Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dates of fear

7/10 - Bio practical
16/10 - Sci practical

20/10-30/10 - O's >:/
3/11-13/11 - S.S and mcq-es >:D

SO near yet so far :/
I hadd broken rules i set down many times.
BUD i wont be breaking the anime rule again.
CUZ i finshed watching 102 episodes le :D
HOWEVER, it is a ongoing anime
so after my O's more episodes will be uploaded.
Should be anticipating the animes after o's :D

Wish me luck ppl (:
wont up updating much on blog sorry );

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Joke of the DAY

Like OMG, shou ji.
Bud the ji write wrong lah.
Now it sounds like handchicken. LOL!
If i were to have an advertisement to be publicised, i beta check it wif other ppl.
Wont wanna afford to make stupid mistakes lidat :D
See you ppl (:

ginger strikes back again:D

All hail BOSS ginger wif her wtf pose :D

Hiding in armpits :o

Damsel in distress :D

America's nxt top feline :D

Hard to take foto wid her, move too much.
Sorry if its too dark :D

Ginger is finally back after roaming for like 987654321 seconds :/
Nahh , jus dat i didnt have chance to visit her at my cuzzie house.
She likes to go off and come back as she wishes.
A cool and spicy attitude cat :D
After seeing ginger, i feel happier , nxt time gonnna take more pics of her :D

Nekos (:

Cute coco :D

Curious lanee :D

Bored cats :/

lane and scary kitty :o

White white meditating :D

nuthing much to say jus look at those cute cats :D

Friday, September 19, 2008

Results pt 1

Bio - B3
Ama - B3
Comb sci - B3

Kinda disappointed wif myself.
I thought i could get A1/A2 for bio and ama, bud i couldnt.
Well beta luck nxt time (:
Feeling emo for awhile, budd i see more ppl in a worse state den mie.
No, im not 'suaning ppl' lah.
Its jus dat i shouldnt feel bad abt grades, instead i should motivate myself to do beta.
Mdm yeo said something like mistakes and lesson learnt.
It was kinda motivational for me, inspiring me to do beta (:
Gonna work my ass off from nxt week onwards.
May be starting on night study :D


-Watching animes
-Procrastinating/ Giving excuses
-Playing com games
-Watching tv after 10.30 (i need the noose lah :D)
-Drinking gasy drinks and Eating fastfood (may be exceptions :/)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Results WERENT back );
Cuz english had to go for moderation.
And chem, Mr wan wanna kip us in suspense till fridae :/
And deres no chem on friday -.-
Got some poly-es and Jc peeps came to have a speech.
Seriously boring, mite as well ask us to walk ard and tok to de person,
INSTEAD of dem toking to us.
Paper bullets -.-

At least better den ytd the NOOSE the Kor kak.(aka 50 cents in hokkien)
He KENA SHOT 11 TIMES, by paper bullet.
Seriously, got hit by alot of things todae, to the extent of being fedup -.-
Bye ppl and stop aiming mi ):

Peekcher of the day (:

Who needs garfield when i have kitty?
This white lump of fat slumping on the wall is simply hugable :D
Cats are just ♥♥
Prelims are over , results are comin back 2mlo.
Damn excited lahh (:

Another favourite (:

Blur white white face :D

Wacha looking at? (;

Cute fluffy cat :D

Bud he sleeps like this, without a head :o!

White white is his name :o
Hes damn cute bud PUGNACIOUS >:D
I like him cuz hes dam adorable and he looks like a siamese.
Probably a mixed breed :o
His eyes looks like marbles lahh (:
Translucent and clear blue o.o
Bud he sleep until dam cute uhh :D


Me and cool lamp! :D

Swollen fingers! Nahh i jus dipped dem into wax ;/

See the cat,lane , looking at the lantern? :o

me wishing for miracles :D

Lovely candles heart :D

Hello shitty kitty lantern :D

Decorated wif lanterns (:

Cute and curious lane :o

'Stairways to heaven' :D

Ciaooosu !

Mid autumn fes was quite a bomb (:
Hadd bbq at cousion's house, ate quite alot (grown fatter too :/)
Prawn had to go home early, so we had the marshmellow bbq-ed earlier (:
After she went home me duck and chunhui took out lanterns to play wif ;D
How is the lantern festival possible wifout lanterns and scalds? -.-
I got scalded while replacing the candle for 1 lantern.
Didnt realise dat the lantern's metal tip was hot :/
Yea i dipped my fingers into hot wax dat causes the swollen fingers.
It was fun but very hot >:D

Took lanterns and walked the dog wif duck and chunhui.
People in car drove past us and didnt stop looking :D
What attention seekers we were :x
Almost got into a dogfight also.
Dat ang moh go walk her dog near ours, den our dog aggresive mahh.
Our dog ran to dat dog and almost killed bite it.
Luckily i held onto dat leash dat my cuzzie was unable to hold on to :/

adioss (:

Sunday, September 07, 2008


One day if u see me winning the olympics this is wad will happen :D

Reporter: WOW! You had done Singapore proud

Me: Of course,i could have done even better

Reporter: Really? How do you usually train?
Me: Oh everyday, morning to night.
Reporter:Thats amazing! So.. on the treadmill
or you do weightlifting?

Me:Oh no... I just chase the bus everydae

Reporter: ... ... Okay , thats all for todae's

Cuz i saw some athlete running 10km to skl everyday in case she gets late.
Then i will be de nxt athlete who chase buses everyday in case i get late );
Modernization :D
Chasing bus is tough i tell u.
I chase it like at least 5 times a week );
even more times den supper :/

Okae dats all for daydreaming time to mugg (:

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cats eat ICECREAM o.o



This greedy cat eats lots of things.
From durian, to oreo to icecream :/
Bud shes cute afterall :D

Prelims 2mlo );
ema & comb sci is managable.
Bud i havent done 1 and a half chapter for geo );
GAWD, i musnt slack already..

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Didnt study much after phys rem todae );
slept like a pig for 4 hours .

Beta stop procrastinating ):<