Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gaston Luga Back Pack (Sponsored)

Hi guys! I have received my Gaston Luga Backpack recently and I am excited to show you guys how it looks like! Hmm.. You must be wondering what is Gaston Luga and where is it from.

This Swedish brand of backpack uses good quality leather to make their backpack.  As they feel that a  backpack is an important companion , it should be practical and elegant.  From the wide range of choices, I picked PrĂ¥per - Black . ( It comes in other colours too!)

This is how my bag looks like!

I really like how the metal hook can be adjusted to 4 levels to increase the size of my backpack
As a student, we need to bring many documents to school and laptop, and this is a practical design. Also, there is an inner 13-15 inch laptop sleeve within the  backpack and you can slot your laptop in comfortably~

 Additionally, there is a special passport and ticket compartment for people who travel often like me.
This compartment is located at the back.
Therefore I do not need to dig around my bag franically, as I can reach my passport with ease.

Frankly speaking, I do like this  backpack as it is really durable. I put many heavy documents in it and it is holding very well. Besides, i tend to slouch alot and this backpack is very rigid at the back and helps to straighten my posture (in a good way). Also, I don't I will need to worry about wear and tear (student's woes) as this is made of really sturdy material.

It even looks good as a prop when you take pictures be it OOTDS in school or when you travel.
As you can see the leather has a slight shine to it when it reflects light.

Specially for my readers there is free shipping and also 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU countries) 
Additionally, you can quote 'kazue15' for another 15% off on top of the tax rebate !! (:

Signing off,