Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Camera Lx5

Have been neglecting my blog, coz i still have some birthday posts to talk about (including mine)
So i feel so sian to p.s lotsa pics hahaha .

ANYWAY, its a blogpost here 
So here goes.

I have bought my camera Lx5 for about a month now and i really loved it alot.
I bought it during the ITfair period, BUT at SLR Revolution at Funan the IT Mall.
Reason being its the cheapest there as its kinda like a warehouse for suppliers (:
I bought mine at 610 (IT fair price 800 or so) With some freebies (:
As i bought it at Funan Promo , i was entitled to Leather Skin Cover for freee wohu ;D

&& Lexy (My LX5) is my new Best fren now hahaha! 

Heh Heh , 'Leather Jacket' for my Lexy (:

Looks cool or what (:

Other sets of freebies

  1. Garskin,
  2.  Puff puff thingy to blow dust away 
  3. & A pen like wiper

 What I didnt noe was Garskin.
Its this Sticker Skin that accessories your camera (:
So I went to apply for mine

Following instructions

Like 100 choices to choose from!!

Decided on this very tokidoki skin (: 

So, here comes the Camwhoring part (:
Fortunately my fake ringlight could fit!! :D

Bokeh?  :3

Its dam clear + Wide Screen. I LIKEEE (:

Amazing Flash that works better than filters wohu!! (:

All cams ought to have blur shots 1 lor, so this is no exception!
(But blur until very nice hehehehe :3)

It really captures my defined features alot more ((:  

&& its Soft Skin mode to give you that smooth baby face :D

&& 7-8 filters to play with!!

This was 'Pure' or 'Innocent' Filter which i like alot
It has this Blueish Japanese hue which is very angelic hehehe :3
Like for some skin ad or something hahahaha!!

SO overall my Lx5 was a superb buy for me because 
I can has good quality pics now 
&& I can look even better now wohu!!! :D

Signing Off

Friday, June 17, 2011

SOYC 2011 pt 2

Here comes part 2 with more camwhoring!! (:

Pui kwan, Nette & Me :D

Her with my extensions (:

Moo and Nette fell asleep afterwards :o

While me and puik continue camwhoring! :D


Heart bokeh :3

My chio extension wif wiggie :D

Tried some cool filter and my hair wig turned baby pink wohu! 

Then, Tingyu arrived!! && she liked my pink extensions :o

Plucking out in the process

Group Pic ! ;D

Solo pic :D

& her solo pics with POWER RANGER! :D

Before we left!

We took a cab home as it was impossible to get it on the bus again hehe.

Bud it started pouring heavily and we took really long to halt a cabbie.
I wore a beanie to protect my wig from the rain (that period rumoured to have acid rain too :/ )
We reached nette's house and i took out my beanie && my hair looks VERY STYLED!
Machiam some jrocker so must camwhore!

Hohoho :3

Apparently fake nosestuds & lipring :3

&& thankyou puik & nette for the souvenirs from taiwan ! :3

Changed out of costume & wiggg and removed some makeup :D

Sent ginnette off to vivo because she was meeting edmund and rebecca. 
Rebecca had free tickets to sentosa for some concert (cant rmber) so i went to see them for awhile! (:
It was dam funny as I communicated with edmund thru the phone and didnt want to say who I was.
He thought I was nette's brother hahaha!

Boardwalk Before they reach the entrance

&& rebecca's favourite pose (Xi,Nu,Ai,Le also lidat LOL)

I trotted back alone and rmbered there was TP Design grad presentation there.
I walked around and keep asking if they know of jasmine.
Apparently Design school alot of flowers Jasmines uh?


Visual Comm ! :D

& her works!
But that looked rather gloomy la :/
Okay hope you enjoyed the pics!!

Im going to batam in like 10 hours' time && would be back on 19th (dam fast haha)
Shall camwhore with my new baby ! :D

Signing off

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SOYC 2011 pt 1

Went to SOYC with Ginnette and Moo.
I tried being like a punk but i think i kinda failed.
BUT!, just pretend that i went as a bishie! (:

Examples of bishies!! (:

I should join their jrock band hor? :x

Camwhoring after preparation (:

Ginnette's Costume cute: Patapon Meden

We took a cab there as it was impossible to take a bus with her 'costume'  (:

Off to Ngee Ann poly (:

Mr tofu with bunny ears lol

Bought tickets @ 5 Buckies

Ginnette's Photogs frens spot us and we took a peekchure :3

With the photogs! (anthony,nette,dickson,shiwen & ME ) 

With 1 more photog 'alwayshehe' on the left && nette in meden suit!

Meden Dancing! (:

Glorious , after passing through the obstacle(squeezy door) !

Not forgetting moo who helped us take pics & hold our crazy bags. *thanks moo!*

Met pretty Violet and took pics  :D 

We did walk around the exhibitions though!
Patapon really garnered alot of attension! (:
But it was hard for her to walk around cos people might hit onto her 'feathers' :o
After sometime we went out .

And she took off meden to catch a breather (as it was hot inside)

Some people were shocked saying like:


tsktsk how sexist can they be. People in mascots/suits cant be girls meh? ;o

Candid shot of me with the other 2 guys :o

Sparse sparse coloured clip on extensions haha.

Im not on a stool, i am that tall ! (: (or the other way round :X)

Candid shot + my ripped pants overmy skinnies looks good!

Patapon arise abruptly soon after!

Some Of My Solo Pics From The Photogs

By shiwen :D

Both by Anthony ;D

Even they felt that i couldnt express angry face! Haha , I camwhore show angry face look kinda neutral,
OROR i look like im acting cute wtf.

Camwhoring with Moo's cam :D

Kinda failed cos it blurred me (howdareyou) but nette & shiwen in the background (Y)

Who Is a Neighbour of  Somebody 
Living in a Pineapple under the sea?!!?

PATRICK !!! (Jia qing hahaha) & nette (:

Coolios! He sewed his own costume, pro or whatt

Puik came soon after wohu!! :D

Us!! :D

I can has camwhorish shots with Patapon! :3

Thats all for part 1 !! (:
Hope you liked the pics, stay tune for part 2 which is coming up 2moro! :D