Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kymmclar & I

Went to have lunch at G.W Jack's place wif kymmclar. Its been like a few years since i saw this term ;o HEHE. All of us ordered baked riceeee! Great food :D & we ordered different icecream flavours, Vanilla ,Strawberyy & Chocolate very much like Neapolitan( as said by kymm).

Yummy baked riceeee

Clar eating her baked rice like some noodle LOL.

Kymmkymmmmm :D

After that we went to play at the arcade. We played bishibashi && i knew 1 of the controls was spoiled. && voila, it was the 1 i was using -.- Anyway died dam fast bud i won 2 games wifout using the green button, hows dat! :D Anyway we played some drum game, Percussion Master & we seperated the workload, 1 person 1 colour LOL. After that we spent the remaining amt on children's drum game && we got A+ & A. Pro right? :3 I suggested walking into the neoprint place!

Not forgetting taking fake neoprints in the roooom :D

Heres another shot :D

5 dollars sioool ;o

Last shot before leaving the placeeeeeeeeee.

We had nothing to do so & somehow we talked until getting geek specs. Kymm told me her fren got a geek specs cheap at vivo & i thought of that idea before toooo. So we went dwn to vivo to get my geek specs. As we wanted to walk to spice to take 65, the rain was pouring heavily. Was like huh.... & suddenly someone ran past me & clar said she looked like my fren. The running person ran & look back & i saw her & she was ginnette!

I followed her and ran up to g.v wif her. Having a short conver that she was late and the tap in place was shifted to near the manager's office. Reminds me of times when i was rushing to work, nostalgic :/ Had a short chat wif wilna before leaving the place.Anyway i went back to find dem & they suggested taking cab, so i went along wif the idea :D


Not for hire

I realise that most famous bloggers ALWAYS, i mean NEVER FAIL to camwhore inside the cab they took. So since theres such a golden opportunity, i wouldnt be satisfied if i missed it. (:

3 of ususus (:

Hehe, edited it into a polaroiddd (:

Realised all the rest of the camwhoring for myself was kind phail cos the cab ride was kinda shaky. Anyway we went to vivo to get a long-sighted geeky specs from daiso of my desired design. 2 buckaroos onli (:After that we went to get some food( seawood fish rings) & 1.5 litre of greentea & we went up to the skypark (:

Frienddds (:

Me & the specs :D

&& we commenced operation geek specs.
kymm pushed out the lenses for the long-sighted ness & dere we go,
a cheap 2 bucks geek specs witho0ut framee (:

Long-sighted lenses are like magnifiying glasses!

Camwhoreeee :D
Dey didnt wanna entertain meee (:

Geeek specs pic! ( got the kinda blogshop feeel :D)

Start of Geek-i-fication D:


&& kymmm ( looks kinda vintage eh? :D)

We Chat & gossipped about Ms K. and ate our food. I told kymm 'the Old Lady' Eq Test.The ambience was seriously spoiled by some indian girls with their bollywood songs blasting from the laptop. Well i was trying to get in the scary scary mooodd but failed. Kymm eq not very high also
uuhh, apparently :3

I wanted to take some pics wif kymm so i asked clar to take for us. She was so ahem* (fill in for urself (: ) dat she didnt wanna move so we had to accomodate to her angle & take pics :/ After taking few shots, which was kinda cmi in my camm, i decided to jus take our own pics using camwhore angle :D

The nice balconyy :D

Shes like trying to poke my nose, LOL

Last pic of the day.

Kymm went to find her frens to watch movie while me & clar went homeee.
Took 131 home and missed half an hour of 'Want to touch your hands' ):

Outing wif kymmclar was funfunfun !
Thanks for the GIFTSS kymmmm nu err (:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A trip back to skl

Took bus 65 to lil india & like normal days that 23 jus would curve in when my 65 is at the redlight. Wanted to drop down a few times to hop on 23 but the bus moved . Waited til around tekka bus stop when i saw a crowd waiting to get up the bus. I dashed down & got up my 23 pheww (: && whats even better, i saw shen! :D Took to skl together & went to meet suba & aravind.

We went up to the classroom together & waited for misschew. Was complaining how hungry i was as i didnt eat lunch ): .There was a sudden change of classroom & we werent sure our classroom was the correct 1 or not. Waited 10 mins later til miss chew came along wif chunyou & steven wif 2 cakeees O.o :D

Oreo chocolate cake

Delicious yam cakeee :D

Miss chew asked me & joey to cut the cakes as it was placed infront of our tables ;o So we went to cut the cakeeeee. She also told us our rankings & my current sem wif like onli 3.2x my ranking
was at like 24th. After telling most of us' results , she continued to tell us the bridgin programme thingy while i cut the cake .LOL

Me cutting the cake wif greedy manice ;o

Joey cutting the cake wif candid jolyn.

Shen & rasyidah :D

Me cutting the cakeeeee

Sideburns like paintbrush? :D

Horrible cutting

Final cutting

Steven,yanxiu, rehka &chunyou

Vernier and chunyou

The cake was reallly niceeee, didnt expect yam cakes to be so satisfying :D && on top of that , miss chew bought like 4-5 packs of chips for us, some was those big ones like Ruffles size. She also treated all of us drinks ! Such a nice teacherrrr, thanks miss cheww ((:

&& i need not commit like 10 days of '9am-12pm'ness. I can stop at 1st as i was scheduled so :D
Ahhh skoool,
p.s all pics in skl were taken by aravind

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wonderful Combination

What happens when mushrooms & shredded cheese collides & get stuck in an oven.
This results in a delicious supper for my family :D

P.S:The following pictures are not for people who loves cheese / mushrooms/ is mad hungry.

Hot from the oven, i mean it ;o

Look at the mushroom juice OOZING out :3

Looks like a mushroom in a mushroom ;o

Mouthwatering cheeeseee (8

More macro cheeeeese

Moreeeee cheeese

Chomps half dowwwn :D

Eating & watching shaman king at the same timee (:

Like the 7th one.

Seriously, mushrooms are such good stomach fillers. Feeling the bloated-ness when i reached the 8th mushroom and i was full ! How niceeeee :D If you love cheese, you would definetely love this alot (:
Best served when piping hot !

On a very random note, im gonna update on my 'upcoming holidays'.
From 26th March - 4th April i nid to go online EVERYDAY ,without fail, from 9am-12pm in some skl portal.It is to let the Freshies Year Ones to try out the bridging programme subs which we would give assistance online when needed. 3 hours everyday without fail is like worse den church service ( not trying to insult anything here)

Had an epic conver wif my frens wif my weird logic ,conver went something lidat :D
Frens all placing their time on the 2-5 or 7-10 slots *
Me: I wan to put all my slots on 9am-12pm
Xunhui: Why u wanna do in the morning?
Me: Oh cos i dont tink any Year Ones would be dat dumb to wake
up early to ask qns , so i can entertain less ppl (:
Frens: HAHAHHAHAH, walao ehh. Smart!(changes to 9-12

&& after like finshing the 10 days of commitment (wow 30 hours), i nid to face dem in flesh.
Like wow right? I nid to commit another 16 hours(other ppl 20 :x), maybe to teach them how to handle difficult questions or guide dem in anyway possible to let them breeze thru the course easily. They are like so freaking lucky lah, we dun have such priviledge lor ;o

&& on the 2nd day of the 8th hour, i nidto rush down to get my chalet room ((:
&& the stupid server is being so freaking mean to me, not letting me book. I really hope theres still room 2mlo when the server/ my internet gets better :o

Til then :/

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unmasked & cats

Unstyled hair & no Coloured contact lense (:

Jus some really random thoughts since im like rotting at my grandma's houseeee. I have been like styling my hair(be it hideous or not) almost everytime i go out for gatherings or even skl.
Maybe many of u might ponder how long i take to reali style my hair. The truth is at max, 30 mins . I can go as fast as 10 mins and den i start to camwhore, LOL. Sometimes the hair feels diff making it easier/harder to style :/ Weird right, as if the hair has got a temper of its own ;o

I have also been wearing coloured contact lense, with black rims,(geo lense to be exact) cos i tink that i have reali puny eyes. After wearing them for the first time, i really liked the fact that my eyes were greatly enlarged (: Continued wearing them like daily lenses which was said to be really unhealthy.Once in a blue moon,I would have like really bad sore eyes wif the arteries dilating in my oxygen deficient eyes.(i called dem sharingan LOL)

So sometimes if i would daydream & tink of many miscellaneous stuffs. I have come to the conclusion that styling hair + contact lenses is a 'KAZUE' look. While the 'Shun An' look is jus the nerdy , average , mundane look i sustain at home when nobodi is ard (: I really like the holidays because i need not wear my contact lense dat often & rest my tired eyess (:

P.s Im not trying to flaunt anything over here, jus tinking dat 'Kazue' look is obviously a much better impression than 'Shun An'

&& as im really bored NAO, i've wasted few hours to edit the pics of the cats of my grandma's house.Well, its not really a full collection, bud maybe like 1/3 of it or smthing.
Mostly taken from my handphone camera, i mean all taken from my hp cam (:

Kitty (:

Ginger :D

Scratchy (:

Eve, the newest cat (:

Oris :3

Xiaohui, always intimidated easily.

Fat Butter :D

Cute peanut (:

Baby, the cat ,actually frightened Lucky the dog.

Naughty chester caught playing in the cats' cage :o

Whitehorse, wif 1 eye emerald & the other sapphire ;o

White white, 1 of my favourites wif ocean blue eyesss (8

Bobo, who posed so cutely :D

Lovely creammm (:

I was originally doing a ginger tribute since i've got like close to 10 pics of her recently, bud it turned out to be another catdog post, haha. Kitty is like dayumm cute lahh. Shes sleeping on her back wif her legs all stretched out & like facing the sky.

Starting to like chester moreee, hes like marley from the show 'Marley & Me'. Hes getting more tamed & less bitey now, although he still pounces :/

Duck: Chester is veri naughty today
Fren: He can get as naughty as he wants cos hes' Mr
P. is gonna get sniped.

LOL-ed at the twit duck showed me. Kinda funny bud, sterilising him is nt equals to snipping Mr P. Its jus removing Mr T-es :D GET IT, hahah?

Kay back to manga/animes/tweeets byeeee all (: