Sunday, August 27, 2017

Artistry Hair Professional (Sponsored)

Hi all!!
It has been a while since I last blogged!
But today im suuuuuperrrr excited because I am going to introduce my hair sponsor to you all.

So you must be thinking,
" Cheh, got free things just showing off"

But that is not the case because I am genuinely sharing this experience with you people
(especially those who bleached their hair many times!)

So as you all know I have always bleached my hair and my pink hair was established after 3 rounds of bleaching.
But since its at the verge of fading I wanted a cooler tone! And this was possible thanks to Artistry Hair Professional!

My hair after the 3rd Bleach (as quoted by Jeric Hair Salon Hair Stylist)

" You can cut botak already"

It was really quite dry and many times it is fraying and lack luster.
But in order to put on a blue tone I need professional help and this really cant be done by myself!

We went on straight with Bleaching the first round to see if the pink still stays on, 
also to lighten the roots!

Selfie while waiting hehe!

Service was really great here because Elein gave me drinks to choose from!
I drank a total of Green Tea, Lemon Honey, & Milo (I was there for a total of 3-4 hrs)
And also Elein gave me snacks as she was afraid I was bored from waiting! XD


This is how it looks after the first wash! Still a little salmon pink!

And after the 2nd bleach, im more at a milky pink  (which can be covered by the blues)

Firstly addition of the turquoise to the inner parts!

Adding the rest with the dark blue tone~

After washing, she helped me to trim my hair to look sharper!

Thank you so much Elein!!
I really love the amazing transformation from pink to Deep Blue and Turquiose now (:

I didnt want to get my hair styled so I can let the colour seep in for more days 
(Didnt wash for 2 days :x)

And I really like how I look like a blue flame when I raise my hair up like that!

This is the finished look!
Hehe matched with my turquoise wall! How does it look??

I look very much different with this blue hue and im much more edgier!!
And like I said after 5 bleaches... I think its impossible to have healthy hair like mine with glow and it doesn't snap like its been tortured 5 times :x
I dont know what magic Elein did, but I am sure it is good for those of you who has damaged hair and wants different hair colour! 

And of course for my viewers, there will be a discount for you when you..

Remember to call up the place and make a reservation!!
The salon is located at.

10 Anson Road, International Plaza 

Thanks for reading! (:

And here is my transformation video I recorded while I was there!!

Signing Off,

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gaston Luga Back Pack (Sponsored)

Hi guys! I have received my Gaston Luga Backpack recently and I am excited to show you guys how it looks like! Hmm.. You must be wondering what is Gaston Luga and where is it from.

This Swedish brand of backpack uses good quality leather to make their backpack.  As they feel that a  backpack is an important companion , it should be practical and elegant.  From the wide range of choices, I picked PrĂ¥per - Black . ( It comes in other colours too!)

This is how my bag looks like!

I really like how the metal hook can be adjusted to 4 levels to increase the size of my backpack
As a student, we need to bring many documents to school and laptop, and this is a practical design. Also, there is an inner 13-15 inch laptop sleeve within the  backpack and you can slot your laptop in comfortably~

 Additionally, there is a special passport and ticket compartment for people who travel often like me.
This compartment is located at the back.
Therefore I do not need to dig around my bag franically, as I can reach my passport with ease.

Frankly speaking, I do like this  backpack as it is really durable. I put many heavy documents in it and it is holding very well. Besides, i tend to slouch alot and this backpack is very rigid at the back and helps to straighten my posture (in a good way). Also, I don't I will need to worry about wear and tear (student's woes) as this is made of really sturdy material.

It even looks good as a prop when you take pictures be it OOTDS in school or when you travel.
As you can see the leather has a slight shine to it when it reflects light.

Specially for my readers there is free shipping and also 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU countries) 
Additionally, you can quote 'kazue15' for another 15% off on top of the tax rebate !! (:

Signing off, 

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Cathy Doll's 5th Anniversary (Sponsored)

I was really happy to be brought to Thailand by Karmarts Singapore!
It was Cathy Doll's 5th Anniversary and they brought back some of us ABBC winners (:
I checked in at 10am on 24th Feb and the room wasnt ready. I asked around and realised that some ABBC blogger had checked in and I realised it was Angeline!!!
I went into her room and we had a good chat to catch up!
After my room was ready, I checked in at about 12pm and I realised that my room was just beside her~~ After dressing up, I took some photos hehe. 
 It was really awesome to have a room to myself! :D
Going for the Kpop look :3

After that, we met at a Cafe in Siam as a holding area while waiting for the rest of the stars to appear at around 3pm. We took a subway there as it was just 1 stop away.
Slowly, the ABBC bloggers came one by one and we were all so excited to see each other!!!
It has been like half a year already?

Left to right : Namwarn, Tianxin , Janine , Angeline , Elcah.

&& we took goofy shots because well, its a reminder to not take life so seriously :D
 Left to Right : Tianxin, Me , Angeline, Quynh anh Shyn(Vietnam Actoress) , Elcah (Malaysian blogger)

 Angeline from Malaysia!
 Janine from Indonesia!
 Tian Xin from China!
 Namwarn from Thailand!

About 5-6pm it was time for out scheduled photoshoot and it was only 5 minutes!!
It was so rushed and there were so many cameras to look at. *eyes darts everywhere*
It was an honour to take pictures with some of the Hottest A-listers stars in Thailand!

  Everyone looked so gorgeous here!! (:
I was abit of a rebel here as I didn't have totally white outfits, So I only brought my white & black printed jacket :x

And after the photoshoot we had 2 minutes to take selfies with them! So I could only take pics with stars near me! And seriously, when taking photos with stars like them I can only give out a goofy happy look. Damned. They looked flawless regardless of the angles taken.
First is boy_pakorn! He was ultra friendly and very nice as a person.
Secondly is push_dj . He has a very charming smile and he reminds me of Fahrenheit (Fei Lun Hai) Aaron.He has a very korean look and I was really happy because I followed him for sometime on instagram.

After that, I didnt have time for the other presenters and we were invited out to the main event.
2 minutes were gone in a flash ))):
Me at the big backdrop before going to the main event!
 I was seated with Quynh anh Shyn
And also Totlina & Nila from Laos!

I was really lucky to be seated with these ladies as my intial seating plan with the ABBC bloggers was taken up by some other people. So I had to join the other 'Exports' (yea they named us that XD)

Soon the event started and I took more videos than pictures as my camera was about to die.
These are some of the pictures take that day~~ 
 Push DJ
 Cris Hor Wang
 I was really impressed as the Presenters all did a catwalk and after that a SONG!
Is it a rule that all Thailand Presenters must be good in singing , because I was really impressed!
As the event goes, we saw the whole 5 years highlighted products of Cathy Doll!
And as the event ended, I managed to sneak a ninja shot with a makeup artist I followed on Instagram!
Can you believe that he is 29 ?!?!?! *Omg. Spazzz* He was so friendly and inviting people to take pictures with him!! It was really a rewarding day, having pictures taken with them and also taking pictures with them.

ALSO I scrutinised their actions while they were on stage, walking and interacting with fans. *such a stalker* BUT YES, I learnt alot from their actions and how they behave. And also, reacting to unforeseen circumstance, which requires high EQ.

Overall, I was really glad to be invited over and thankfully for Karmart that sponsored this trip, I enjoyed the trip totally! So its my like 2nd attempt making a Vlog and here it is!! More information about the trip in this vlog (:

**P.S** As I am still a noob at video editing I didn't realise that the runway songs they used striked some copyright issues. It wasn't a biggie but there are some limitations. So you might need to open your desktop to see this vlog and some handheld devices are restricted from viewing! Thank you.!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

First Filming Experience

I have joined Mediacorp(part-timer) for quite a long while now and I didn't have suitable roles previously due to school commitments and my loud hair colours previously. I have always wanted to try acting in my life and I finally had such a chance. Thankfully there was a small role that fit my schedule yesterday and it marked my first filming experience! ( no lines but, at least it is a good start (: )

I was told to arrive at 7am for makeup & wardrobe. That timing was really early, but I was so excited i woke up at 5:30am and eventually took a cab down as I realised that the buses to harbourfront were not operating (because it is at the other side of the terminal *cries*) I reached at 6;30am and navigated into their new campus at one-north.

Obviously I was the first few to arrive and I walked into the makeup unit as it was opened. I told them my role and they actually thought that no makeup & hairstyling should be done for some game challenge contestant. But there was this senior staff that was so nice and she said that since I came and took a seat, might as well do something to my hair. She curled it a little and set it with hairspray ( thank god)

After that the main bulk of people came and they were coming to line up for the wardrobe. It was a hectic scene as I think 3 shows were ongoing and the scene that I was going for that day had a lot of spectators. After Q-ing up, they gave me a dry fit shirt so that I wouldn't get heat stroke if I were to stand under the Sun for quite sometime ( Still not revealing what this role is keke )

We took a minibus over to Symbiosis where the scene was filmed. The building was quiet on a saturday as I think most of the offices operates on weekdays from 8-5pm ish. Either that or they booked the place. The filming place was also barricaded to a certain extent ~

Through this experience I really learnt a lot of things. Like simple scenes you see on television require many takes from different angles. Also the audience had to move accordingly to where the camera was filming. Different filming requires different lenses (wide lens, focus lens etc..) And it was really cool to see some panning action :D

(a photo of the set to satisfy your curiosity)

I also talked to some people that day , be it part-timers or extras. I learnt alot from them and it was really interesting to hear stories and important advices. I made friends with some of them too~ Most people were helpful and nice especially towards a greenhorn like me. For that , I felt very grateful. (:

The main cast was Jeffrey Xu Ming Jie and I had the honor to be standing just behind him most of the time (hint hint for what I may be doing). The host of the game show was Kun Hua (with platinum blonde hair , omg envy) from 9.33 And I must say that their chinese proficiency is like really accurate and amazing. Every word can be heard properly and distinctively. ( i better work on that soon, gulps*)

 With Jeffrey
With Kun Hua

They were both very friendly and didn't mind taking a selfie with me (':
Thankfully, my scene ended earlier and after that I could go back myself to return the wardrobe and leave. (luckily I did my scene in one-take)

It was a really fulfilling experience and I hope to get more roles (maybe challenging) in the future!
Hope to have such chance again! (:

Signing off,

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

AOA Favourites

Recently AOA had 2 songs released and they are "Bing Bing" & "Excuse Me" respectively.
It dawned on me that they had really different concepts since their debut.
(I followed them since then) 
I am glad these 2 concepts are slightly back to their usual funky concepts.
(although 'Bing Bing' still sells a little sex)

But these are the 3 members that I focus on the most :x (*Credits to respective picture owners*)
These are just personal opinions~~

1. Choa

She is without a doubt, my bias in the group. I was very happy when one of my friend bought an album for me and the postcard was CHOA!! It was like omg happiness! Her style & voice is so lovely~~ A definite goddess to me (sparkling eyes*)  
And can I say that she really rocked the blonde look?
After she did her shorter hairdo(In short skirt MV), it was much quirkier and less boring than her long hairdo in Elvis. And as the lead vocals, you see her in most of the MVs, even in AOA Black.

2. Jimin
I noticed her IMMEDIATELY when Elvis came out. It was her turquiose ombre hair that caught my attention, accompanied by her unique voice. Many people thinks that she is too nasal , but I think that is what makes her stands out.

Plus that voice of hers is really suited for rap-ing songs. I am glad she got more famous during the "Unpretty Rap Star" shows.

she even got to do an Mv with Xiumin after that. (althou im not into songs that raps all the way)
Lastly, I cant shake that fact that they did this comparison of Jimin & L.Jackson
It was hilarious XD


I personally only noticed Seolhyun because she was in many Mvs, Ads and is visually pretty.
I am not too sure about her personality, but many variety shows had their guests nervous about meeting her and her being many people's ideal type. 

As for the rest of AOA, I am not too sure about the members :x
But I was quite sad that the drummer , Youkyoung left.
She was quite underrated and only appeared in a few Mvs. She didnt have much exposure either, despite being a really drummer. Hopefully she seeked a better company or another route for herself.

Initially AOA was a girl band that launched after CNBlue's success but now, they hardly play their instruments. And I am not sure about the rest of the netizens, but I really missed their 'Elvis' & 'Get Out' days where its more of visual and not sex sell.

Signing Off