Sunday, February 24, 2008

new cat in town :D

new cat LANE :D

sleeping so cute rite?

i took a photo wid it (:

'marble' chocolate my fren GOU YOU

ROzen maiden rings (: (V day prezzie for my cuzzie)

This whole week was normal.except for SATURDAY -.-
i went to skl for Lkk rmedial. was late ><
BUdd! de stupid security guard made mi later and pissed -.-
i walked in wif jee wang . i was holding my amaths book (:
he asked
" You 2 coming for wad? "
"for maths "
"U sure u not coming for other curriculum or GEO? "
" I TOLD U WE COMING FOR MATHS! im holding de amaths book for god's sake! "
"ok maths ah, not geo ah"
"we r in a rush can u hurry up?"
"wadd register num? maths rite? "
"yea, AMATHS -.-"
"WHos ur teacher? "
"mR Lim kar keat!! "
"hes teachin maths todae?"
---------------------------------------------dats enuff of de conversation
I hate dat bloody hairy freak, browned eyes ,plump body, smelly feet,stupid accent, big BLUE BUN on de head asshole -.-

feel dam pissed off. -.-
i chased my bus 195 to go anchor point and missed 64/33
den me and jwang walked to skl .dam frikin hot -.-
i perspirelike shyt and he asked mi sit first row !!! .....

omg i hate remedials!

Saturday, February 16, 2008



I received these, still gort somore sweets (:
i gave these to my ZHU PENG GOU YOU

and i still love ginger <33333
ty debbie for de chocolate~
ty vanessa for 1 small chocolate :D
ty tescelyn for de sweet (:
ty kymm for de frog -.- and lolipop(:
ty chu quan for de biggest b'dae gift (:
On v'dae i went out wid 2 guys -.-
sounds super wrong rite?
we went out go watch movie (kachee and jeewang)
supposingly watch ah long de budd watch jumper instead :/
rushed home for gramp's steamboat(steamboat again)
it was my grandmother's birthdae.

cny :p pt 2

3 fools and 1 lousy photographer :D

playing in de dark using strong flash (:

i was blonde on de first day(well kinda?)

my hair turned purple on de 2nd day. emo too :/

dey bright up my life :D dey seriously do

i was happy again (: budd it felt empty like de picture

went visiting and i ate de 4th steamboat.
OMG i cannot tahan aledi :/
first day my hair gold
second day my hair purple.
third day my hair gold
last day my hair black
hey hey i didnt dye. jus used COLOUR wax :D


went to mr goh's house on de 3rd day.
sigh i droppin higher chinese.
hes got cute kids. dam farnie
me zhang wang and jee wang played DAI DI.
loser eat AGAR AGAR :D

OH YEA andd i bathed lucky de dog (:
i felt great accomplishment ~!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

cny :p


ate alot ):
gonna grow fat fat fat :/
upload pics another time :D

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rainbow's memoral ):

rainbow i miss u ):

i wanna see u stretch again ):

or c u sleep again ):

or even to pose together ):

even though i look nerdy ):

i really miss u alot.. ):

Rainbow, now ur gone leaving mi alone.
U left the garden empty as i could no longer hear ur happy purrs.
U r named rainbow, as suggested from the colour of ur furr.
When ur gone, the pieces of my heart is missing you.
I really went bonkers went i heard of ur news..
U were knocked down on the road, and many cars went on driving.
It was very unfair for mi as i didnt even c u for de last time.
It was very unfair to u as u died, without knowing how.
Im grieving over u,
I really love u ,i really do.
May u rest in peace rainbow, <3.>

how i wish i could hug u again,
how i wish i could hear u again,
how i wish i could kiss u again,
how i wish i could love u again.


Monday, February 04, 2008


RAINBOW'S DEAD booohoo ): ..

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Project super achievers :D

I for influential :D im type I ~~

the 'course' i have gone thru these 3 daes (:

prettae flower i fold (:

tionglin and my flower :D

was drawing on de blank space available :D

was caught when i was drawing a mimicry of de coaches. :D
Elgin,eunice,jimmy (from up to down )

and more tsubasa chronicles :D

and i was almost dozing like her (:

the workshop was fun.
especially de games dat we played & and findin our true identities.(sounds like amath ._.)
im an I/s/c budd I dominant :D
talk alot.. influence ppl.. persuasive talker..good sense of humour..
so i realised those ppl who talks alot and loudly are type I :D
the coaches were dam hilarious.
Elgin kept giving puns attempting to make us laugh.
like touchin de board and he said " im feeling BOARD(bored)"
den coach jimmy were always spying on us walking ard de back.
den hendra offered him spearmint and said it could cause de reduction of XXXX
and he said nvm he got XXXX (: sorry ahh cant sae

oh yea lek chee chong v poor thing.
kena saboed by de other guys.
was whacked and lifted and stuffs.
i was motivated after this course, i dlted 4/6 of my games.
i decided to go back 02jamming.
its a mind game a good coordination of ur eyes and fingers. :D