Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last day in g.v ):

My last day was on a fateful tuesday (26/1/10)

Last time wearing this uniform (:

So have to camwhore abit (:

&& somoreeee :O

Okay last pic :D (i tink a patron came in while i was camwhoring ;x)

Was working at candybar that day, someplace where i dreaded the most.
Bud i was really lucky becoz it was a tuesday i need no do many things.
Im gonna sum up what i need not do.

1. No nid wash popper cos it wasnt used at all
2.No need to topup alot of drinks cos theres stock take the nxt day
3. No need to make cheese cos theres a pot from morn to nite
4. No need to pop popcorn becoz there was a few bags of them
5. Relatively clean griller wif less den 15 hotdogs cooked
6. 1 drinks dispenser used onli

Then i had like 10 packs of meegoren to clear.
SO.. i ate 2 packs of them.
To my horror, i couldnt really finsh 2 packs of them
Roy & Augusta bought this premium platter sushi initially for the both of them to eat
But they overestimated themselves & couldnt finsh it haha :D
So in return i had some sushi also, && 2 packs of meegoreng which was hell lot for me :/

After much cleaning up and washing i was almost done
I was kinda shy to tell kelvin & bunch dat i wanna have a grp photo taken
Bud i was shocked when he initiated to take photos, really happy at the same time ((:
Brought out my running-low camera and took many pictures! ((:

I love my camera flasssh

Look at the AHBENGS behind haha :D

Then Ganesh finshed his box closing and we asked him to join us :D

Pics without flashhh ;o

Crazy bud fun peopleee (:

Super candid shot, not reli ready :D

Solo shots !

Ganesh the elephant :D

Kelvin the young & dangerous :D

Candy the newcomer :D

Joshua the ball ( Don;t u tink he look like yoga like this? ;o )

I will miss everyone of u in g.v !

I will miss talking about cosplay/anime with ginnette :3 .
I will miss crapping/gossipping/telling each other's problems with edmund ):
I will miss disturbing rebecca (drinkbeer,makeup,drug, haha.)
I will miss kelvin's Young & dangerous pose haha. :/
I will miss Ganesh's high pitched voice :D
I will miss Joshua's fat belly haha ;x
I will miss the philipino attachment ppl Jamaica, Franzbeth & Rommel.
I will miss Aaron & Brandon smoking ( nt dat i encourage them to do it thou :/)
I will miss Umar's POWER! wif thumbs up sign ):
I will miss Abigail saying 'No SHAME!'( even up to my last day she was using it )

Sad to say that there are people whom i just met or just really started to talk to them more.
Like Lyndy,Crystal, Li hong, Wen hao,Darrick, Augusta, Roy ,Wilna , Si Ting ( if im nt wrong)
Bye bye people, til we meet again ): !

Goodbye was never easy.
because the subesequent meeting wasnt certain.
Fragment of the memory will be so frizzy,
that you might not recognise me on the same pavement.
Adios, beloved ppl.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rasyidah's birthday

Actual day on 20th Jan
Clique photo YAY AGAIN ((:

Tiramisu bought by corey (thanks (:*)

Lighting the candleeee at the staircaseee ;o

The birthday girl :D

Sorry for the blur pictureeee ): *

Look at her smileeee ;o

&& the cake that we literally used forks to eat .

We sat down outside itas at the benches.
I hinted corey to go wif me to take the cake.
Then we went to takee the cake bud there wasnt any candle.
He went back to take the candles wif some excuse :3, and came down to the staircase.
We lit the candles and slowly walked our way up.

The fire was extinguishing on our way up :/
Den we sang happy birthday and we I took some pics of her.
Then we wanted to take a grp pic , so we sought help from other ppl.
Bud that guy had long hair and had a 'golden tail'
I wasnt really willing to ask him, cos im afraid hes reluctant to help.
In the end shen asked him to help and he was like ' Oh Sure, sure !'
Shen:" Never judge a person by its hair/tail"
Then we ate the cake, bud we had like onli 10 mins to finsh it, & we did it !.
Cos we had Com skills mini meeting with the tutor.
Chionged the cake and rushed into the room late.
Luckily the teacher didnt really started. :D

Even though it was a mini celebration, i hoped u enjoyed it Rasyidah.
Or should i say Ra-shi-shi aka Handphone woman

Friday, January 22, 2010

Randooom (:


The gross outcome.


Decorated, but still doesnt look nice :/

Final picture before it hand it up.

I had a fight wif my parents and I was utterly pissed that day.
Tried to draw and paint but it all turned out ghastly.
Was fuming & being very critical to myself.
The next day when i felt better, i tried painting, & it turned out so much better.
Then mum helped mi by doing a lil touch up.
Seriously, mood does affect the things u do.

Sometimes, its better to do things when u feel good den forcely do something in a foul mood .


The postageeeee :D

My long awaited MR BLUE LENS. :D

Helped to get josh's EOS lense too ;o

Yay the lenses were finally here.
Luckily grandma opened the door and got the postage for mee.
PHEWWWWW, there wasnt anyone home except her & the maid
Was kinda pissed and wanted to irritate the blogshop owner until i saw the postage.
WEEEEEEE , dammm happy now (:


Chocolate for Miss chew :D

Wif more convincing aluminium foil :D

Chocolate keychain for shen's birthday.

I used the excess cloths i had to make these 2 chocolates.
Agaration-ed the lengths and started sewing.
Took about 3 hours to finsh the both of them.
The end products were quite cute isnt it? ;D

The old dull and fading colour :/

The almost black hair ;o

Bought beauteen milktea beige at 9 bucks onli( at a special place) :D

New haircolourrrrrr :D

So in loveee wif my new hair colour now.
(big enuff? ;o)
Many people thought i did it at some salon haha.
Even my hairdresser was impressed!
Talking about hair..
I cut my hair already!!
Its soooo much shorter lah.
Even though a lot of people still say like theres no difference -.-
&& 1 side sideburn long & the other side short!
AHHHH. i hate the other hairdresser that cut my hair.
Shes so irritating, making me look grosss!!!!

I miss my long sideburns, now i have got fat face ):

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sci center! :D

Went wif corey, aravind, shen , rasyidah,suba and xunhui to biopolis
There was this talk on diabetes & consequences.
After the talk there was this buffet :D
After i ate some food before i left wif aravind. (we sorta ran away ;x)
I went to jurong east to go to sci centre.
Xueni,puikwan,ginnette,edmund,joshua was there already.
So i went and we walked to sci cntre! :D

The nice & big standeeee :D

This stupid woman who walked past when i was taking the photo.

I took this brochure (:

Serious people trying to explain what our situation was.

Because it was a pass for 8, it was issued on 1 ticket only.
&& we had 6 people wif us which the other 2 are eating mac :/
Result, we have to go out later 2 fetch dem later.

The moving cat :D

Edmund in the classic beheaded plate

3d cube (:

Coloured cube ((:

Edmund so much bigger den joshuaaaa :D

Xueni taller den me? Oh noes.

Nette ate mariomushroom haha :D Puik as short as eva ;x

Cute hologram :D
Proof that is is a hologram :D

The super difficult puzzle!!

I completed another 1 in 20 seconds haha :D

After that we went into the new exhibitionm Sounds exhibition~!
Walkway ;D

U can change the frequency of your words

Shadow funnnn :D

Picture mosaic machine

After awhile, ginnette called and told us to meet at the atrium.
She told us that there was this show like for only twice a day.
So we rushed to the atrium and see what there was ;o
Forgotten what the machine was called hehe ;x
Electric generating thingy ;o

Closer and of larger magnitude!

Then came 2 helium balloooons

&& they got burned to flames! ;o

This response machine was 1 of our favourites. My highest was 3-4 onli :/

Nice Reflections :D

Puik's sui bian && my kazue :D

A picture of a cat drawn by meeee :D

Another grp pic ( p.s i tink this should be on the top :/)

&&&& a big goodbye to sci cntre :D

After that me and puik headed home.
I wanted to go home to do my tut & revision :/
Took 198 and p.s puik haha.
I fell asleep on the bus and some kind-hearted passerby woke me up at the interchange.
At first thought i tot he was my fren.
Then i stared and wondered why he tapped my shoulder, den i realised i was at the interchange.

That day was a kaleidoscopic experience

Geddit? :D