Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Class outing

Went out last thursday to tampines mall to have Seoul Garden wif most of my classmates.
Didnt wanted to go at first ( Hello, its freaking tampines for a meal) but jolyn asked me to go, i am gonna rot at home && since theres food , I took the 1 hr + journey dere.

I loved the mushroom cream sauce there, ROX SOCKS :D

Zhi han & Yong sheng wif the same pose hahah

Steven, Yanxiu & rehka (:

Ops, liza unglam :3

Sortof a grp photo ((:

Rasyidah Candid :D

Rasyidah, jolyn & me :D

Was quite early when i reached, there were quite few ppl Yan xiu, Rehka & Rasyidah. Me & rasyidah went to eat the sphagetti && it was dam nice. The mushroom cream sauce was of a certain standard, which I felt was quite impressive for a buffet spread. When steven, yongsheng, chunyou, zhihan & vernier came they started barbecuing the food. Soon after jiajie,aaron , daniel shen & suba came. After sometime, manice , liza & xunhui came.

The food was quite good , maybe because i havent had buffet in a long time :D Somehow the sausages/hotdog there taste very nice, it have got this special 'chickeny' feeling even though its like normal chicken franks. Loved the prawns there too, which i could eat alot ((:

Good icecreammm (:

Its just this habit of me but i prefer to add peanuts into my icecream. I jus like to chew on the peanuts idk why. Its just much tastier & more fragrant (: Had lots of icecream to eat && was dam bloated in the end.

Steven smiling excessively

Act fierce hahahah.

Total amount spent on like 24 ppl ( 20 classmates+2vet students+2teachers)

I took a picture with Miss chew bud she didnt want her picture in the internet , even if she could see it or not. Oh well, i really want to upload it but i've got to respect her decision. :/ After much eating & chatting i went to the arcade with liza, manice and xunhui. We played some childish kids game to throw the balls at the flying objects in the screens. We cheated by using the other player's balls & i could also aim them at a nearer distance because of my long hands. I also played air hockey with liza which was really funny :D We ended up playing basketball throwing in which there were like 3 free credits inside without us knowing. We played like 5-6 rounds in total which was really strenous, at least for me hahaha.

Went to meet up with rasyidah,shen & suba to take 23 back to our desired destinations. Rasyidah & shen were like singing chinese songs ( with hanyu ping ying) which made me LOL-ed. Rasyidah was also a lousy backup singer who goes 'Woooo' & 'Ahhh' at awkward timings HAHAHHA. After they alighted i went homeeee (:

A very BIG Thank You to Miss chew who treated us to Seoul garden. (:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back :D

IM Backkkkkk :D
WIll be updating reallll soooon okay (:
-Class outing
-Ubin trip
Coming up real sooon. Hopefully both by this week :D

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jusacia :D

Was asked to go out wif kymm, junjie,tionglin & clar to eat dinner. So we met at ard 730 at dhoby to have Jusacia for dinner. I was too early && i went to pay prawnnie a visit (:
It was kinda heartwrenching to see her working so hard, to the extent of not
knowing my presence :/
Talked to her for less den 5 mins && she had to go to work agn ); . So i went to dhoby mrt to meet the rest. Kymm was late due to 'Sp's Gem selection' & jay was late as normal. So we three went to camwhore at the neoprints booth beside the arcadeee :D

Clar,me, Tionglin

Was kinda candid for dem bud i knew my camera was ready ;x

Got the royalty kinda feeling :D

Failed heart for me, Making heart aint easy on pics !

After that i saw some ppl playing jubebeat & was so tempted to play . In the end i couldnt resist temptation && topped 2 bucks to my card to play. Awww couldnt pass lvl 8 as usual :/ Tionglin had a try also.It was he's first time playing. Bud he played 2 songs onli because he failed on his second, in which he chose random 4,5,6 & he tio lvl 6 song which he failed. Soon, jay arrived & we went to Jusacia to get seats first. Kymm arrived afterwards.

Kymm & meee :D

Tionglin's Chicken Noodles.

My Creamy Chicken Noodles

Clar's Sambal Fish with rice ( Jay ordered same too)

Kymm's Chicken Miso Noodles.

Was really skeptical with my Creamy Chicken Noodles becos it was like so vague. I was so afraid it was instant maggee mee noodles kind so i asked the waitress.

Me: Excuse me, for the Creamy Chicken Noodles what kind of noodles do you use?
Waitress: Err, Noodles?
Me: ( wtf , i also know) Bud specifically what kind? Fusilli ?
Waitress: Err , jus long noodles?
Me: -.- Not maggee mee kind rite?
Waitress: Yah.
Me: Okay nvm thats okay.

It cant be like im the first one to ask what kind of noodles they use rite? Bud its so vague what if the noodles were like udon / bee hoon or smthing. Still noodles what? Anyway, had alot to rant that day especially abt the chihuahua bitch ahhahah. After much crapping & eating & shooting clar, we headed for our icecreammms (:

Neapolitan!! :D( Nahh the 1 on top is actually Ah Tap Chee)

The softie kinda icecream which i made.

I was kinda amazed lor. It was the 2nd time there bud my first time seeing the softie kinda icecream. I was so fascinated & made a huge serving tinking my frens would eat it with me. In the end kymm ate a lil BUD i finshed all of it HAHAHHA. We left after & went to the mrt to play concentration & Ji NIU NAI, before the C.A.L-es(Chao Ah Lian) came to disrupt the mood & we went home.

Bud we were very creative okay. We played innovated concentration from numbers (originally) to Animal Farm, to Super Heroes, To Car Actions (Sweeper,brake,horn etc) To even RIS LOW's famous phrases hahahha. Althou the game was interrupted at the Car actions, pffft, i had lots of funnn (:

Oh yes ima going to Pulau ubin for a 2 day 1 night self camping trip with Ginnette , Moo, Joshua, Puikwan, Xueni & Edmund. It will be all done by ourselves( mostly Moo & Joshua) && there will be night cycling, forest bashing, quarry dipping ,mosquito feeding & meteor showers to watch. Was kinda apprehensive to go becos of skl, tutorials, safety & all BUT, I would miss a chance to hang out with Epsilon if i were not to go. So, i really nid to go out with them more often cos i dont see myself doing so already ):

Anyway i will be gone from 24th-25th April :D
Dont miss me (:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clique outinggg (:

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating. If all of you noticed, OR U HAVENT, i have dyed my hair to a dark brown. Dam dark its almost black, which is why my hair is not bright animore. Screw those ppl who says there isnt much of a change, look at the pictures & judge agn! :D

Ignore my mouth, was showing off the bubble tea pearl. Hair is MILKTEA BEIGE CANNN?!

Revlon Dye (:

The productt (: Well u will see more downstairs below :D

As i was saying there was a clique outing! I met clarisa,tionglin,junjie,weiyi & weiling at bugis to have dinner. We decided to have swensons for dinner. It have been a very long time since weiling is free cos she have been busy wif her camp prac,camp & area cleaning. So its like the last time we can meet her before skl starts ;o

Sun Zi You Weiyi & clar at swensons :D

Me && the long lost weiling (:

Tionglin's Drumstick

Weiyi's Chicken Cutlet

Weiling's Baked Chili Rice ( taste like sambal)

Clar's Seafood Pasta

My Chicken Baked Rice :D

Jay's CrayFrishfish Pasta

The awesome shot of Earthquake :D ( screammms )

The whole clique was like irritating Clarisa with 'WARAO' && replacing all our L's with R. Was really fun seeing clar's annoyed face hahha. && Tionglin way to ask the waiter to refill the water was quite funny. It was quite fierce more like ordering him then requesting it . && we drank the water dammm fast like some thirsty souls hahah. I tink the staffs might wanna charge us somore if we ask them to refill animore hahahha.

Earthquake was dammm nice except for the 'Rum & Raisin'. It taste horrible when it was mixed together with the blueberry.We played wif the dry ice && made more cold steam :D We left && Tionglin went to get contact lenses from Cheryl while we went to the toilet. After that we tried to stalk Tionglin bud he was too fast so we ended up at iluma. In the end we played some sweet scooping game

Clarisa & Weiling

Our rewards & I kooped the Tiger tail for my camera pouch :D

We went to the top of iluma beside the club se7en to slack. && iluma was really cold that day like Genting highlands! It could be due to the rain or smthing, so many of us wore jackets/cardi :D

Grp phtooo

Another shot :D

Sudden candid :D

I like this picture, everyone different things :D

Neighbour && me :D

Comparing Eyesize, which i win by default ;x

As weiyi was really high, we asked her to intro us some games. So we played Big fish, small fish & Ji Niu Nai (Squeeze milk). Haha, Ji Niu Nai was really funnn , cos it would really make someone really high. Plus all those actions are really ... HHAHA, so yea :D && Clar's really bad at games that requires brain deep thinking. Clar ahhhh, must use ur brain more often if not it would become really expensive okay.

Weiyi left as she had something to pass to her kias. We continued some mini chatting && camwhoresss (;

Tl, Wl, Clar & Jay

Ususus (:

1 of the loots from the sweet catching machine, mini torch!

Clar & jay ;o

Then then, Weiling suggested that we take pics with geek specs && all of us put as fb dp :D && there i go snapping pics of all of us. && i photoshopped it before sending it to all of them to set as dp.







After that we took bus home && me and clar ran for our bus 272. I tot we missed the last 272 but i saw it moving && we ran from the interchange to the next bustop && we caught it :D

On a very random note skl starts already && i hope dat i can update my blog like twice a week :D
When is the nuffnang advert coming up?
I wanna earn some monehhh, RAWRR :D