Sunday, April 22, 2007

duck,prawn,cai seoul garden

the egg in the center (:
nice chicken wings

our inventions secret recipe
dun tell u!


duckie's milkshake

ops she toppled it
prawn and mi
i lo0k s0 dum ._.
we went to seoul garden and ate like 2 hours (: wahahha. went back to katong larhh nxt time den post our nice nice neoprints some nt reali nice larhh -.=

Kissing dogs..

i went to huimin(prawn) house 2dae s0 we can celebrate duck's birthdae(: when the do0r was open... i gort assulted by kissing dogs..
me:(looks at snowie)*
snowie:(looks at me back)*
snowie:(pounces and lick lick lick)*
me: wakao..

i watched dem bathe too.. but didnt manage to take pictures... psps (: now to my next post..

kissing dog 1 (snowie)

kissing dog on my lap

kissing dog 2 russel

s0rry dey m0ved al0t cant realli take a gd pic of dem

Friday, April 20, 2007

like an other ordinary post

im so boredd. dunn0 wadd t0 p0st jus finsh tuiti0n and slacking..
2ml0 g0nna g0 0ut wid prawn and duck (: my fav cuzzie!! although dey gurls.. wadds wrong widd going out wid cuzzies.. u nver noe how 0ur c0usi0n-ship is like..

when we small we buy little little tidbits for each another to eat .. and sometimes throw tantrums on each another.. we do all sorts of funny things like somersault, gymnastic, catching , hide and seek many many larhhh ( dat n0rt the reas0n why im in wushu) ._.

h0pe dat i can take a picture widd dem as dey b0th als0 chi0buu derh l0rh (: 0nli i ch0u nan ): !! and

HAppy beLateDD 13 yizhen (DUCK) 19/4
say byebye to ur childhood as u enter the teenage realms (:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

happy 21th BirthDAE

heRE t0 say a big happy birthdae t0 u!

hadd a early bdae party ytd (: cousions were streaming in and startedd t0 eat barbecue. me , prawn and duck were crazi like usual ._. den we saw weiwei he dam long nver come den he look at us i guess he forget us-.=
and also yizhen's godsister(shen jiejie) samantha she t0t i jc r0fl!

we say hi den he nods and walk away pingli liping draggs him to us and finally startted to tok.. me and prawn kip crappin as duck have to take care of a bunch of small kidds.. dey were s0 n0isy dey were like..

"jie jie.. gladis angry again!! go find her"
"jiejie.. i wan to go to the toilet"

me and prawn laugh like hell and dat gurl who went to toilet tot dat we were telling a joke xD.. after playing worms weiwei toked.. and started crappin like us (: den become gd fwen liao larh didnt noe worms was a gd influence.

after dat we ended widd a sweet ending barbecued marshmell0w~
duck lo0ted my marhsmell0w and i said i rep0rt her t0 GM(grandm0ther) LOLz!. weiwei couldnt take sweet stuffs me neither i needed water insanely~~

Friday, April 13, 2007

cant help but u should receive tis!!

HEY guess wadd f0r n0rt missin my maths tEST??
HEY i skipped MY wusHU prac cuZ 0f u ok!!and u make mi sit 0n thee flo0r
reas0n being n0rt cleaning the b0aRD!!

s0m0RE! UR TEST S0 DIFFICULT! i 0nLI nOE hoW d0 1st QN!! i nver read lARh i rUSh Fr0m thE haLL c0me hERE t0 SIt 0n the DARned Flo0r!! s0 pisedD 0ff i WAs liKe KA0!! -.=

enuff 0f anger ... the test realli suckedd den..
kymm nu er u were in tears lerh nvm if u didnt ffinsh the paper i guessed mani ppl als0 nver finsh (: if i can get m0re den 6 marks f0r the paper u can call mi g0d lia0 (: dun cry 0ver such things 0k nu er??

ANd did i menti0n t0dae was fridae the 13th??

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Recently i have been going for competition larhh!! so darnned scareded
i g0rt 5 duan nan quan, 4 duan dao, 4 duan qiang, DUI LIAN, group DAO and FIST..
ppl w0uld b like woahh skip schl so nice well i hate it!!
b4 i go perform in front of so mani ppl and the judges i so scaredd and will do mistakes like fall d0wn..

i feel like i disgraced the schl and 0f cuz myself and my fwens.... sighh i dun wann l0se ler i left 3 m0re c0mpetit0n and i hadd missed al0t 0f my maths teacher's less0n i will b missin him tis wh0le week.. h0pe he can understand my situati0n and n0rt aggrave tis matter by t0rturing mi !!!

all the bEST t0 mysELF!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

bi0 practical ._.

the leave soaked in iodine,alcohol and boiling water b4

this is chl0r0phyll i guess? nice colour budd u wanna try? ^^

haha! this cat wid shutter is 0lioo(0re0) s0 guai !! kAWAiI

hows dat bi0 practical m0st ppl w0uld tink sick abt bi0 practical l0lz~~and a slight t0uch 0f a kat(: h0w abt dat?

f0od p0st (:

left(duck) rite (mi)

sakAE sushi i luv wasabi xD

hanqi's leftover

the red/green h0t chilli (haha)

my left0vers at daws0n (:
w0nderful left0ver by the sec 1-2 juni0rs!still g0rt cup no0dles!

Lina's left0ver my artistic portrait

HAr haR

went t0 mani mani place h0pe u like it muahaha