Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clar's 18th

Longest post in my 380 posts history. You were warned HAHA :D

Making of clar's presents :D

Camwhore wif kymmm :D


THeres a big board to hold as a surprise.

After having Maths 'tuition' in skl, i went down to plaza sing.
Was dam kanchiong, didnt want to let clar notice me.
She spot me at the trafik light, & running away. ( dam suay -.- )
Whole surprise was gone, effort of jayjay's scolding me on twit/blog , and me acting emo. ;o
Bought KFC eggtart and went to Ajisen


Jayjay :D

Clar and the surprise board inside :x

Tionglin :D

Clar & meee :D

Clar solo

While clar starts opening her present(board), me and kymm camwhored :x


Opening her present.
Smiling at the other camera

Comparing whose tongue is longer, obviously its kymm's :X

Spotlight on me cos she blocked the flash wif her finger :x

Spastic ttm :D

After opening the board, embarrassing much?

Food Food and more food :D


Junjie's :D

Tionglin and junjie, ops my finger :x

Beverage :D

After they had more or less finshed their food, i brought out the eggtart.
Wanted to poke all 18 candles on the eggtart :x
TO MY HORROR, it was squashed.
Oh well, a pleasant surprise aniway :D

Egg tart wif candle

Closeup :D Look like cake rite? ;x

Sang the birthday song and embarrassed her :x

Clar enjoying her egg tart :3

Fried fish :D

Solo pics wif clar :D

Clar & kachee (look at my flash ><)
Blur candid wif kymm's hand :x

Of course not forgeting our lil camwhore team :D


Another spastic :D

Another foto wif clar :D

Seriously, we treated Ajisen like our own house.
Moving aroound freely, making lots of noise
I bet the crew were kinda pissed :x
Oh yea at a point of time
we were taking grp pic.
1 angmoh was like LOOK HERE / SMILEEE gave a funny face, which everyone went
You saw that er not, yeah saw rite?
Talking about hospitality, lol.

Then we foot the bill and we went to walk ard.
Clar's frens lijun and ira came to surprise her.
Then the other 2 guys bingshun & kahseng came after.
And surprised her by taking her to cathay to watch wolfman immediately!
We have yet to give her our 6 paper bags so we were a lil stunned.
Walked to cathay to pass her the presents and saw her clique in real person for the first time,
Well without kow that is.

Took buy 176 to weiling house to slack and main focus is tobuy strawberry shortcake.

Bought kinderjoy wif kymmm

Mine is a flying thing while hers is a scoring ball.
Kymm and doreamon :3
Kymm pinching doreamon & weiling :D

After much hesitation we got out of weiling;s house and ultimately found the cake at HANS.
In between that, i was listening together wif kymm on her ipod touch.
'Caz i know how i feeel about CHU'

We were singing 'About You Now' by sugarbabes like fools :3

Kazue: Kymm, u noe 'Hey Soul Sister' is a racist song?
Kymm: Really
Kazue: Dun believe we listen!
Kymm: Use ipod and scroll to hey soul sister, plays*
Ipod: HEY, HEY~~~.

Went to esplanade to camp for clar and poly clique.
We were gonna surprise her wif cake and doreamon.
Kaiting being a really fat cat who loves nerd, was really late.
She was the last 1 to finsh the Clar's report book which was the ultimate present :3
Camping ~

Junjie , weiyi and tionglin :D

Tiongling act cool flips hair Haha x;

Kachee sensitive eyes, doreamon & weiling :D

Not forgetting the camwhore team ;D

Kymm got bored of the flash, she said it was too bright

Still playing ard wif camera :D

Kinda weird relationship going on bud nope shes my daughter! :D

Weiling :D

Ugly :3

Kymm & toy :D

We hid behind the bushes and peeped whether she was arriving .
Sometimes we were so paranoid and we lay close to the floor.
Many couples/passerbys were staring at us, 7 to be exact in such a weird position LOL.
I believe we disrupted some of the couples' lovely dovely moments :3

After awhile she finally came up,her boisterous laughter was the prominent proof!
We were tinking of ways to surprise her.
Den suddenly her frens were star gazing(helping us out)
Bud she was gazing stars in our direction -.-
Den she turned and we ran from the back.
Made lots of PIPI PIAK PIAK sound and she turned.
When she turned, everyone dashed into the corner like she childhood game, HAHA.
We came out after awhile and brought her to the cake.

Strawberry shortcake :D

Ultra flash :D ( taken at night yo :D)
Clar making a wish
Posing for camera

Blowing out the candles

Taking out candle wif mouth & spooky kachee behind :x

taking more candles out

Cutting the cake


Tears? They were sweat oh pls.

Forgotten to flip this bud oh well :/

Present ceremony :D

Clarisa's report book :D

Unglam pics and lotsa comments :D

' Apple' product in whitebag

Banana pocky in green bag? NOT

Opening pocky bag

Pods wif the word I in green bag, 'IPOD'

Yellow bag?

'Mac' products in yellow bag!

'Mobile phone' wif I on it, IPHONE in purple bag.

Clar's poly clique :D

shot 2 poly clique :D

The girls

Clar and sec skl mates :D

Shot no. 2

Final grp pic!

Another grp pic :D


BBT + 'XDD' :D

Okay there was an IPAD in the blue bag, bud clar didnt wanna take it out.
Pad wif an I on it :x
Took lots of groups pics together:D
Cut cakeee and ate a mouthful of it,before cakefight commenced.
Kept myself safe after having a dash of cream on clar's face.
Threatened to 'attack' XDD' if clar hit me wif cream :x
After awhile we washed up and went home
Chionged home & didnt study for maths.

Wishing clar a HAppy 18th birthday :D