Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Walk down Orchard 2010

An as part of Epsilon tradition, we walked down Orchard like last year.
There were lots of trees/pseudo trees that doesnt look as nice as in the pics.
Oh well, im a blogger not a professional photographer LOL.

But this time puikwan had night work schedule so she couldnt join us.
However, xueni came to join us this time.
So me, ginnette, edmund ,xueni, && moo & joshua went to take pics of xmas trees down orchard.

So enjoyyy.

We started from dhoby.

Long John's for Dinner before we set off.

Tree at dhoby :3

Hehe cute words at the bottom of the tree

Purple decos while walking down

More purple stuffs.

Orchard central Tree :3

Small tree outside UOB

HAHA, last year we took a pic of this tree outside uob also~!
Then the staffs were like staring at us, aiya  IDC.

More purple trees outside TGIF.

Camwhoreee :D

Edmund & Ginnette outside the standeee of TGIF.

Rocher :3

See the treee :D

IDK why but the middle looks as if it got punched or something.
&& for those innocent ppl who thought that they are real rochers, they are NOT.
Pls lah, confirm will melt & have ants 1 wad.

Now theres bluish decos :D ( We didnt get to the pink ones thou)

Outside, i cant remember where.

BUT i found this pic hilarious cos i wanna candid shot edmund den this angmoh ran out quickly.
But i still captured her backview LOL.

Sorry lah im not good with roads, cant remember where it is :x

Yes yes, this is PARAGON, hahah :D

Pic taken by ME!
I ownself review my pic also stun!

Can be potential photo for news like 
"Millions Flood Tangs for 99% Discounts Off Bedsheets."
Something lidat, LOOOL.
But the lights looked very pretty here (:

The lonely tree up on tangs

The famous ion tree.

So cool right, i captured a guy capturing the ion tree on the extreme bottom right.

&& the interior looks gorgeousss. :D

Wisma Treee :D

Ngee Ann city tree :D



Cute max rightttt? :D

It looks abit like macarons from far lor! ((;
So cute lah, whoever came up with this ought to get a pat on the back :D
Idk why last year so many purple trees.
Why, barnie in trend uh? :/

&& those people who constructed the trees really deserved to be recognised.
Imagine the dhoby tree so freaking tall(2-3 storeys high i guess).
How did they make it appear in 1 night?
When all of us were sleeping i guess.
&& its so dam tall i wonder how they transported it.

Somemore there were other trees that were placed on very high places, 
hard to put it up 
&& also hard to get it down, LOL.

Food for thought :They place it so high, what if the ornament drops, is it counted as killer litter?
LOL :x

Okay dats all! :D

Kazuewholikesbeartrees :D

Monday, January 24, 2011

Me unphotoshopped

Its been a long time since i'vee camwhoredd

But i swear i cover dark eye circles only!!
No liquifying!!!
I look super plastic here HAHAHHAHAHA.
IDK WHY. I can still look good with camera angle + good sunlight.
Pro right? HEHEHEH.
Credits to the blue lenses also hahaha :D
Im so lazzzzy to update my blog, cos theres so many assignment, imagine 1 after another!
++ lots of pictures to edit, my blog haven even reach christmas & new year yet, hahhaha :D
Oh welll .. :D


Monday, January 17, 2011

Xmas Party in Temasek Poly

(still had longer hair back den)

I went back to skl someday for a xmas party.
I was late because i went to collect the nuffnang cheque of 50bucks :D 

After collecting, I went to take bus to school.
Met up with aravind and we both took bus together from Boonkeng.
&& we arrived into the room with cute decos & lotsa goodd fooood (YUMS)

Display stuffs lol

Hammmm to eat :3

I love those frosty sprays on the window, gives the fake snow feel HAHAHA (:

The badly tormented turkey.

Pro hor, i late for 1-2hrs, they make the turkey look like strawberry icecream HAHAHAH ;x

Cute christmas treeee (:

Shepperd's Pie, I LIKEEE (:

Soft bread pudding, got more pic later on 

 Placed our presents underneath the treee (:
 Shepperd's pie & carbonara(i dun like peas)
 The girls eatinggg (:
 Soft bread pudding, i love this alot.!

Got pudding & some raisins.
I drenched it with some white thick sauce, some milky cinnamon sauce that taste awesome.
Didnt noe cinnamon tastes that good.
It really melts in ur mouth + the crunchy bits complements it!

Then our careperson suggested playing some games to spice up the day.
We played some bending fingers game (korean idols most played game), 
like fold a finger if whatever said applies to you.
&& we had a mini fashion show HAHAHHA .
We made those 'clothes' out of paper like material

The models :D 
Its obvious who won right? HAHAHHAH

Its yongsheng, donned in red bikini & pink skirt.
Design inspired by RIS-LOW LOOOOL.
Steven(extreme right) was really funny also, like some turban guy wif fake boobs LOL

Last but not least i got my christmas present from...


Thanks! :D

Signing off 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hair colour to choose from

I know I have jus cut my hair ( && i have yet to update my december posts hahah)
BUT my hair roots are growing and u know how ugly sometimes it can be?
Idk! I feel paranoid when someone stares at my hair too much.
I know its probably shinier & silkier looking now, bud when they look for more than 5 seconds, i think they could be disturbed by the black roots.

Cos the front is okay, but the back is where the roots lie. :/
I bet i could have traumatised people seating at the backrow of the lecture halls, LOL

My haircolour is orangey-copper-reddish-brown.

Its so mixed i cant find a real colour for it.
&& sometimes it can look bright under the sun, :/
YES, Im Asian, && YES, i have black hair.
So here comes the choices what hair colour should i go for? :/
&& CNY is here, i want a new hair colour!!! (:

I will diy again , cause cheaper mah, unless someone wanna sponsor me (hinthints*)
Im going for haircolours here, pls dont go and think about the hairstyle they have HAHAHA.

P.S I would be glad if anyone reading this could  give their honest opinion (:


I think it is awesome but my hair wont be this glowy colour. 
Makes me feel like cutting bangs also HAHAHAHHA.
And it is of an ashy colour, so it fades easily i think.

2. Hyoseung Grey!

Another grey base 1, but this is more extremeeee, the bleach in kind i guess.
But the colour looks aweeesome ! :D

3. Gyuri Blonde!

I think i have a high chance of doing this, although i dont think we will have the same colour.
I want to go blonde-ish :D , at least for once in my life. :/

4. Kevin Platinum Blonde

Another kind of blonde, bud with lesser yellow due to usage of toner.
Awesomeeee colour leh, can attract ALOT of attention hahaha :x

5. Park Bom RED

Another colour i wanted to try, CNY coming anyway in conjunction ma, HAHHAHA
As if the house decorations not red enough LOOOL!
But red fades like mad && becomes orangey :/

6. MengJia Pink

Okay i was just joking, i just love her platinum pinkish hair :3

&& i find it funny cos i added the kpopstars names in the colour to achieve that 'Mahogany brown' feel.
Like its from a source of the nature or something, more specific  HAHHAHA.
Okay as u all may have noticed, they ALL are kpop stars
SO WHAT?!, they have got the best kind of hair colours to refer to OKAYY ! (:
Although my hair's condition wont be as good as their after i've dyed it, i will try my best to keep it smooth & silky :D

&& i wont be keeping the hair colour for very long i guess.
U know roots grow again and the vicious cycle of dying again, ugh fml. 
I will go back to black, like ADAM LAMBERT BLACK(not kpop star happy?) for awhile laterrrr
Until...... i feel sick of it LOL. 

Monday, January 03, 2011

What i did for halloween

Me , Ginnette & Tingyu did a Vocaloid halloween photoshoot on 31st October 2010 :D
Yes its halloween && we did this trick or treat photoshoot.
Well i was the victim, so i need not be dressed up with costume .
I jus need to be in character! :D

Which is Kaito! 
Still not used to having hair shorter den my usual ugh, fat face :/

Special thanx to Jiaqing @FiamaArin , Shengyang @silverbtf  && 
Mr Q moh @SakurazakiNaoki && Kenji .

Camwhored at ginnette's house

Weird expressions haha

Me & T.y

Forgotten to take with ginnette :/ (p.s)
Anyway we cabbed down to clarkquay to meet the photogs (:
Then we went to fort canning park for photoshoot.
We also waited til the sun was down & took some night shots :D

So presenting u , the story board!

Interested To see more pics ??