo to make dem a lil smoother :D

Put in the bacons at different sides and stir dem WELL.
Quite tiring cos i have to reach the bottom as well.
Also add in the eggs at this stage ( i added 1 and a half, cos 3 a lil too much hahah ;x)
Mash them up like your enemies face.

So u realise that ur top is kinda ugly with bits and spews of bacon + yolk or white.
So, using the last potato, u make ur last layer , mash wif spoon and decorate it with the remaining bacon

U can use the remaining mayonaise , put it in a plastic bag , cut a small hole and squeeze it out to make some shapes or pattern. Jus like putting cream on the cake hehe :D
Pretty outcome right? :x (self praise haha ;D)

Den cover up with the lid and use scotchtape to keep the heat in.
&& if u run out of scotch tape like me on that day, use pretty tapes to tap dem in.
Anyway it was a coincidence as that day the theme was blue/yellow & i picked yellow haha (:

&& when u r all set, u dress up and get ready to meet ur frens for a picnic :D
That will be coming up at a later post, ((:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

National Day 2010

It was National Day but we went out to make moo's 21st bdae card hehe :D
We meaning shuhua,joshua,edmund,puikwan,ginnette,xueni & audrey.
Edmund was a pig again, LATE as usual pfft.
We wrote our own messages and had a cow on the cover page hehe :3

Collage of our messages
The cover page, credits to xueni
Myself :D
Collage of the other peeeps :D

We did the card making from like 1pm -5 or 6pm due to talking & eating haha :D
After dat i left as i had to meet kymm nu er for dinner.
It was national day you know, so we went to eat Kim Gary .
The rest of the clique was free (i suppose) so we 2 ate by ourselves. :D
&& waited for her dam long outside the fitting room, GIRLS tsktsk.

Borsh & Cream :D
Iced Milk Tea :D
Seeing double? Pork and chicken baked rice haha.
Seaweed fries, hmm i tink mac 1 is better LOL

&& the 2 of us waited patiently at VIVO CITY for the fireworks.
In the end we were kinda dumb lah,
because technically it was too far & the buildings were blocking it LOL.
So we jus sat around gossiped here & there and camwhored.
I tink camwhoring is in our genes lol ;x
It feels like a camwhoring post from this moment ;x

Guess who no.1?
Guess who no.2?
Failed to take myself bud i found it to look really artistic haha
Horror movie wannabe :3
Exclaims :3
My zhao pai pose, the point hahha :D
Contrast :D
Hehe :D
Horror movie wannabe 2 ;3

Yes yes we took polaroids tooooo :D
&& pose to cover my ugly fringe haha.

If u realised i flipped my fringe left and right and left and right hahah.
Cos my fringe keep having holes & i had to salvage it wif photoshop :3
We two camwhored real long and I also managed to do some surverys with her itouch haha .
OHOH, and while we were walking kymm asked me
"You want some candies?"
Then some angmoh guy said, "Yes gimmi some !"
Then he went on "Hey hey!"
Bud we totally ignored him , HAHAHHA .
Trying to flirt uh? LOL
At the end of the day she took train home and i took bus home.
OHH && yes i ate my peanut pancake on the way home , LOL :3

So sorry to say this but i didnt do anything patriotic lol!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice

My first complimentary ticket from nuffnang, yay :D
Was dam excited when i got the email dat i won comp tiks (:
Luckily nuffnang office was near lil india so i sort of figured my way out.
Nuffnang peeps are so young and the working environment looks cozy :3

Tiks tiks :D
Exchanged it for tiks at vivo.

So i watched Sorcerer's Apprentice with Clarisa since we both sua ku peeps haven watch haha.
The show was absolutely nice!(slow bud whatever) Like on par with Percy Jackson yeah?
I loved the effects + comical characters in the movie haha :D
We went to eat JIA XIANG JIA XIANG MIAN MIAN MIAN for dinner :o
2nd time eating dis :3

Jia xiang mian (:
Nice & soft dumpling :D
Someone obsessed with her new bb
yum yum

After that we got 1 dollar fruit juice from giant and buns from provence to slack at sky park.
Seriously the apple juice taste abit alcoholic lor :/
We slacked and chat :3

Provence :3
Custard + Chocolate + Kaya Buns! :D
Soft buns :D

When it was 11++pm we took 131 home ((:
&& i was glad to see these 2 things on my tableeeee :D

Clothes from gmarket!! :D
It came quite quickly like 4-5days after online purchase :o
Yay! But got 1 i dun like cos it was too thin :/
Oh well the rest was good thou, hehe :3

Friday, August 20, 2010

Popeyes & Tcc

Dat day Clarisa, Junjie & me went out to have Popeye Chicken for dinner.
We went  to Flier to have the chickens :3
There was roadblock here and there & it was hard to reach flier.
&& i kept singing the Justin Bieber Baby to irritate Clarisa, LOL.

Yes i love that chicken :D
Heinz is the best! (:
Yums yums (:
Chic- kinnnn :D

&& we went to walk around and i chanced upon Millenia walk!
Then i remembered that Aravind said that he was working that day so i went to surprise him.
He told us to come in and have a drink so we did :D
Since Clarisa was kinda interested in drinking it( she nvr tried the drinks b4) we all took our orders :D

Cool chandelier :D

I totally like the atmosphere there , quite classy .
He took us to sit at a big round table with soft comfy cushion seats :D
Although it was only the 3 of us hehe :x

Aravind , taking orders :3
&& Someone Slacking ;x
Clar & junjie
Me and clar :D
Clar & jayjay again

My order :3
Clar's order (couldnt take a good pic zz)
Junjie's order
Complimentary cookies from aravind, thanks! (:
I drink until like milkshake lidat :3
Im quite amazing right? Can drink water until look like some liquor LOL;x

Anyway we didnt get to catch fireworks that day ( yes our main motive i guess)
We slacked all the way in TCC until it was 11pm
We were kinda high, probably due to the coffee uh? LOL
&& in the end Aravind couldnt get free drinks for us bud got a 25% discount.
He felt bad and wanted to pay for us, bud clar and jay insisted on paying.
So they paid 10 dollars and Aravind settled the rest :x
We walked to esplanade, realised dat it was blocked and we took bus to bm and took the last 272 home 
Weeeee (: