Tuesday, March 25, 2008

week of fun (:

newest black cat : STAR (:

so cute rite? (:

lol, my legs look like frog legs :/

swenson's desert [:

duck's carbonara (:

my mushroom linguini :D

awfully cute ginger (:

i went shoppin wid cuzzie duck :D
i love her companion , it would be better wid prawn (:
i <3 de color ofde belt dat i bought so nice can?
den mi and duck bought same colour socks gort brand smore :D
ate cafe something at park way . dey served pasta and free flow of bread
" can u refill my bread pls?" i thought :/
dere were just loafes of bread and u nid to cut dem :o
todae had ama rem wif mr lim and some other tutors (:
quite fun, learnt n rmbered stuffs ;D
oh yea im happy to know dat i m 1 of de prize winners for cca even thou i not vp or chair (:
( i secretary nia) -.-
i have practised hard for de past few days, now my aim is to master xuan zi :/
JIA YOOH AH (in a bluddy chyna tone ;D)


sleeps like a roast pig :D

look at lane's curly wurly whiskers :D

shocked lane :/

de weird whiskers (:
lane's whiskers dam farnie lo.
cuz of 1 aciddent lane's whiskers become curly WURLY (:
my grandpa was putting charcoal into de small fire stove ,setting fire
he was cooking soup i guess :/
den lane pondered and being curious, it put its face into de fire.
den, its whiskers caught FIRE ..
den de fire stopped and lane's whiskers become curly!
LOOK at de photos above (:
so cute and farnie
however my cousion cut away her whiskers , hopin de new whiskers to grow, NORMALLy :/
wadd a day lane had :D

Thursday, March 20, 2008

my precious spear (:

todae i brought my spear home, tinking dat it would be good to train
my competition starts on april 2th hope it clashes wif NAFAA :/
so i tied a red string ard my spear wif a paper which has my name [:
when i walked to de bustop its as if im an alien or something -.-

den tiong-ED with tionglin and jayjay (:
b.K-ED and plead dem to take 123 wid mie :/
dey refusedd..
den went up 123 and my hands were full of stuffs, as if i went shoppin or smthign
so i leaned my spear on some bar and stood dere.
dere werent any seats nor kind souls dat offer mi a place so i stood dere..

until a point which seems so long i got fed-upED
dey were doing some maintenance in a 2 lane road,which caused de lane to become
den my spear dropped wif a loud pang*
den de 4 irritating aunties beside mi were screaming hysterically and jumping -.-

" WHOA , almost hit my head leh! "
" WHOA! so angry leh!"
" WHOA, i almost heart attack u noe? "

how i wished it hit dem!
my spear was like 1 feet away from dem and dey were kicking a fuss.
i picked up my spear (embarrased)
and gave a black face .
den the bus driver started moving as he tot i was dam pissed.
took half an hour to reach home instead of 10 mins.
it was freaking 5 stops onli -.-

gonna train hard for my spear event :/

its my last yr and i want a medal ... BADLY ):

Thursday, March 13, 2008

school (camp) (:

my penguin wif cats ears (:

water-baby (:

serious arh qinghui?

nice tower u gort (:

sibei HOU!

me and lina :D i look gross -.-

me and yinghui :D

camwhore (:

i gort injured from limbo rock+ wushu :/

i was de main instructor for 3 days for wushu and chinese dance merge camp :D
together wif lina,beehoon,yinghui and charmaine.
dere were 4 grps of chinese dance and wushu members la.
so dey hadd bonding game and stuffs.
den i gort damned remedials duno wad kind of holidays these are :/
i feel kinda guilty as i didnt really bond wif dem cuz i always ran to my remedials ):
i missed many games and i hosted a few onli :D
hope de juniors really had fun anywae (:

den i remembered dat dere were a few who fell and bleed.ouch
takecare juniors :D
hope dey didnt spend deir 3 days jus slacking dere and really learnt something every new day
den de last day was de most memorable as usual.
taking photos everywhere and it was kinda touching :D

and i remembered de 2nd day where we scared de juniors by saying dey did bad.
well actually dey were awesome!
de 2nd day i really saw team spirit for entanglement and kudos to ppl who made me laugh.
in de end i was shocked by de marks cuz de initially first grp became third.
it was due to de 1 water-baby 10 points :D
i have nuthing much to say cuz i have learnt alot from this camp.
it may have seemed dat we purposely shout and scream to ensure a fair play.

the last thing im gonna do is to write down de juniors names and special traits i rmber :D
wenhui- super duper quiet,smile and smile(:
chloe-laughs and laughs, thought guys like flirty gals :/
eunice-de fold up sleeve girl,always positive :D
cai feng-good team spirit,enthusiastic (:
sharon-duno how burst balloon,noe how to protect 1 :/
kokyee-impulsive yet talkative :D
kenneth-sick yet obeying ._.
brandon-sprained leg? nahh its muscle pull (:
li ting-sorry u fell down take care kay? :D
red girl wid 2 pony tails- i caught u during murderer wink more ~ (:
yan ling?-de girl who did de 'Im selling my house!' good effort okae! :D
yingning-heh heh the coke taste good uhh? (:
see teng-hmm. thanks for de cough cough*hints cough* (:
shan wen-lol,ur a murderer and i winked at u .relax! wink back :D
gladys-remembered i said 'u forgot to bring umbrella/de rain was too big?':D
kenneth sec2-hey, sorry ur de onli guy in ur grp. u did well [:
desmond-now now, forced to be lina's di huh? :/
terence- good luck for ur streaming, if not i tell ur bro :p


peiyu-jy fishy work harder nxt yr:D
qinghui-not shocked huh?nxt time poke u! [:
weenee-happy birthdae woman :D
peiqi-hmmm, smile smile ? (:
june-yes yes principal.... pai lai de (:
karen- jy next yr work harder and u can win de :D
hanqi- hmm jy hao peng you!! work hard nxt 2 yrs [:
charlton- good luck for o's and nxt time try harder making mi laugh (:
chak pan- SHUAI GE :D WO JIAO NI DE!
baosheng- whoa, tricked mi to dancing hurh?

tis is an awfully long post dun mindd (:

cats fieta !! (:

ginger's cute and fat (: garfield-alike

ginger my stead (:

cute lane ! (;

u shaked ):

aww u awfully-shaking cute~ (;

lane and STAR new cat (:

can u see de black cat?


yoyo's nice stripes (:

blurr yoyo (:

watcha lookin cat? (:

shant tok much jus my fetish of taking pics of nude cats (:
obviously cats dun wear clothes :D

Saturday, March 08, 2008

jason's birthdae (:

zilian smiles like a kid!


happy birthdae JASON (:

this is quite late i have to say (:
a few days back was JASON HAN'S BIRTHDAE :D 06/03/08
well my birthdae is 03/06/08 so dam farnie lor!
he tot i had de same birthDATE as him . cockeyed :D

well during recess henny and jaycong took out de cake.
den i put de candles on it lor.
henny ghey kiang say put 2 big candles onli , cuz we runnin out of time
den i told him
" den he 20 yrs old liao meh? "
"can round up lidat uh? " :D

den we took de candles and clumsily poke it thru de cake.
de cake top layer was HARD, i mean REALLY HARD -.-
it took mi great pains for mi to put de 1big 6 smallcandles.
den we went to jason aka ZILIAN's table to celebrate.

dere was kymm ,vanessa,minnie,hendra,junjie,yonghwee,zhaowei,
and other 2c girls who cele his birthdae.
den jee wang came and gave zilian a birthdae bash :/
well done ehh?