Friday, November 27, 2009

CCN + Chalet

13th fri was ccn day, many days before we were making the posters and stuff :/
My drawings :x

Me working hard :D

Rasyidah colouring :D

After much hard work :D !

After more hardworrrk! :D



Starting of the CCN day was very screwed, dont wana tok abt it.
After dat we start selling ice pops first den hotdogs.
Ice pops flavours were reduced from 3 to 2.
Den we had to put sold out for milo at the start of our business :/
Had a tiring time shouting and promoting for close to 3 hrs.

After dat, went to walk ard at other stores.
I won a correction tape at 50 cents (:
Hsueh Ni came to find jolyn and they played some find-the-words-in-paper-game.
Overall CCN was quite fun and exhausting.
It also showed me some sides of my classmates, be it good or bad.

After dat i went to the cousions' chalet for 2 days 1 nite haha.
The exterior of the chalet (:

Our room number (:

Living rooom (:

Balcony ! Only lvl 1 rooms have balcony (:

2 single beds (:

&& 1 queen sized beddo :3

Fridge and toieto (:

First day i played with my cousion, chunhui, with the laptop.
There were very lil people on the first day.
Luckily duckieee came :D
PLayed fighting games and watched Crayon Shin-chan :)
I fell asleep at 1 am first, as i felt very tired.
DUckie and chunhui played the com while i was asleep

DAY 2 !!
I went to tampines to find our family optician, my aunt's fren.
Becos my specs was in a horrible condition and my degree increased, i nid a change :/
Went to get new lens ,using the same frame and get my camera into action.

The cat im super crazy with now, YIW (: ( Found behind duckiee's parents shop)
FYI, it was named by duck's family
Mr PUSS' Gentlee pic. He is gentle bud has a rather fierce face :/
FYI its name is pussy :/, named by duck's family agn

His normal fierce face ;o

This was the pregnant cat We met last yr ;o ( not pregnant now :D)

Back to the P.A chalet :/

Walked pass the moss infiltrated beach ;o

This annoying kid dat snatched my cousion's swing.
He said this
Go away. Let me SWING. I NEED TO SWING.'
Awfully rude la, impudent brat (roll eyes*)

While my cousion was still having fun ;o

While i was still having fun :D

Seaweed pringles dat i used to fool my cousion, saying it was wasabi flavour :D

Kebab making session (:
You need pineapples, red/green/yellow peppers (:

&& some button mushrooms (:

Lastly, sinful chunks of marinated pork belly (:

End product ((:

How is a barbeque complete without bbqing marshmellow? ;o

Ppl wif sweet tooth should seriously try this.

Soft on the inside crispy on the outside with the molten white viscous marshmellow dew.

A lil charred D;

The 2nd day was more fun, there were more people, due to the bbq.
Also when we started the bbq, it rained.
Luckily some of the cousions brought a portable pit from gramps house.
Thus we were able to bbq at the sheltered balcony.
Due to the rain, the smoke came into the flat and the whole house was smoking, literally.
There were many teary eyes and forceful chokes as if we were offering our prayers at a famous temple.
Being a smart alec, i ate a handful of vermicelli and went into the room & sought refuge wif my cousions.

Because i knew there will always be leftovers.
I went out when everyone was full and satisfied and have our mini buffet of chickenwings(:
Ate like 15 over chicken wings (8 and 1 kebab D;
Ate 1/4 pack of the marshmellow becoz it was too awesome.
Had nvr ate so many marshmellows before.
Its like , very.. addicting just cant stop eating :D

Me,duck,chunhui ,big sis ,winnie(zhuzhu) and wanzhen went to play the playground.
It was so much fun and i saw the playful sides of 20++ yr old ppl ;o
Played the huge spinning top, jumped on some platform, played the swing, the 'gliding thing' and climbed a lil of the huge raphia pyramid :o
The experience was a blast and most of us went back sweaty and tired.
Went back to bathe and had some psp game play.
Went home at ard 3am and slept at 4 (:

Should seriously cherish my cousions' ties dearly.
Cos who knows, anytime , it . may. be . gone .

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mum's bdae (:

ON 7-11-09, it was my mum's 54th birthday ( easy to rmber 7-11 :D)
Went to have a splendid feast (:

Camwhore wif sis before we went out (:

We arrived at this place a lil further behind cathay, where the taos' restaurant is.
We went to have this buffet where my dad had to prebook :/
Although he prebooked it 2 weeks in advance, we had seats dat were out of the restaurant );

Starters! (:

Herbal Chicken soup wif abalone (8

Food and drinks & Desserts ahead :D

Weird lights that turned this green. ( Soup in bread btw :D)

Eerie beef (:

Salmon :)

Abalone and cheese Hotates(scallop) :D !!

More salmon ((:

Beef and Fried ebi (:

Crayfish and Cereal prawns :3

Variety of drinks (:

Yoghurt fruit (:

Desserts we took (:

Fruit tart (8

Blueberry cheesecake rock socks!

Puddings and Gui ling gao (:

Testube drinks (:

Last but not least, THE SIBLINGS (;

Ate lots of food that day.
Saw this young couple who ate alot.
They always came back wif like 3 plates-ful of food and finshes dem.
Then, AT THE SAME SPEED, they took more food wif us ;O
Bet their stomachs are like botomless pit:/

The crayfish wasnt as good as i though it was.
I love to eat crayfish bud they put dipped it in cold water, making the taste horrible.
Hot crayfish tastes much much better and more succulent (:
The Mai pian xia ( cereal prawns) Was the best!
It was crunchy, sweet and a lil salty altogether, nt forgetting the prawns' fresh taste.
1 thing i didnt like abt was the service.
The waitresses walked and sometimes knocked my chair, which was quite irritating.
Also, they didnt state 'No photography allowed',
yet the annoying waitress-es kept asking us to stop taking pictures of the food ):<
Who cares? I got lots of pics on top thou :D
Went to gramps' house aft dat.
Parents had a mahjong session while i watched my animes.
Went home after dat to cut cakeeee (:

Cut cake timeeee (:
The HUMONGOUS cake from secret recipe.

The cake's height was 3/4 of the knife :O !!

Happy mum posing at the camera (:

Truckloads of glucose / carbo /fats :D

Something dissapointing thou, It didnt taste VERY SPECIAL ):
Such a letdown from secret recipe.
Should have bought a cheesecake/something.
Oh well :/