Thursday, November 29, 2007


todae, i went to take results widd jay jay :D
okie he hadd his father to fetch him of cuz i later den him lah -.-
so glad we werent retainedd .

de person spelled my name as CHUAN shun an.
i told him i was terribly pissed off andd i cancelled de N -.-
after dat gort training.

training was sweaty.
i hate de way my body sweats.
too much, i guess i jus have high metabolism?
its awful to have my hair clumped into a pile - - "
was kinda pissed off by someone todae.
it wasnt its fault budd some of its actions jus pisses me off.
being damm sensitive 2dae (:

Now de emo mi -.-
things always never ended de way i wanted.
cameras would never end up in my hand.
im so pissedd of widd her.
Dey can take the tv ,com , mp3 WADEVA.
im jus too despo for a nice camera.
Shes kind to mi onli when she needs my help.
after dat she jus bosses mi ard.
i m kinda flared up by her atitude.
she may be older den mi and i ought to give her respect?
and deres another problem.
chalets. i realli love chalets!
BUD my parents wouldnt allow.
WHY? cuz dey are afraid dat ppl get pregnant and stuffs.
WHY? cuz dey are afraid i get beaten up and killed.
dey say dat dey have given mi alot of freedom. yes dey did.
BUD i have nvr gone to a single chalet for at least 5 fckin yrs.
now my fren's birthdae bbq chalet is also ruined.
its not as if i dun wanna go.
im not allowed to ):

AND DANG im going to my cousion's chalet for de nxt 5 days till tues.
wont be bloggin cya guys.
thanx for listening to my crappy frustration

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

another POST :D( sorry abt photo quality )

the darkness wouldnt be dark widd u (:

LIL BLUE RIDING HOOD... doesn dis jus makes u laugh? :D

a few more people acting farnie :D

mai HIMe sign! in de hall o.o

dey gave me knowledge,so i gave dem a potrait (: (ZHOU and GOH)

full metal alchem... i dun watch aniwae :p

yes! i played widd it durin a rainy dae :D
now, deres lots of open house stuff and rehearsals.
im going CLAYZI :/
hardly have muchh time to plae (:
ok heres a dedication to somebodi :o

To: kris aka krystal aka MEI

Heres ur dedication :D
it had always been fun fidlin widd ur ..HAIR (:
keep twirlin and twirlin ..
den its also damm farnie to see u smack tionglin widd a loud PIACK*
i noe sometimes i made u angry, i apologise ):
try grow taller kae? :x
stop readin de book 'tis is not a love story'? LOL :D
whoa cL forr G.G .. good luck in ur nxt year erm... pNA or competitions??
yea hope u get to de jc/poly u wann :D
hope nxt yr wont tio AH JI LI NA also ):
study hardd,nxt yr last hurdle liaos.
if lucky, sit near u nxt yr :D
den can tok crap all dae long (:
so, were u formed from small krystals? :X
Nice tu have met u (:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

life during holis :D

ROAR! :D she yawned while i took a shot

sleepyhead (:

one word to describe u (: BEAUTY

yong hwee (:

jun jie :D
yea si hao u wanna protest?? (:
desserts at park ROYALe
the marshmellows and strawberrys dipped in the chocolate fountain :D
whole table of desserts :D (budd dey didnt taste nice ):)

wooo my cables's okae now :D
now life in extended curriculum is funn!!
have got to thank jun jie and jee wang and ZHU LIN
to accompany mi to dawson to eat recess (:
-.- yea andd we sat back to skl in cab on mon jus becuz of the heavy rain zzzz..
okae now left 2 daes :D as todae is wednesdae.
and dere wouldnt be ss 2mlo as no skl 2mlo !!
dunch u tink dat is kool?
fridae would be fun widd mr GOHSS >.<
hope he spells excellent correctly instead of EXCELLENCES :/
gonna cele cousion (harmee) birthdae soon.
wouldnt tell her wadd i gonna get :D
ahh got cca 2mlo ):
rehearsal of open house on 20th nov tues 9.30-xx.xx ? ):
cca at 20thnov 2-5. o.o
open house on 24th nov ... ):<
sounds like some serious stuff :D
gonna practise my spear 2mlo .
hopefully wont drop :/

GInger's a babe dunch u tink so? :D

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

LIFE.. currently =/


nini (:

more of cute nini :D

fat kitti acting cute =/

my cuzzie's shoes.. hope he doesnt mind cuz i didnt ask him ):

my finger -.- ouch *

kawaii ginger (:

ginger: i dun wan u to shoot my face!!

ginger: i said NO! ):<

ginger: okae half my face can? :D
life wasnt as easy as ABC -.-
hadd extended curriculum and worse some remedials ..
hadd wushu todae :D
took it as a stress reliever (:
the HILARIOUS photo was taken as the coach wantd to test habibah's phone functions
AND.. TAHDAHH we took his pic and bluetoothedd all over :x
todae's training wasnt intense..
the coach and his wife hadd a lil argument :/
learnt abit more on the spear (:
hehe gettin a lil interest in it ! thanx to eugene.
white specs never came so damm hapi :D
now 7 days more to freedom (:
2mlo's mama b'dae happy early birthdae to her :D
Such a beautiful disaster .