Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sooper belated cele (;

Grp photooo (;

Pork ribs ((;

Pizzaaa :D

Whole chickennnn for me ;x

Super Sinful Brownieee ((((((((;
Duck ;x
Duck & Prawnnnn (;

Awkward position ;o

White Pigs ;D
Cabbing back

Went out wif prawn(felicia) and duck(yizhen) to watch trail of panda.
I treat dem de watch okay! (;
Was shocked to hear chinese speaking cos i tot it was a japanese show.
Overall the show was not as bad as i tot it was, touching ending too.
Panda cubs were dammmmm cute, envy the male lead who played,raised and touched it );

Went to bugis to play some games, tried catching the big tweety bird bud couldnt.
Went to illuma to walk walk.
I saw peggy, whom i didnt c for like 3-4 yrs.
Tink she didnt remember me also ;/
Went to walk dammm long den decided to eat at Empire state (like newyork newyork)
Wanted special sheltered seats, waited for 10 mins to get dem.
Food tasted quite good, bud service sucks.
Duck was a sick duck, wanting to puke and stuff ;/
Finshed our food, walked ard and prawn got some red bean fish thing.(doraemon's fav)
Cabbed back to katong, took some pics wif chester ((;
Took dam long to upload tis overdued post ;x

Monday, June 29, 2009

Alvin's bdae

Happy birthday alvin ((;

Pathway to cake

Superwoman huihui ;x

Birthday boy speaking ;D

Candid edmunddd (;

(Finally can upload photos ;x)
ANeeWAY, It was alvin's birthday on 29th june (late post ;/)
I was shocked to receive edmund's call at ard 4-5pm
He called me to ask me to join dem, i was like err.. okay.
Den i went to city hall at 730.
Saw maryann at dhoby ghaud while changin line ( FATE ;D )
Reached at 730, waited to 7.45...750..805 -.-

Huihui and edmund ALWAYS late de );
Den walked to seoul garden.
Den huihui eat dinner liao, -.- we talked like 15mins decided to go macs.
Ate macs den went to buy cake, walked to citylink's breadtalk to buy ;x
After dat, went to esplanade top to sing the song.
Lighted up some 'pathway' and the cake.
Sang the birthday song blew the candle and cut the cake.
LMAO , the chocolate tasted salty ;o
Handphone no batt!! Cant take pics );
Den benson smashed cake to alvin, acidentally hit junwei.
Junwei smashed cake to benson face, rub 2 circles leh.
Den benson chased junwei and fell down on the slippery floor.
LOL, benson in the end got smashed worse den the birthday boy.
Huihui got chocolate smashed by alvin too.
Me, christina(agu), edmund, were safe and clean.
Got to clean up the place cos of 1 guai lan cleaner.
Homed after cleaning.

Will upload fotos laterrr

Monday, June 22, 2009

Clique Picnic (;

Clarisa ;D

Hui khim (;

Weiling and weiyi ;o

Wei ling weird pose ;x

Tionglin candid and my hair ((;

Grp photo ((;

Was supposingly meeting at 11.30.
In the end reached bm at 12 and bought things til 12.30.
Sorry peooople )); ><
Went to sit 16 all the way to east coast park.
Found some shady place and sat down to lay the plastic thingy.
Laid out the food and we all ate like hungry ghosts.
Dam hungry lor, ate some sandwiches and chips and marshmallow until full.
Played monkey and V ball awhile.

4 accidents happened while playing ball ;x

  1. Tionglin fell into a small hole ;o
  2. The ball hit my head and bounce away -.-
  3. Hui khim fell down when i was chasing the ball wif her. :/
  4. I hit clarisa wif the ball in her face ;x

After dat we went to rent bicycle to cycle.
It was kinda tiring after the whole thing.
Went to burger king to drink water.
Had a king sized lemon barley and refilled it wif ice water.
Added some concentrated orange juice from the picnic ((;
Gossiped alot abt somebody she realli cmi lor ;/
Bus-ed to tiong alighted wif dem and took 123 home.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Small pup ((;

Pug like face ;o

HIppopotamus mouth !! ;D
Sleepy head ;/

Fidgety puppp (;

His name is CHESTER.
The new pup is town ;D
Hes dam cute lah, so small and wobbly.
Bites alot, but onli has baby teeeth.
Also sleeps alot like a pig ;/
And he pee-ed on prawn LOL.
I wanna take pics wif him ((; !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Queenstown frens outing

Belated birthday to me,charmaine and jason (;

Candid by me (;

Charlton,Charmaine,Karen, June

June,Yinghui,Karen ;o

June, Lina , karen

Jasooooon 8D

Jason,Charlton, ME ((;

Earthquake for dinner ;o

Met at 12.30 at vivo for lunch was supposed to meet at 12 x;
All arrived and we went to walk from carl'sjunior,to longjohn and finnally pizza hut to eat.
Had nice baked rice and some pizzas from ying and lina.
Free flow of pepsi was gooood ((;
Jason came afterwards and drank free flow of pepsi ;x
Camwhoreddd outside pet safari and the balcony of vivo
Went to bugis to arcade, loved the new game of anime-like character fite.
I forgotten the name it was arcania or somthign lidat , anw it was SUPER FUN (;
Murphy and yongquan frm lina's skl came.
Went to cut cake at starbucks, ate cake went to cityhall.
Charlton,Charmaine,Jason& June went off. WOOT (C,C and J,J)
Walked a long while , went to swenson and shared earthquake wif karen as dinner.
Had some heart to heart tok wif karen.
Went to arcade game-d was thrash-ed .
Saw Dominic,Amanda,Nicholas Lin,Qilong and Quek junjie ( All queenstown!)
Walked back to citylink.
Went to cityhall mrt was disappoint-ed took 124 home alone

I hope it doesnt happen again.
Its irritating to be ostracized.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fruit basket Clique ((;

Crazy version ;D

Playing wif the picture

Squats (;
Durian,Apple,Grape,Cherry,Mangosteen. (left to right)

WINTERMELON wif brother bob!! ;D

Look at those people in black ;D

Candid shot becos of penghong

Tweeese (;

Making fun of Ghosts of girlfriends past (;

Crazy staffs after work ;D

Playing wif posters ;D
Preview of me in gold class ;o
Ginnette and Puikwan :D

Couple SCANDAL OF THE MONTH ;o Apple and mangosteen !! ( might make good juice)

Edmund and ginnette was pushed to gold class.
After closing we had a camwhore session.
Wow, 5/6 of fruit's clique was working except for jian zhu bao jing tian (zijian).
Hardworking boy in r.p couldnt work, EXCUSES ! );
Anyway, took lots of shots after closing & on the way to toilet.
Some customers stared at us while dey were on the way to the toilet.
They saw crazy staffs camwhoring ;x
Talked and gossipped alot, lol lil miss floating clothes ;x
Watched movies with puikwan,ginnette,edmund.
Puikwan ALWAYS LAte de.
Should change name to PIG kwan ;x
Watched land of the lost alone and Hannah montana 3 times, shiok rite? ;D
Dont u agree miley cyrus sings well? :3

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Macaron rouge icecream :DD <3333

Belgium chocolate wif cholately stuffs (;

Mixed berrry wif cheese based icecream ;3 !!

Woops, rite .
Morning was supposingly gonna watch 2 movies ghost of gf pasts and land of the lost.
HOWEVER, g.v grand's jackson(coughcough*) last minute ps work and i replaced him.
Couldnt jus see dem suffer while u enjoy ur movie rite?
Instead worked from 1130-4.
Met edmund and huihui at 430 lidat, went to cityhall and walked dere.
Was kinda LOST, and eventually went to it fair.
Saw red men wif'On ur bluetooth' signs.
Few of dem had their costumes at the butt BURST and deir undies exposed ;D LOL
After a tour wif harmeee and some advice on lappy, i decided to have this particular hp 1.
Took prawn back to dell and went to find edmund and huihui.
And oh gosh, edmund can shop DAMMMMMM long, ;o
Buy clothes take 1 hr ;x

After dat huihui brought her fren and went to pizzahut to eat.
Ate baked pasta nicenice ((; , the cheese also.
Benson came in the end as he was nearby.
Went to carrefour to slack, played ard wif almost everything we could c.
Went to guardian, got perfume-sprayed by huihui ;o
Went to this doll place wif "nette sees the world" book ( Yes ginnette, its NETTE)
Bought nice icecreammmm ARGH Strawberry Macaronzzzz+strawberry icecream (((;
After dat took 124 home wif benson, tok alil abit his past and homed.

Gtg work later from 530-1am ;/
At least edmund and huihui is working today ;D
Oh no, did i mention edmund and huihui too many times? ;x
Oh i didnt do any hw yet, sigh.
Gonna go down on sat to buy lappy, IF the 3 yr warranty is good.
If nt gonna wait til nxt yr's april ;o