Monday, November 29, 2010

October babies

Alright heres the truth if u people hasnt noticed.
I was on hair extensions for quite some time, 3-4 months?
&& i finally cut away the extensions & some people still thought i was on extensions.
OH pleaseeeee, pls compare my this blog post with my Mr Potato post okay?
&& if u still see no difference, i tink u are really cockeye :/

Current hair length (:

Well its not that bad wad!
Kinda long ,which makes ppl think that its extensions!

I feel like my hair length is similar to Jiyoon from 4 minute on the right (:

Back to celebration. We went to celebrate kymm & jay's birthday on deepavali.
We went to waraku to eat since that was the only place with space :D
I went to meet them after my work (:

Tionglin & weiling looks happy!

Weiling & Weiyi

Kymm & me (:


Appetiser salad
Some seafood miso pasta
Weiling's carbonara with oyster
My carbonara with bigger egg (than weiling's , idk why haha)
Eel pasta 

Food was good as usual.
OMG i jus realised we almost ate the same kind of food from my previous waraku visit lol.
U can see it here LOL.

Awesome cute brownie cake from P.OSH

October babies (:

YY wont jealous 1 hahah.

In the midst of quarelling? :3

Present Presentation LOL.

Kymm & Clar
Clar & Jay

Her vintage card (:

Candid couple :x

Someone looks happy with the jelly beans!

We finshed our yummy brownie & walked around Clark Quay.
We even got passerbys to help us take grp photo & the passerbys were dam enthu!

Their enthusiasm influenced tionglin too!

We sat at the bridge to slack for awhile before Jay sent YY home.
The rest of us walked to Macs to play.


Its like all the teenagers are playing this lor,hahah.

Big freaky face to show off my contacts & specs face.

&& if u do feel that i look good with specs, its because im wearing contacts!
Without those contacts my eyes feel naked cos they are small & petite, like sesame seeds.
OKAY abit exaggerating but still small!
I think if im bored enough i can do like before & after pics of my eye, similar to how blogshop sell the contacts LOL.

Anyway, hope u 2 october babies enjoyed ur birthday :D  


Monday, November 22, 2010

Pokemon Photoshoot.

I was Cosplaying as Roselia Gijinka.
I must admit i did some changes in wig length & Shirt design

Me, ginnette & tingyu met at ard 8-9am at Chinese Garden to do our makeup .
I took kinda long to reach there cos i ghey kiang (act smart) & took bus there instead );
In the end i walked from 1 end to the other argh. :/

So Heres me, Half cos-ed LOL

Fully cos-ed (:

Roses are Red.
Roses are Blue, too LOL.
I curled extra fringe over the horns to cover the flaws :3

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tionglin's birthday

I was trying to show off my wrist accessory but failed haha.
Anyway it was our clique's planned steamboat + stayover at weiling house day.
So we went to Shengsiong to buy our necessary food item & went to Weiling's House.

Good Food :D
Very blur shot but from left-right weiling, tionglin & jayjay (clarisa at the back LOL)

THe back of hardworking ppl.

I need to confess that me & kymm were really huaping-es(bimbos) that didnt do much.
Alot of credit to clarisa & weiyi for preparing the food. (: Thanks guys!*

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Random updates

I tried getting some samples from the sample stores!
They give u some small packs to try before u decide whether to buy them er not.
The Bad thing is that its not totally free, u have to pay for postage.

3 dollars for this? I tink its pretty much worth it hahha.

The 'dermalogical clean start hit the spot' pack really prevented my pimple from growing!
I had 1 pimple u noe those kind that wants to come out soon, appearing on surface & abit red liao.
I applied that for 2-3 days, i didnt use all at once and kept it properly, & the spot was gone!

Super happy hahah :D
Wanted clear skin for my cosplay photoshoot & i had it thanks to them :D

I prefered the Clinelle toner then the MF essential skin as it absorbs super quickly!
Clinelle toner smells better too, MF smell like ginseng & herby ( LOL) 


After waiting for dam long, they finally came :D

Can  u guess what they r? This is a blurred shot look below for better shot.

This is the black flower series!

Weeee i wonder how it will look like on my eyes, shall open it during CNY next yr :D

&& a teaser picture for u all .
For those who have my facebook u should have seen some pics of the pokemon photshoot alrdy :D
This is a camwhore shot with me & t.y



My green horns turned out to look a bit NEKO-ish here LOL!

Freak, later ppl say i cosplay green chobits FML.
LOL , jk!
I used some extra wig hair to cover the cones on the bottom & i look like i got 2 buns haha.
Credits to ginnette's cam because it made me look like a baby!
Seriously! Her cam dam amazing, got another pic look like baby 1 next time show u all.
Anyway my bloghits like dropped DRASTICALLY liao, i tink i ought to do something.

Any suggestion? :/

Monday, November 01, 2010

Ginnette's 22nd Birthday

That day was a sunday where we planned to have ginnette's celebration at joshua's house for bbq.
But the bbq was at night so me, ginnette, tingyu & jasmine went to bugis to play jubeat :D
Their fren Aaron came also
I was damned stupid lor, i slot in my E amusement pass wrongly and played the game without a name & acc ):
Anway the bbq theme was checkered so nette & i was dressed in checkered.

Bought from Gmarket, it looks gross but it turned out well on me ;o

Camwhored with jasmine :D

Tingyu was in checkered too!

In the end she went to the bbq with us, last minute changes haha.
Since she was in the theme as well (:

Last shot with tingyu & jasmine

We took Mrt & Lrt to Yio chu kang & to somewhere ( i dont rmber) LOL.
Pls pardon me for being sua ku but, 
I seriously thought that Lrt & Mrt are 2 different sites at managed by 2 different building or so.
Bud i was wrong! Okay for those ppl sneering at me by now, pls pardon my bimboness :/

We walked to Joshua's Condo and we prepared food.
Goin into the condo also nid sign in name 1 lor, so strict like school lidat!

Us and the very hardworking Audrey (applauds for her (: )

Mushroom cleaners

We took many shots like XI, NU, AI, LE kinds & very random ones.
Mostly on facebook already haha, &  im just posting some more unique ones.
I can point middle finger with no evil/disturbing feel as if a finger twist haha, credits to ginnette!

Mario 1 up jump shot! haha (credits to joshua)


Chicken wings & chicken thighs

I was seriously touched lor, not my birthday lah , but.
Who would buy chicken thighs for bbq 1
My first time to be exact, juicy & nice somore!
Big Thank you to those people who went to the BBQ shopping (:

Candid ahsie :x
A stunned Tingyu

PLENTY of hotdogs, i swear haha
Me & ty (:
Look at the food, we couldnt finsh dem ):
At least 2 kg of prawns i swear 
Chicken/Pork i cant make up my mind

&& we surprised the birthday girl, well the picture seems so :3
(all candid pics taken by me hehe, )

Didnt expect urself to look surprised? haha

Cake & gift (:

Wishing :D
Cake murderer
Cuts (:

Delicious cake (forgotten name, has like chocolate crisps balls)



Me with chui hair & face, i dun dare put bigbig );

A replacement 1 for ty cos i was taking picture of the cake instead of her ;x

Present timeee~ !

Opening the present happily !

Crushing the wrappings ;o

Some hanger thing on the wall found in the box!

Nahh, the real pink & black tripod for the birthday girl :D

Hope u enjoyed ur day Ginnette (:

Very belated 22nd birthday to you :3

Signing off