Sunday, November 25, 2012

When Kymm came back!

Kymm went to disney for 6 months attachment! && finally after 6 months i got to meet up with her and jay hehehehhehehe.
Didnt see my daughter for so long hahaha, and she came back with a stronger american accent looool.
My hair faded from the purple to a light ashy brown with purple hues here and there hehe.
Pretty unique colour.

Took pics immediately after she arrived hehehehe. We had a short lunch at plaza sing and went to macdonalds to slack!

Group pic!

Jay & Kymm

More weird faces hahahah.

We talked practically for a few hours asking each other about our lives, and it was pretty nice to just sit down at some place to slack and chill. This poor girl was like shocked with many info we fed her with kekekkeke.

Soon after we went to walk around scape! There was the flea market that day and i found something that i couldnt find on gmarket ! 

The grey furry leopard print iphone coverrr!! hehe :D

Loving my coverrrr & my ring tsk ;3

We sat at Once Upon a Milkshake aka OUAM by jay. 
Apparently it was his favourite drinking spot, i feel that the milkshakes are nice but the sizes are a lil too small and pricey :/
But the outlet at scape was closing down (that was in june LOL , sorry for the super outdated post) , so it should have closed already.

I think it was about 4 dollars or so ;o

At a size smaller then the iphone, Kymm's iphone btw hahhahaah.

Last but not least 2 peeps at the back acting candiddddd hahahaha.


Well its been 3 weeks since my enlistment and so far so good I guess, except for the pimple break out from the field camp of 4 days 3 nights. It was as bad as I expected and I have nice platoon mates and section mates of course.

&& I think its pretty cool that I met 2 of kymm's poly mates in another section of the same platoon hahaha. Such a small world. I hope it doesnt get any tougher and I hope that i can pass my running. Currently im like 30 seconds to getting the 2 point mark, so i can pass my ippt.

OH YEAH. && im shocked that i cant do situps that easily now. I was like cramping my whole body up to get like the 30 points mark, to the point that the invigilator was laughing at my plight. && the worst part was that 31 was the passing mark. Not that far from passing thou :o

Another ippt next week, hopefully I can pass it all (;

Signing Off,