Monday, June 28, 2010

Sudden outing with neighbour

A sudden day to go out with neighbour because lecture was cancelled like suddenly notified by my classrep ;o
& as such i planned to go to MOE to get my PSLE statement because i lost it ):
I need my certs for my APEL lessons to fill up my PortFolio :/
&& the day after happens to be the deadline so i made lots of research and we made our way to buona vista.

We were kinda lost in the MOE building as we searched high and low for the lift. We realise that we have to register ourselves before entering the premises. && i was really amazed that Clar brings her IC ard because they asked for her IC to register ;o Well i brought because i was told that it was needed, bud luckily she brings it ard (:

&& I am really dumb because i wanted to photostat it bud i have onli a 20 cents coin dat allows me to photocopy twice ( I didnt noe how to make it double sided too , pffft)
Anyway i photocopied 1 side. Took it out, Put it back in and photocopied again.
Just then i realised that i photocopied the other side of the 1 i jus photocopied ( its okay if ur lost now)
In which I photocopied An EMPTY SIDE OF THE PAPER ( MAJOR FML) :/
Gave up photocopying and went to tiong to get tiks for Clar and Weiyi for their karate kid :D

Hoho, the precious envelope :D

After much consideration we went to eat Grillers. LIKE WOW, ever since that incident in secondary skl i swore never to go back again. Bud i m onli getting a soup so i shall see how much it changed. && wow , old staffs are definetely better den the new and spunky attitude teenagers staffs that criticed us . Although i was still disturbed by the R.A pics , the old aunties made the place seem less hostile then before, YAY (:

Soup Pls (:
Coke :D
Clar's fries :D

After ard 6pm i went to take bus to meet my blogshop retailer at outram mrt 630pm.
I was early so i stoned and spotted some potential ppl waiting for the blogshop retailer too, it was a mass meetup :D

All of a sudden i had this random office number calling my phone.

XXX: Hi , is this Shun An?
Me: Err, yeah, u r?
XXX: Oh , Hi im calling from watsons.
Me: Ohh okay.(Thought that they gonna update me with new hot sellers or reprimand me abt not using the card i signed up with my mum)
XXX: Do u rmbered the Friendly Male Face Award Contest u applied for?
Me;OHH YES YES (super excited)
XXX: Im glad to tell u that u r shortlisted for this contest and we need you to dedicate sometime for the contest.
ME: Okay Sure.
XXX: The first date is on friday at 4pm.

Gahh and u noe what ? I have Tutorial until 6pm and i have to meet Epsilon for dinner after that. I had no choice but to reject from the competition. Argh ): Was really happy that they called, i would join it again next yr, hmph! :D I got my clothes and homeddd. :D

Sneak peek :D

&& my registered postage reached my house on that same day too!!
Was super happy bud when i tried on the clothes, there was 1 dat was ultra feminine that i had to give my sister to wear, LOL.
I bought like 9 tops online from blogshops liao, OPS.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A trip to Taos

Due to a few events like mother'sday,father's day & my birthday we went to eat Taos Restaurant at Pomo.
Its a 6 course meal at a nett price (:


Mouth watering ehhh? :3

Gratin with cheese and ham ( can dip soft bread which can be refilled :D)


Farm house somethign LOL, chicken salad in brief
Clam shell salad
Prawn roll salad :D


My japanese fish soup, so cute lor in a tea pot de (:
Was kinda full at this stage liao :/

Special Fruits Tea Jug

Theres grape mallow, apple , passionfruit and more. All of them taste good (:

Main Dish! (:

Chicken Chop
Lamb ribeye i tink :o
Stingray? :O

Pork Spareribs i tink :o

&& guess who was the ambitious person who ate the stingray? It was ME HHAHHAHA.
LOL Wanna to try something special and so i had the adventurous spirit!
The stringray was quite good and tender, taste kinda Q.
It has this special sambal sauce that is pretty unique , definetely didntt regret it :D
Now the Must-Haves for a meal...


Tiramisu (:

Guess what? I took the moist brownie and icecream.
Woo it was dam good and sinful hahaha (:
The creme brulee there was 'thumbs up' too!
I remembered that it was at Taos den i was introduced to this delicious dish called creme brulee.
If im not wrong everyone was very full after this!

The last tea jug picture (:

I loved my grape mallow. It was the sweetest among everyone's else :D
The cup was pretty cute and zen also.
Overall i like dining at Taos because the staffs are nice and the quality of the food is good (:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cosfest updates

Acrylic paint borrowed from rasyidah (thanks ! )
Cheap black cloth shoes
Standby brushes and some water
Mixing the colour

I was painting my shoes to become green for my current Roselia cosplay.
I had a hard time gettin the right tone of green as it appeared as turqoise :/
As a result i took some yellow poster colour and added into it ;x
Bud the colour turned out great!!! :D
Bud it may not be washproof animore :/

1 side done

End product!

Although it wasnt really painted uniformly and the bottom sides of the shoes werent done , the end result was satisfactory.
It was hard to paint the bottom sides as the texture there was zaggered and it was plastic and not cloth :/
Bud I tink it wouldnt be so obvious when i take pictures ba ;x
Hopefully , there is a mini photoshoot this saturday for our costume + wig tryouts.
&& my major problem now is my wig.
Its kinda long and i dunno how to style it.
It needs some trimming and i have yet to make my horns.
I dun really know how to make the horns, argh ):       :/
I tried some methods bud it didnt really work ):
I hope i can make it in time for cosfest :/

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Outing with secondary skl frens (:

Went out with yinghui, lina and charmaine on friday to go to hangout Play Nation (: .
Bud we went to eat Astons at Cathay first, we met at 12pm and i was late ;x
Lina was even later! :x && i forgotten to take pics of lina's food cos it came late as well.
Bud it was unfair cos she got a huge serving of butter on her baked potato, WahLao ):

Yinghui's Grilled fish
My Chargrilled Chicken :D
Charmaine's Bbq chicken i guess?

Since we finshed our lunch rather early like at 1.20pm we walked around to kill time. There really wasnt much to walk around cathay and they went to the ladies . We also took a group picture with my tripod (: I place it on top of the fire extinguisher box and we took some grp shots :D However, there were some people walking pass && there were some paiseh moments :3


&& we walked to Playnation after 20 mins or so, and as expected, we were early );
Lina was obsessed with the monkey so they took some pictures with it hahhaha :D
We waited til it was like 2.05pm den dey allow us to go in :o

When we walked in they asked if we made reservations,  we didnt of course.
They told us all the wii stations was full, i was like WTF )):
Then the person suggested us to get a room, bud its minimum for 5 so we had to pay 5 person's share.
In the end we took it, we waited so long & came for the games so we forked abit more to get a room to ourselves :D It was like 9 dollars per person instead of 5. :/ ( oh well , different experience too (: )

Room for ourselve excitedd!
Charmaine in the room (:
Big tv (:
Raving rabbids! :D

Bass & Guitar for 'Band Hero'

There was also a xbox & wii inside already, with the drums,mike,bass & guitar so we dont have to pester the service crew for it hahha (: Played games like Raving rabbids, Bomberman, Some monkey games & Wii sports (:  
 && i still cant believe my ears when the girls told me that they have never played bomberman for til entire lives :/

Awesome time to camwhore when its not my turn for Raving rabbids (:
Ying, Lina, Me (:
Chamaine & Ying :D
The wii controller & Nunchuk :D

Then we played 'Band Hero' & our mini band arised!
It was kinda hard to play because im a drummer ( DUH, haha j.k)  cos theres some faulty keys lah, i have to hit extra hard on it ): Also the songs there were like very unknown songs like what pistols or some black rose ( super gothic kind) , so it was hard for charmaine to sing them lol.

&& without further ado ,..


I dugg out this game called Cooking Wars , since its 4 players so we tried it.
&& it was like MONOPOLY ON WII. OMG jus that i found it at the last 30mins of our time, so wasted!
Bud it was fun, like how u can sabotage ur frens or gain money/coins :o

Players, instructions, sabotage Hahhaha (:

&& the last few minutes of our time we took many grp shots together!!
I was so lazy lor, i had 7 grp shots to edit, i limited myself to 4.
Then i took the 4 and realised 2 was dark, so i took 2 onli hahahhahahhaa :X
Oh well enjoy (:

Wii controllers :D

I look huge because they are not even 155cm :x

After that we(charmaine & I) went home at 6pm while yinghui & lina went to p.s to do seperate stuffs :o
It was a fun day for me to meet up with my BESTFRIENDS of my secondary skl and gossip about some outrageous facts :O
I really hope that u 3 girls had fun on that day because I had my fun playing wii for 4 hours straight hahhaha :D

My holis are coming to an end. Like in 10 hour's time? So shitty lah.
&& i just realised i have got some personal reflections of at least 500 words to do, super sian ):
&& results of termtest would be out 2mlo, gulp*
Oh well i gonna type finsh that && play audi if possible hhahaha :D