Saturday, February 09, 2013

GOLDWELL Desserts Hair Show April 11th~

Sorry for the uber late post but this was my second hair showww with goldwell ~
Went back to Clark Quay area to get my hair done hehehehe.
This time it was Desserts themed and i didnt know what i would get.
I went with Eliz to do our hair together hehehe.

The main office hehe

My faded hair colour a really ashy purple~~

Haha my expression when my hair was clipped.

Coincidentally, they were going for grape sherbet for me. 
But it is a brighter colour! && they were going to put more highlights of brown for me hehehe.

Highlights of Bleach and Electric purple on my head for 30 odd minutes.


Flip to the other side and i get a different feel hehe

Afterwards, Chester added brown to the blonde streaks to give a more contrasting look.

More of the base colour can be seen.

The bright purple which is daaaaaam lovely.

The finished look hehehe.


The next day I  woke up early to the venue to get my hair set.

In the midst~~

I got my hair curleddd

Both profiles hehehe

Everybody at the show~

All hair models were eligible to get our colour changed if we werent happy with it so I use this to get more purple highlights all over the head as I liked it alot~

Camwhored while waiting for Chester to make the hair dye ~

More highlights on my left and right

Good amount of purple on my head hehehehe.

The finished product was something like that at the bottom~~
Really loved it alot.

Was really happy to be a part of the Hairshow as I can get a new hair colour~~
Need to thank Eliz for introing me to GOLDWELL hehehe.