Tuesday, January 31, 2017


So today my family went to many places.
We went to check on my dad's CPF, HDB, Town council and his banks.
It is really frustrating to not be able to do most of the important transactions due to no letter of authorisation. So that falls back to the lawyer's arrangement.
Thankfully for my cousin, we found a helpful lawyer at a decent rate which will be able to help us.
It was really tiring waiting for Q number, due to the day right after the public holiday and we spent about 2 hours waiting at bukit merah. *inserts sad face*

After that we went back home and my grandmother was still in the bed, at 2pm.
It was really frightening because she was lying down and had her eyes closed tightly.
She was not responding to our voices and was shaking her head groggily.
After much persuasion we managed to got her to the bathroom to bathe.
I hope my grandmother's health will get better as she seems to get weaker by day ):

Tomorrow I will go back to school and I have more or less caught up with the lectures.
There are still some school assignments here and there which I have yet to finish but I guess I will cope.
Also, there are more deadlines approaching and I have yet to start on them.
It is time to start on them soon *gulps*

Signing off

Sunday, January 29, 2017

CNY DAY 1 & 2

I woke up around 10 am yesterday and tried to watch lectures that I have missed.
Also there was ALOT of school work to catch up on.
What is worse is that one week from now will be a TermTest, which to be honest, I have yet to be revising over. *cries*

In the afternoon , my whole family was awake and we decided to plan our steps from today.
We sorted out the steps needed, expenses and what to do with the company.
Mostly importantly, what we need now is a lawyer to facilitate the case.
And as it is cny, most firms are not operating so we have to wait slightly later.

We booked a movie at 4pm so that we can distract ourselves and laugh a little.
The movie was 'The Fortune Handbook'

The film was quite funny, showing how different classes of gods, are trying to compete into the Fortune God class. And to do so they have to help people with their wishes and collect ingots as an assignment.The god, Mark Lee, went around asking people to chant his script to grant all their wishes. This film speaks alot about family (*cough not so good timing*) and people's greed and desire. It was still a decent film afterall and it was really funny to see Christopher Lee & Lee Nan Xing fighting it out from time to time.

I felt Christopher Lee really went all out portraying this hooligan-ish character who is in love with spraying his head with hairspray. All the hip twists & underwear scenes hahaha, really unexpected of him. I also like Lai Yi Ling's acting here acting as a semi bimbo who is deeply in love with his husband, Christopher. She then had a slightly transformation due to another reason  o.o

Also, this film speaks about doing good deeds and not just fulfilling one's desire. There were several times of this film where it got pretty emotional and made some people teared. 


After that my family and I went back to my grandmother's house. My 2nd sis drove us on the way back.We weren't allowed to visit house, but my mom was just going back to her house.
We didn't say 'Happy New Year' to other people and just smiled.

My cousins and relatives were kind of worried about us when we didn't arrive. I am glad to see their faces (esp prawn whom I frantically waved in the car before she almost left)
They were all concerned for us and they even set up the dining table for us to have a steamboat dinner when it was already cleared up.

Most of them gave us encouragement and also asked us to keep a look out for my mom. I also finally had to chance to see Patchy after so long. I also played with Chester & Momo and somehow I felt a little better playing with the doggies. 

After that I drove the car home,(I only drove like less than 2km the previous time) and it was really nerve-wrecking. It was around 10pm and I never drove at night before :x My contact lenses were abit dry and my siblings had to keep a look out of my alignment as my skills were really rusty.

Today is the 7th day of my dad's passing. There are many things to prepare and do.
But I hope that he is at a better place now. (: 

Friday, January 27, 2017

New Year Eve (Reunion)

This is a first year dinner without my dad, we had our charcoal grilled dinner with our favourite korean pork and vegetables. It felt a little empty but we filled his bowl and plate with dishes that we cooked.
I really loved eating Korean pork wrapped with vegetables & abit of chili and whatever is available in on our grill pan. My family loves eating it this way and it is fun eating like that.
We can customize different food in the wrap and have a different taste with every wrap (:

&& today after 2 years, I finally met up with Nette!
It was time to put behind the past and move on with life.
We put back the bad blood and decided to start afresh (:
It is time like this that my old friends got back to me, all of them.
Ranging from secondary school and gv days.
It daunted on me that only important people would want to be with me at my weakest.
These are the friends that I made myself and they hold a special place in my heart.
Met up with Ed & Xueni too! We had a good time chatting and decided to watch horror show next time as it has been a LONG time since I ever watched a horror film.

A photo of us (:

Signing off

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Finding the Real Me

It has been a while since I penned my thoughts into a blog post.
Many years ago,  I have been focusing on a business, another person's business.
And after some conflicts, I think I should focus on myself.

I feel like I lack my personality inside my posts and they are starting to look very catelogue-ish.
I used to be spontaneous and do everything and post whatever I want.
However, as time goes past, I become more concerned about whether it looks good and whether it is picture worthy.

Without knowing it myself, I have lost the essence of why I started blogging.
I made this blog because I like documenting what happened to me and my personal experience.
Everything here is raw and I can say whatever I want.
I miss the old me where I don't have to be concerned of whatever small things that I am doing.

I have figured out that, I will continue my Own blog, as this has been a little diary of mine, documenting all sorts of things and journeys since my younger days. (yes u will see some cringe worthy pics if u scroll all the way down) Hahhaha.

Many things have happened lately and as of which, brought attention to me that I was losing myself.
I don't want to be pleasing people, and change my character to fit their liking.
I have unknowingly been doing so for 2 and a half years and it is time to wake up.

I do what I want, and if you are unhappy, you can click the (x) button on the top right corner.
So now, I will focus on revamping this blog, my youtube and my instagram, to bring out the new me.
And YES, I am a very wordy and lengthy person. So be prepared to squint your eyes and read a little when you click into read more (:

Thank you for reading!

Signing Off