Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lab Experiments

Cosfest Day 2 post aside, lets get Planty :x
Since my Cosfest Day 2 pics also kinda green, lets get u all to get used of plants ;3

The following pics are pictures taken from the PCT lab with my phone cam :D
PTC = Plant Tissue Culture (:
PCT= Plant Cell Technology :x
Im quite amazed that plants can grow out of any part of the plant lor.
Etc, stem,leaves,axiliary, root, seed ;o
Of course with the appropriate artificial medium and sterile conditions (:

Centrifuge tube :3
My dragonfruit seeds that grew!
I felt like they were my babies,(fyi still growing dem at home (: )
Rose not needed so i took a nice pic! (my camera's macro is still awesome! )
Rose stalk after growing for 3 weeks, not much growth or no growth .

 Cos sterilised too much, plants cells are dead !
Forming the brown materials as they produce phenolic compounds :O

Some purple cabbage ;x
Leaf of a plant :3
Carrot callus initiating, shaking for 10-15 mins with clorox!
My result , a lil callus forming only
Model callus culture :3
I has got purple hair! :D

Joking lah, theres a panel of purple 'cover' dat causes light to come in as purplish :D

Candid picture of ppl fooling around :x Aravind, Shen, Corey (left-right)
Me & Aravind, whose eyes are partially closed ;x

&& Plant cultures are really easily contaminated!
We work in this place called the laminar flow hood which blows sterile air!
Lots of knowledge to grow plants ehh?
An example of contamination which is irreversible,

Unwanted Growth of Fungi/Microbes! (by rasyidah ;x)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cosfest Day 1 2010

This post is about Cosfest 2010 & theres alot of camwhore shots(obviously myself) so if u cant take it i suggest dat u should 'X' this tab/browser heheh :D
Sort of look bishi on de first day so stop saying dat im a girl ! :/
Well bishies do look like girls, bud dats not the point!

Anyway i woke up at like 10am & took train and bus to Pasir Ris to Tingyu's house.
I met up with jasmine and we bought lunch & i taught her how to go ty's house :D
We reached her house at like 1130am
Anyway we waited for ginnette so we ate our lunch and played with the bunnies.
We started close to around 1230 pm doing makeup and we took kinda long.
Jasmine helped me with the makeup and in the beginning i doubted her skills , bud the results were good!
Thanks alot Jasmineeeee (bro)  :D
Ty's fren katherine came to join us as she will be walking around and not cosplaying.
We took like close to 2 hrs doing makeup and we onli left the house at 3 oclock.
Jasmine went to bugis to shop for some stuffs wif her other frens
While me,ty ,katherine and nette go to downtown east for cosfest. We were running late ;x

Camwhore shot at the house
Another camwhore shot ;x

So we decided to cab down to Downtown East (lol, at the sentence)
We found a cab at the hdb and asked the Malay taxi driver if he could fetch us dere.
He was waiting for his wife so he asked his wife thru the fone and his wife agreeed.
So all 4 of us ,with the wife 5, board the taxi and he didnt charge us a cent!
Thanks alot nice Malay taxi uncle! (:

See 4 of us at the back of the cab ;x
Never enough to camwhore :3

We reached the place soon enough and we went to walk around.
We saw alot of pokemon cosplays(including the red phat whale) and some nice cosplays.
Katherine helped us to take pictures while tingyu brought a bag to keep our belongings :D
Thanks u 2 (:

Now let the pictures do the talking :D

Caught a glimpse of a Lavi at the bottom right hand corner LOL !
Ash ketchum!
Articuno! (:
Ginnette (Miko ):D
Me :D
Grp foto with Yusri, ahsie ,puikwan,xueni ,tingyu and ginnette's fren :D
Doing someone's fav pose, if u noe who dat is.. hahahha :D
Gv clique with reawen! (:
With Violet :D
Individual shot with puikwan and xueni :D
Munching sweets from puikwan! (: (thanks!)

We(okay maybe jus me) eventually got tired from the walking and hearing ppl sing.
There were seriously good singers and horrible ones.
I remembered 1 girl screamed at the top of her lungs and was offtune for close to 90% of the song.
How horrible was dat? ):
We found Jiaqing and Mr Q mo they did help us take nice shots here and there.
Eventually JQ took shots of us before his battery/memory stick was depleted :o
Thks for the shots! (:

Reminds me of 'Where got ghost'  当兵很辛苦hor? ;x
Paparazi in action, hahha :x
Woops nice art by some random artist :D
Me and ginnette :D
Ultra camwhore shot ;x

As we didnt spend any money we took cab home . 
And guess what i did again, took pics ;x

3 of ususus (:
Last pic of this post ;x

Ginnette and I rushed to clean the makeup,changed and took bus to pasir ris mrt to meet puikwan and xueni.
We took train together with joshua back to tiong bahru.
Took 195 home and i went to fix my horns at home.
I found a plan to fix my green horns to the green wig, bud there were some problems to it.
Stay tuned for Cosfest Day 2 :D !~

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kim Gary

On a very random sunday, quite sometime ago Clar called some of the clique out to have dinner.
We decided to have Kim Gary as it was said to be quite nice.
I did some research and realised dat many ppl always complained dat the queue was long.
&& whats worse is dat we are goin on a Sunday, For Dinner .
With that impression in mind i took a bus to vivo to meet the rest :o

Met up with weiyi and clar & tionglin at vivo and we went to find the shop.
To my surprise there wasnt any queue, i was really amazed lah, sunday dinner(7pm) leh.
Anyway I thought the shop was opened by Bosco the famous Hong Kong actor.
Because i see his face everywhere, on the menu, board, posters and even some weird brochure.
End up he was only in charge of endorsing,to promote this shop cheyyy ;o
As weiling was late the 3 of us made our orders ;o

Ate Mixed Mushroom with Double cheese :3
The Milk tea ;o
I tink they purposely nvr stir properly to show u dey added milk lor ;o
Tionglin's order
Clar's order, abit blur uh ):
Clar and her order ( she ask me to take pic of her 1)
Mixed Mushroom wif cheeeeese is loveee
Slurpssssss :3
Weiyi's order.

The cheese was dam niceeee lah !
Like cheese fondue or smthing yippie ~
Fyi i ordered this onli because i had dinner at home already ;x
After we finshed out meal we left for Skypark and waited for weiling.
We talked about FISHY & PCH LOL ;x
&& also R-er :x
Went home after it was close to 11 cos dere was class at 9am the next day ):

On a very random note, i finshed the cookie that epsilon gave meeee :D
It was dam niceee! Ty Epsilon :D

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Credits from the internet ;x

WEEEE, i believe this show is like the next big hit in town!
Its very Harry Potter & Percy Jackson-ish & one of the main lead is NICHOLAS CAGE :o
The story line is something like Balthazar Blake (Nicholas Cage) is an amazing sorcerer and he is defending the city from his arch enemy. He recruits an average boy,Dave Stutler, to be his apprentice as he wasnt sure of fighting the enemy alone.As that boy contains some hidden potential in him, Balthazar Blake teaches him how to use magic. Then they sort of like stop the dark forces, win the girl & such.

I was exposed to the trailer during I.T fair as during times when there was nothign to do, we would watch the trailers dat kept goin on. I m a total fan of magic magic show/animes so this is a MUST WATCH for me (: There is also this villian who is like sort of madeup by roaches that disturbed some of my colleagues LOL.

If you are a sorcerer’s apprentice, what would you use your powers for?

If i were the Sorcerer's apprentice, i think that i would maybe use my powers to save those poor animals, abused by retards and no brainers.Probably like hearing animals' cries and flying over to kickass or something hahah :D.  Animals can range from household pets to like illegal poaching targets for instance bears which poachers kill to eat their paws. Ultimate gross can. Those heartless people especially ABUSERS/Poachers, ought to be shot, killed or banged by an aeroplane, LOL. If i have the ability to do so, i would definetely seek justice for animals that have been mistreated as they cant speak , ya noe. I would probably return the damage inflicted on the animal to the person, muahhahahhhaa ( i sound super saddist, LOL)

Enough Said, Heres the trailer (:

“Catch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Movie starting from 22nd July 2010 and join the Walt Disney Studios Singapore official Facebook and Twitter page!”

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Outing with prawn

As it was birthday month, i had this 1 for 1 tik from g.v
I went to watch movie with Prawnnie at Plaza , && we watched A TEAM (;
Make do wif the lousy Tiks pics, as it was the onli pic i took ;x

Show was quite hilarious bud i tink that at some point of the show it was like 'over-laughed'.
There were some audience almost falling off their chair laughing, bud we were like 'haha onli'. ;o
After the show we visited 'Hot Tomato' as prawn knew the chef there.
We thought he could sort of add ingredients for us , bud the boss was there on dat day aww :/

Soup (:
Mixed Grill (:

Brutwurst in the Mixed grill, woooo large sausage :3
Satisfaction :D
Prawn's Steak and Prawn :D
Yummeh :D

Although there wasnt free ingredients for us, they chef gave us a discount!
Ultimate shock :O So we saved 5 dollars, LOL.
Ohoh, the good thing about 'Hot Tomato' is that most of their orders comes with Aglio Olio.
&& their Aglio Olio satisfies my palate too :D
The cute thing is dat every dish comes wif this cherry tomato as garnish :D
We left for the Neoprints shop at the Arcade in the mrt and camwhored :x

Neoprints? Nahh, we take pics using cameras ;x
Prawnnie :D
Me :D
I swear this pic was onli enhanced with colours :o
'One-Eyed-Dragon' Pose haha, i look like MR. C , EWW.
Greeen chair :D
Skinnny prawn :D
Photo addicts (:
Moustache, & i borrow some hair from her LOL ( the short ones on top of my lips are my hair!)
I am Innocent :3

Hahahha, we got interrupted for a few times while taking pics, like ppl checking whether any 1 was inside.
I purposely shove my feet near the opening so ppl could see that we were inside , LOL
I tink they must be guessing what we were doing for so long , lol.
&& my cam was initially  low batt so we spammed pics until it ran out of batt :D
After that we walked to Mrt and she took the MRT while i bus home (:
Thanks Prawniee for accompanying me that day :D !

&&& for those people who still doesnt noe, i actually dyed my hair Cherry Black.
Well it looks black most of the time , unless theres sunlight ;o
For the benefit of those who havent seen my hair colour( especially clarisa wong blog owner of thelaughterisREALLY, this is how my hair colour looks like :3
Well not jus for her lah, because my hair colour is fading ); ,
(red colour never stays idkwhy -.- )
this is the onli closest proof i have of my reddish hair :o
End (: