Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kymm and jayjay (:

Just like wad it says (: Happy birthday to u 2 :D

Kymm's mysterious birthday present ;x

Camwhoreeeeee (:

Clar and weilingggg (:

Tiong linnn ((:

Weiyi chionging her tutorial :o

Kymm's plastic bag which i designed for her (: (Back)

Front :D

Me clar, weiling, tionglin and weiyi met at lucky plaza wanting to buy the cake.
The cake we had in mind was blueberry cheesecake in bakerzin on 50% discount ;x
Bud i was hungry so we went to buy some food to fill my stomach.
We sat at macs to finsh writing the card and decorate the plastic bag.
We had many camwhores moment which was very funny ;x
After that we went to buy the cake and took bus to cathay to eat 99cents sushi (:

ON the bus (:

To Nihon mura( ri ben chun ) (:

Chawamushii (:

Unagi sushi (;

Blur pic of the spread of fooooood :3

Flame grilled hotate ((:

Flame grilled HOTATESSSSSs (8

FATCAT( kaiting ) blur face and mochi :D


Wondered how the 99cents sushi plan included Hotates & Chicken wings?
Haha, jus nice when we reached at 4 there was a buffet til 530.
So we went in and ordered food at break neck speeed :D
We jus went down the list and said our numbers.

" 2 lah.. Dun want la too lil 3 lah."
We ordered alot because there was 8 of us.
Bud onli like 4 of us were dere at dat moment and the last order was at 5pm
Which we onli had like 1 hr to order and fill our stomachs?
Kymm was the last to arrive and i passed her jay's card to write her wishes.
On the way i also tricked her.
Could tell she was quite sad (:<
Shun: Today we celebrating Jay's birthday

Kymm: HUH.... why u all lidat 1 .
Shun: Cos ur bdae pass le ma, den clar say cele gt bad

Kymm: Walao, u all so meannnnnn ):
Shun: Nvm lahh next yr okays? :D ( gives an evil

The waitress came and took our last order.
Wasnt even full at all lor.
We took many orders and she GUAI LAN US.
"Dont order so much, WE WILL CHECK UR

" If u cant finsh ur food, we will charge 1 more person
in hor"

True enuff it was hard finshing 10 handrolls and 4 kinds of chickens ;/
Tiong lin placed 2 handrolls at another table dat left and we finshed our food. ;x
With tremendous effort we finshed our food (:
Then, cakeeeeee time ((:
Sang the happy birthday song in both language

Dono why kymm pose wif 10 bucks

Dono wad kymm is laughing abt also

Delicious blueberrry cakeeeeeeee

Kymm murdering the cakeeee

Taking candles out using mouth :/

Jay taking candle out using mouth (:

November babieeeeees :)\

Not seeing double or triple its CAKEEEEE TIME (:

Rich creamy cheese topped with sweet blueberry bits and nuts 8)


Low and Behold.
PRESENTS sesssion'!!
Sang the happy birthday song AGAIN :o

Black and white octopi (:

Jay's trying his new shirttttt.

Unglam shot uhh? ;x

&&&& NOWWW Presenting the Reveal of the mysterious box.

A best denki wrapped present (:

HOHO, newspapers :DDDDDDD

Some encouragement!

COngrats its a Korean potato chips box! (:

Lastly its a strawberrrrry cakeeee. DIY by me :3

Sang another birthday song when i handed kymm my gift.
HAHA, sang close to 4 times that day ;x
They were both shocked cos jay tot we were celebrating kymm's birthday
&& kymm tot we were celebragtin jay's birthday (:<
My evil plan did work HEHE Double surprise!
Overall, both of them got their presents and dey were happy.
Thats the most important thing (:

After tat we walked to taka and we played some games on the way.
Classical games like ' How many meh meh jump over the wall?' & Apple orange :D
HAHHA, kaiting always apple de :x
While walking on orchard road i saw michael jackson.
SERIOUSLY, well it wasnt the real 1 bud probably a crazy fan of his
He had powder-white skin and curly fringe exactly like him!
He wore a black hat, black shades , GOLD sequin top and SILVER sequin pants.
Omg, he was like a replica of him, bud prolly a size smaller.
The most shocking part was there was 2 body guards beside him.
There were some photographers frantically taking pics of him also.
We went vivo for awhile and continued those games.
Then arose, Zebra& Papaya; Big & Small; Piggu &Backside.
Haha, invented so mani new games as if we were competing who would win ;x
Went home and chionged my csas Elearnign log.
It was til 1230 before i slept and 645 when i woke up.
Was dammmmm shagged la ):

Before i end this , Happy birthday kymm and jayjay :x
Sorry for the late post and rmber to scroll down folks :D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Presents in the making

Fundamentals of making the DIY STRAWBERRY CAKE (:

Instructions (:

Cut out clothssss (:
Some rubbish in the process :D

Follow the patterns to cut out.

Sew the onion like whipped cream and put spots on the strawberries! (:


Cake side, top, bottom and fruits all done! :D

The lovely fruits, crepes and biscuits :3

Sewed all those onto the top of the cake (:

Sewing the cake's layers (:

Some ugly stitches ):
Side and top doneeeee (:





The box and the cake :D

Put inside the boxxxx (:

That was the present for kymmm nu er (:
Did some of the cutting and sewing a few weeks back.
It was such a time consuming process :/
Then finally finshed it on sat the final touches and stuff.
Pricked my hand several times );
Put some of sis's strawberry moisturiser on the cake to give it a nice smell.
Fundamentals of CARD MAKING ((:

U nid some nice paper and nice markers

&& of course some nice handwriting like mineeee (:

Next some nice pictures :3

Some hardworking people.

1 artist who drew lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and did i say LOTS OF STUF?
My handwriting (:
My Trademark faces (:
Clar, kymm, weiyi, weiling (left to right)

Tionglin, jay jay and Kazue :D ( left to right)

1 of the least work done ;x

My poooor hands );

The very mean card >:D

FInshed product LEFT!

Finshed product RIGHT (:

Kymm's board, without kaiting's crossword puzzle.

ME weiling and clar went to bm mac to work on these 2 card/board.
Drew many faces and highlighted our fav colours on the hair.
It was quite Nice & cute alright (:
Saw many muggers at bm mac, prolly for their O's or N's
Also bought a extra value meal to try out my luck in monopoly.
Bud i tink, 1 of each colour is nt released yet.
This could be the company's secret to earn money ;o
After we finshed the whole thing at ard 8pm i took 16 to katong.
WHoa it was such a long road home and i fell aslp couple of times :D


Whos j.w?
Clar's new admirerrrrr heheh.
It was found on the other side of her posticks. WEIRD ;o