Thursday, April 30, 2009

Remia's mini celebration

Puikwan,Remia,Me ,Reawen & Ginnette (left to right)

Her present ;D

The pig and i ;D

Reawen ,Remia and ginnette ;D

Posers (;

My IBC rootbeer (not beer hor -.- )

Snapple lemonade (;
The array of finger-licking fooooood (;

Cleared mess ;D

Today was a laugh it all day.
Sanguines Penguins had a meeting at usual place for jokes.
Penguin (Aravind,Maryann,Rasyidah,Shen,Suba and me )
Talked alot of jokes and we had corey as a newcomer (;
Laughed til i had stitches in my stomach ;D

After skl all p.s me and i went home alone ;/
Met rachel the O.L at the bustop.
Got to greatworld dam early, even though i went to get redman wafflemix.
Walked ard and look thru 2mlo's schedule.
Yay, gonna work wif ppl i like 2mlo wooo (;

Waited for all of them to come down and yes puikwan NI SHI ZHU.
Ginnette being the latest ZHU came at 7.30 );
Went to kenny roger's to eat.
Sang a birthday song to remiaa (;
Its sad to know shes leaving on wed at 10am bud i got skl ARGH.
Took a long time to decide , bud settled wif family feast and quarts meal.
Gave remia the present, had some gossips abt pearl ;D

Went to g.v had a fun chat wif edmund and ganeshh (;
I reli wanna work wif edmund & huihui siaaaaaa );
After dinner, went to bustop to wait for bus.
Remia sent us off , tok alot on the bus (;

B4 i forgot.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Greatness ;D

Laptop holder (;



Went to watch 17 again wif myself );
Puikwan the pig went to watch friday 13th wif Boifren ;o
Zac efron got slapped horribly.
Pity him sia ;D
Den after show zapped homework at workplace ;3
Rushed to the 2nd show shinjuku incident :D
Watched it wif puikwan and found the actor's hair like 1 of the colleague (Q mohh) ;D
Jackie chan died in the movie.
LOL i found the choppin of hands part rather funny lah, den gross.
Jackie chan float away in the sewage oozing tomato sauce lol.
OH YAH dam pro sia the translation.
Normal chinese becomes 'putong hua'.

"Do you speak putonghua? "

Went to katong wif prawn and 2ndsis.
Ate at pizza hut cos i got 2 free panpizzas (;
Dapao-ed the viva 1 home and played com games ;D

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Katong cats (;

Lovely chocolateeee (;

White horseee :D

Gingerrr :D !!

Scratchiee (;

Fat butter ;o

White white ((;

Pepsii :D

3 musketeers (;

Lovely stripesss, Mickey (;

Close up of bobo (;

Mr centre parting ;o

Ultra man laneeee (;

Eye liner cat Marbieeee (;

Had the first day of skl.
It was FUN FUNFUN (;
First was 'A.P.E.L' class read some slides and answered some qns.
1 hour passed dam quikly lah ;o
Den had 3 hours of break went to tampines mall to eat.
Was stuck at tampines one for close to 45 mins because we couldnt decide wad to eat.
After lunch, went back to skl, waited at the classroom outside.
Had a personality test on ourself and im a sanquinee :D
Woo, and 5 others of my classmates were sanquines oso (;
Theres a field trip to biopolis on tues. wooohu!!

Went back home and clar called!
We sat down at block 27 and had a long chat.
Was from i tink 6-8? ;D
Chat abt frens in poly, random stuffs and jokes.
Sigh i jus dont understand why things are like dat.

Trip to biopolis, 4 hours of roting ;D
Got seperated from the class (boooooo ): )
Laughed hard at scientist wif accent.
"Fainaleh stahge ofa reeelnal chancerh (Final stage of a renal
The fire alarm went off, WOOO we went.
Wasted half an hour walking down the stairs and assembling at some random place.
Dat was the best field trip i ever had in t.p( cos its the onli first 1 ;D)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Duck's 15th birthday

The happy family ;D

Mastermind muahaha ;D
Smiles ;D

Medium rare (great photography by urs truely :D)

Sirloin ;D

Beef ;D

My double up chickens ;D

Chargrilled chicken ;D
Onion ringssss (;
Rocky dessert wif caramel wooo (;

Ben & jerry's vanilla toppings for souffle

The birthday girl ;o

The super awesome souffle topped wif ben and jerry's vanilla & yamyam stick ;D
( made by urs truely)

Hadd dinner wif prawn,duck,springroll and 2nd sis at Aston.
Food was good and cheap.
Loved the 2 side dishes.
Medium rare was really bloody ;/
Had a satisfying meal and went for desserts nearby.
It was peanut icecream topped wif nuts and caramel.
Rocks socks (;
Went home and played facebook games.
Went off secretly to make souffle wif prawn.
Topped it wif icecream from ben & jerry and yamyam stick.
Couldnt have a proper present and cake due to gramps' cough*
Den had long camwhore sessions.
Couldnt buy anything for cousion bud hope she enjoyed her day.

Happy birthday Yizhen aka Duckieee ;D

Friday, April 17, 2009

Last day of orientation

Shagged self );

Green is AS (; AS ALL THE WAY ;D

The regatta ;D

WOW, last day of orientation, had 12 hours of cheers -.- ( you have ur biz parkk..)
In anycase, we lost in dragonboat(horribly) but at least we won the best cheer award, first smre
Bud if we cheered for 12 hours and not win, whos gonna? ;/
Orientation leaders were being bossy askin us to SQUEEZE and SQUEEZE.
Really hate the part when dey sprayed water guns, its like on purpose lor -.-
Had the longest debriefing i ever experienced -.-
Went home at 8.15 wif my matric card and timetable woo (;

Green rocks socks ;D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Orientation first 2 days

Applied science tee (;

Bio for biotechnology.

First day of orientation played many fun games and made frens.
Played games like 'Scrub the deck' Which is to score goals by pushing soap over the goalpost.
And every player must be on their knees and hands on the slippery, wet mat.
Scored 2 goals ;D
Played the usual chair game to a finshing point game.
Almost falled off many times, bud still managed to stabilise myself.
Played 'caterpillar' where u tie ur legs to ur frens, and walk to a finshing point.
Dam, the string was dam painful );
There were many ice breaker games like chop chili,go back jump and whacko.
Overall first day was quite okay.

Second day was very boring at the start.
Wif the cheers to learn, singin for about 3 hours -.-
However things got better when we started to learn sign language, go temasek go! ;D
Den, had mass dance after dinner.
Night activities commenced at 10pm and first station was flour.
There were 2 games, blow the ping pong out of the box 1 and picking up the sweets wif mouth1.
Luckily i was placed in the sweets 1 , those who went to pinpong had LITERALLY white hair after dat.
But the flour taste gross, i had some mouthfuls of floor );
Played hit the totem game.
Every tribe had a giant lolipop wrapped wif newspaper and were given waterbags.
We were supposed to hit other lolipops and block at the same time.
I accidentally hit some malay girl's face wif a yellow tudong.
I felt bad bud i kept laughing ;D.
After the water game, i had no more floor on my shirt, dam clean lah.
After water game played 'haunted house'.
Dam dark in the lecture theatre, had to crawl somore.

After dat played scissors ,paper stones wif A9F2.
Loser have to get poured by water .
I won the first guy 3/3 , splashed water relentlessly on him ;3 ( dats is how u play game wad)
I won the second girl 3/3 splashed a little gently.
I was damn happy cos i was dry, and won 6/6!
The game was over bud the guys were determined to make me lose );
Played wif this tall guy at F2, dam scary lah.
I won him 1/3 nia ); overall 7/9 okay lah ;D
Scissors paper stones leh, how can win 9/9 de );

Last station was pour the cup's water into the 1.5 litre bottles.
Both cups & bottles got HOLES. ;/
Overall my team won (;
My team won quite alot of games, oh yah our tribe's name is DAKOTA (;
Im starting to bond pretty well wif my class.
Had all the guy's contacts already, bud still dono 1 of the indian girl's name.
Im starting to like my class, F4 all the way ;D
Friday's the regatta, where all Schools (eg AS,IT,Design) competes.
Lets hope we(AS) win this time (;
p.s AS= Applied science (;

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tampines cats

Chocolateeee the sweetest cat in my life ;D
Mr handsome dats bit prone ;o(p.s his name is reli handsome)

Mr puss (;

Da mao dat licks himself til hes brown ;o

Darling chocolate (;

An incident at subway made me hate the greatworld subway.
Me and prawn was planning to have dinner and decided to eat at subway instead.
Was asking the staff if we could jus upsize the bread and not the drinks.
He said it would be $4.00 to upsize everything.
Who in the right mind would pay $10 for a loaf of bread?
So we decided to order 6 inch, POINTED at the promotion.
He took footlong and added meat,bacon ,cheese for prawn and baked it.
Den prawn tot he would give us because dey cant throw it.
So, we thought we ' Zhuan dao le'.
However, he cut the bread into half when prawn told him she wanted 6 inch onli.
He gave a black face.
We went to the corner-est of the small shop to eat and suddenly we heard things like.
??:No money dont eat lah.
??:Footlong become six inch.
??: No money go home eat EGGS LAH
Den we knew he was toking about us.
?? continued.
??: Looks so old, pair up wif someone so

?? scolds vulgar and laughs.

& we knew who the ?? was it was CATH from great world city subway.
Becas he has a freaking high pitched voice like someone who was constipating.
With such an outstanding voice, i couldnt go wrong.
We were furious and we wrote a complaint letter.
CATH was walking ard and he saw us at the corner staring at him.
His face was pale like SHIT* (on purpose) because he didnt noe we were behind ALL ALONG.
As me and prawn are were CAREFUL eaters, we ACCIDENTALLY strewn lettuce on the floor.
Followed by some mayo and cookie crumbs, it wasnt intentional, REALLY ! ;o
Den prawn accidentally spilled her orange f&n onto the tissues.
& i unknwingly spilled half cup of lemonbarley on the floor, awww i wanted to drink de );
It was cath dat had to clear the mess. Poor thing..
Stared at the other service crew before leaving, felt good (;
Ate mee soto at home, and we ate EGGS, like he said ;D
Confirm will shoot him back when i go great world again.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Back from chalet ;D

Tortoise in cardigan ;D
Kymm and clar ;D

Kymm and tionglin ;D

Bicycles ;3

Kymm and weiling ;D

Kymm and pearlynn ;o

stomped ;x

Hanqi's competition ;)

Im back from chalet ppl!! ;3
Sorry for the late post.

First day, went to coldstorage/fairprice bought crackers,drinks,sweets lunch.
After dat had pizza for dinner, after pin pin pan pan ;3
Went to cycle from pasir ris park to changi park .
Passed changi village and saw lots of transex* dam gross lah.
Got 1 of dem approached me duno becos i look mature or i was laggin behind.
He/she said dat my pedal was loose and i pedalled DAMN fast to the group mortified.
Its dam gross lor!! Men in woman's body.
Their voice was an ownage yuke!
Never want to go backto changi village again.
Sped back to chalet and had a hard time overcoming the tough slope.
Rode 14-18km in total );
Had muscle pulls when i reached 'home' );
Played lots of cheat and texas poker after dat til ard 6am.
Couldnt make it already so i went upstairs to sleep on the floor.
Kao, the floor was not like normal floor lor, it was DAMN hard reli DAMMMN hard ! );
Shared a tiny portion of the blanket wif a SLEEPING BAG OMG.
I tot kymm was cuddling under the blanket.
I flipped the blanket and i saw a sleeping bag.

Second day, which was at 10am ;3 woke up and ate breakfast .
Went to food court to buy BAN MIAN.
After dat went back home to play series of mahjong wif viwawa accent ;D
Went back e-hub to buy dinner and i bought MEESUA, dun reli like );
Den bought CUP-NOODLES , to prepare for supper.
Omg den i realised i whole day eat noodles YUKE!
Luckily didnt eat supper ;D
Had VERY exciting games on the second night.
Played uglypoker, indian poker, animal farm concentration & 10 cent coins (my fav)
Hate indian poker becos the loser have to do a forfeit which is to drink something i concocted ;3
Its greentea+coke+icelemontea+sprite+waterchestnut+ cornflakes.
Waterchestnut and cornflakes were added later and it tasted VVVV GROSS );
Because the conflakes became soggy + waterchestnut and tasted somehow like orange!!
1 round of indian poker was like this.

I say dat the biggest card would drink gross drink.
Weiling : Whats the biggest card?
All takes card and put on forehead.
Me: Spade Ace.
All laughed, i saw kymm had a Club Ace so i followed
ME:1,2,3 all put down cards.
den i realised dey were laughing at me jus now );

Den weiling asked for the smallest card and i got that card, LIKE AGAIN ;o!
After all dat laughin played daidi wif mahjong chips.
K.o-ed at ard 5am cos i need to go visit hanqi's competition the nxt day.
Third day woke up packed up and took mrt.
Stopped at kallang and took bus to katong to put my BARRANGS and went to CCHSM
After dat hanqi and chu quan had competition.
Chu quan had a bit of problem and messed up the routine.
She got the lowest because she included alot of actions so points were deducted drastically.
Bud hanqi got 8.06 great improvement bro!!
CCHSM reli got cheap food and drinks! ;D

Whoa dam long post ;D