Sunday, January 13, 2013

Xueni Bdae Celeb


The outing was on 7th April (oh god ) and it was Xue ni's bdae celebration~~
Feriae met up to celebrate Xue ni's bdae heheee
Tied a ponytail that day so it may show up on certain pictures hurhur.
I met up with Tingyu and Edmund before hand to wrap the present.
The present was a Huge Scrump (stitch's doll toy) and we had a hard time wrapping it.
In the end we had a huge candy wrap which was measly tapped . LOL 
We met at bugis junction as we wanted to go to Tom's Palette to slack before having our dinner.

I had a pleasant surprise ! 
We saw Michelle Chia as Barberella!!


It was 'EASTEL' DAY and there were some half naked guys standing around to promote galaxy tablet? 
Bet Tingyu was drooling when she saw them. Hahahhaha.
So sad i didnt have a chance to take picture with her, but oh well.
At least i took her picture (;

Then we reached Tom's Palette!

Ordered Apple pie and some mix of the spark candy (cant rmber the name)

The whole gang eating icecream hehehe

Innovative tables! 

Soon after Edmund recommended us to this place for steamboat dinner~~

Guess nobody knew i was taking this picture except Edmund lol

A 'candid picture' of myself

Really like the free flow of fried mantous with condensed milk that they gave (;

The damage done to our stomach that day hahaha.

Then we went on to the arcade to play some games....

Yea... Actually, we faked them LOL!
Edmund and I pretended to be playing all the 6 games above , we look really convincing right?
HAHAHHAA. We look super enthusiastic in posing with the props LOL.
Kudos to Puikwan for taking the photos for us hehehe.

Who is the blackest of them all? :x (edmund)

Ed,Puik,Audrey & Me

Then we passed the present to Xue ni!!

Group pic~~

In the Lift! hahaha

Soon after we headed back to our homes ~~
Really hoped Xue ni liked the present and enjoyed her day hehehe.


Update on NS

 I was not very happy of my posting, a Combat Security Trooper  because I wanted other postings.
'Well the grass is always greener on the other side. '
Hopefully I can get a 8-5 job after the training at the new camp.
On the bright side, i get to see some of my platoon and section mates && EVEN MY BUDDY HAHAH.
Coincidental or what?!  Hurhur, Will be venturing on a new environment tomorrow.
Hopefully all is well ><