Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dedicated to cats

Was at gramps house long long time ago and I took many pictures of some kitties/ cats :D
Well, its been a long time since they occupied my blog so I guess they deserve it (:

Cappuccinno! (:

KITTY (her name! :D)

Shes such an attention seeker and poser, tookall my sunlight somore tsk!

DAMMM cute right? Its like 1 in a million chance to snap pics lidat wohu!

New cat in town 'BACKY'
Sounds dam korean like Baek Hee from Dream High LOL.
Idk why bud her series of pictures dam DSLR-ish.
Taken from my lao pokpok cam leh hehe.

On all fours!

Can become model liao la HAHAH.

Curious peek (:

Woops leftover masculine pic of kitty! :x

Butter suffers from cataract ):

Its full fledged cataract dat took over the whole eye ):

White white (:

Twins? nahh Its Bobo (left) & Cream.

Bobo looking DAMMM CUTE (:

Blur bigass-ed face of queeenie (:

Such a cutie

Love  her defined stripes!

I know her pictures werent taken nicely but..

Im sad to say that these are the last pictures taken before she passed away.
I cant remember how she passed away but i heard from my cousions that her body wasnt working well.
I remembered like she puked alot and my cousions took her to the vet.
She was scheduled to do a surgery bud she couldnt make it to the day of surgery.
&& it was really sad because she was such a dear, hyperactive and all but shes already gone.

&& her arrival to gramps house was really fate. You could revisit her arrival here.

I guess death is a parcel of life and we just have to face it );

You know, i feel that its never easy to raise a pet.

Idk if its lucky or not because my gramps house has many but Im never too emotionally attached to them.
I do feel sad and might sob over some sudden deaths though.

I would really love to have a pet most preferably a cat due to its lower maintenance compared to a dog (:
However, idk how will i react to its death (since it will come eventually right?)
Because its a very painful process to get through , imagine the food/toys/collar left behind.
I think my mood would be gone for the whole day or maybe week. :/

Oh no, i think i have just dampened the mood of this post but in any case 
I hope that pet owners would pamper and cherish their pets (:
I feel like hugging a pet right now );


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hair colour update! (:

Hahaha its been awhile since my hair colour has faded 
So heres the update.
I wanted to go full blonde, bud i think it would be really scary + damaging 
(since my hair is damaged already)
I still went for blonde! But, blonde highlights heheh :3

Ugly processing in the salon );

Wooohu! Dam niceeeee right?

BUTTTT, i had to touch up my roots also, because i have roots already.
So i picked up a ashy blonde colour and heres the final results! (:

Jasmine say i look like key here LOL  (:

The ashy blonde colour got absorbed into the blonde and it turned silverish and close to blue (:
So when it fades finsh, i would get back my normal blonde streaks  :D
But it was a surprise because i didnt noe that my colour will turn out this way.
I was alil disappointed in the beginning but realised that i can have different hair colour as i wash my hair


Okay the horrible part was when it faded to like a dirty green omg. 
I used a redken blonde shampoo to accelerate the fading. (:

Cool sideburns wohu!

Rocking with no photoshop :D

Starting to get abit greenish
Looks okay under sunlight, bud is kinda weird with green hair

&& this is actually dirty green, looks alil blond-ish alreaddy

Green fading to blonde soon ! (:

This was like the final fading, very platinum blonde due to the shampoo.

SO i stopped using the shampoo from daily to maybe 2-3 times a week to get a blonde shade.
Because platinum blonde looks like white hair and 
i have brown hair with white highlights is like WHAAAAAAT?

Say hello to yellowish blonde (:

I love my highlighted sideburnsss! (:

The colour reminds me of peanut butter with nutella or something hehe :D
Thats kinda platinum blonde hehe.
So when i feel like going a little whiter(the hair) i use the shampoo more often.
And when it gets too white, i can stop and let it 'yellow' until i dont like the colour Hahah! (:

Its amazing how i can control my hair colour with the shampoo :D

Signing Off,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feel free to ask questions (:

Thursday, May 12, 2011

ComiFest 2011 Part2

So Tingyu, Ginnette, Joshua and I went to have Aston's (:

Change out of wig tsk tsk ;3

Nette & Joshua (:

After that, we left for home and I went home wif the wig on (:
So I took a last series of camwhore pics before i finally took off wig )):

Played with some filters :3

Random flower

Very nicely chipped off pic ( thats how i feel kay!)

Played with the pig bin (puik,nette,huihui,edmund & zijian gave me on my 17th birthday hehe)

I look really plastic here, bud i swear i covered my eyebags only :x


Wanted to give the dreamy feeel :3

Then i was really tired and hot so i took off my wiggie.
TO MY SURPRISE, i went from KOREAN  (althou it was random cosplay

Watashiwa kazue des, dozo yoroshiku (:

I didnt styled my hair before i wore the wig, cant believed it looked not bad! (besides looking dry)

LEARN THIS (points top*), get small nose pics. HAHAHHA!

Random photoshop lol!

In my opinion, the curly parts look really styled (cant really be seen here)
&& i havent bleached my hair yet :x
Feel so weird to see myself without my highlights
&& looking at all these pics, i really love camwhoring! hehe :D
Really glad to have cosplayed at Comifest 2011 and met some friends (: !

Signing off

Sunday, May 01, 2011

ComiFest 2011 Part1

On 5th march (saturday) Ginnette, Tingyu & me decided to dress up for ComiFest 2011 (:
Took this opportunity to CAMWHORE HEHE :D (lots of my pics ahead)
We met in the morning at Nette's house to do makeup & all.

Koko :D

Whos that angmoh? LOL 

So awesomeeee! Sunlight is the best lighting! Period

Tingyu, Ginnette & ME! (left->right)

After we were done we took bus 195 to Suntec City, where the event is held.
I think the passengers were more or less 'undisturbed' by our presence.

Chibi's Domokun wanna take pics too :D

Kazue enrolled in David Sg Academy who has ability to freeze (j.k jus made up this character)

I dun care if its overexposed, i love the colours! :D

Met violet at Suntec ((:

Joshua came to see us too :D

Made new photog friends Shi wen & Dickson :D

There was also Anthony that helped us take pics (:
They were very nice people and asked us to pose for them hehe (:
A semi studio feel.

So nice hor, help us arrange hair/clothes

Getting serviced LOL. 

Took pics with Yusri the spy! (:

&& Jiaqing!! (:

Alwayshehe came to find us and took awesome pics. See below!
We were lucky because we stumbled upon a empty room (:

Credits to Anthony ((:

Credits to Shi wen

Blondies (with shiwen in background) Credits to chibi's cam :D

HEHE. NICE ER NOTTT? Some people say i got the korean feel ! :D
If you realised, this series of pictures has the Naturally , Light & Bright feel.
It was photoshopped this way.Trying new styles ma hahhaha. 
The platinum blonde wig was awesome, buying it was definitely the right choice ((:

We got free icecreams from some random group of people!!!

Nette looks cute in this picture. (i wonder if she really didnt get any icecream)
So weird, those kind hearted people were giving free pencil icecreams!

The person asked me if i wanted icecream && i buey hiao bai-ly said OKAY && he handed me 1!
I was shocked because i thought he was joking :o
So it pays to be thicked skin okay~ 

MORE Picccccccccccs :D

A picture in a picture Credits to jiaqing (:

Nette and me Credits to jiaqing (:

Saw kelton stoning along the walls haha

After walking/posing for 4-5 hours or so , we called it a day.
We went to Astons to settle our dinner.
I purposely didnt take off my wig, as i think it should be fine if i were to go home like that LOL.

However, i heard some angmohs discussing about my hair while walking around.
So i guess the reals blondes can always tell from the fake, hahaha.

Q-ing up (:

Tingyu & nette went to take out their wigs );
So i was alone with wig , but its okay we still had our dinner.
 There will be part 2 because there are more camwhore pics in the night , you will know why soon (:

Til then ! (: