Monday, February 28, 2011

Theres no ugly man, there're only lazy men.

Okay I am bored at home now, and i feel like i should update my january post bud i wanna write something random again LOL.
In anycase, i bet most of you should have heard the idiom


Its means that 'Theres no ugly woman in the world, because they are just lazy.'
I think this saying applies to guys too.
I dont like it when guys say, 'Im ugly, no one wants me blah blah blah.' (irritating girls say that too)
Well if you cant be bothered to even look presentable, why would people even want to look at you?
So the problem lies in you!
People like that, or ANYONE OF YOU feeling that way, should improve yourself.

With that, I have some tips for people like that.
Will try to use myself for an example. Not trying to imply im really goodlooking here, BUT im very sure those efforts i put in have made myself more presentable then not doing anything.

1. Identify your flaws.
Common, everybody confirm have flaws one. If you cant identify it (i suspect some self denial here), get your friends to identify them for you, those badmouthed ones especially because they are honest.

Here are my problems:
  1. Small eyes
  2. Fat face ( i really do have it )
  3. Flat hair
  4. Pale skin
  5. Some pimples here and there.

2. You set a goal of how you want to look like.

Of course, you wont look exactly like who you want to look like from head to toe.
BUT! You can work towards it, or have a similar sense to the person who you would like to look like.
Jae Joong!


3.With that in mind(1&2), you try to cure every problem, as best as you can.


This was when i entered poly not long, so 2 years back?  I looked so different. 
My hair was still curly at that point of time,so i did rebond it, to make it straighter abit later.

I tackled small eyes problems by getting enlarged pupil lens, GEO LENS. 
They are of like 14.0mm, my normal eyes onli 12-13.0 mm?
I think big eyes looks more appealing so i tried them.
Big eyes look effortlessly energetic 1 lor, unless u have sore eyes LOL.
To my surprise i was obsessed with it and didnt wear my normal lenses again

I have inner folds on my eyelids so sometimes  i would use eyelid glue or 
eyelid tape (less often, cos its dam obvious) to get double eyelid.
I want to stun you all with the biggest eye photo i had ever taken, but it was during a cosplay event la.

Okay my complexion look like zombie because of the makeup.

Flat Hair & Fat Face!

I started styling my hair when i was secondary 2, like 5 years ago?
I tried very long before i really knew what style really suits me .
I have watched countless youtube videos on hairstyling and backcombing to supplement my needs.
I finally realised this trick.

That people with long sideburns(u see on the picture above) will give an illusion of a sharp face!
Its true & its like a trick to the camera.
Well unless u take pictures with your chin high la.
As long as u have a relatively sharp chin,the sideburns would cover the huge jawline that you/ I have ,
giving the look of a long faced, tight jawline model. (laughs) 

Additionally, if u are a camwhore, find poses that makes your face look generally smaller/sharper.
Anyway there is always photoshop to salvage it, but i still feel that long sideburns are a must.
At least for me.

&& it could be a trademark of yourself , distinguishing yourself from the other man with short crew cuts.
Well i must say that im going for a korean/jap look so short hair aint my thing.

But sporty people looks good in a clean cut. So you may consider cutting your long hair if you are a sporty and tanned person.

Pale SKIN!

Well, LET IT BE. *psst*(its an advantage)
Because koreans and japanese are so popular now, no one is gonna discriminate you for being white.
I think some people even want to get fairer.
You can even claim that you have such ethnicity hahahah!

But guys who are tan or not fair looks good also okay.
You all confirm look healthier than us, coz alot of ppl have absurd thinking that we are anemic.
It all boils down to how you use your skin tone as an advantage.

Well for  troubled SKIN
I guess you should get a suitable facial foam that caters to you needs.
This 1 you need to find it yourself, otherwise watch what you eat.
Or learn how to photoshop, a very handy skill!

&& the ultimate trick is to buff your body.
For my case im too lazy to do so, so i will just skip it.
You might be like you sureeee er not?

So answer this question:
Have you ever seen an ugly buffed man?

There you have it, if you have seen such a person 
you should go and buy toto / 4D /lottery or somethin, its like one out a million chance.



I get to look like kpop stars!
Although Im like 90% like that cute girl there, 
there are 13 other Male kpop stars that i have resemblance with. 
Its definitely better than the first picture right?

Like before you put in effort, the most you look like some exchange student from singapore to korea.
BUT , after putting effort in your looks, you can look so much better!

So hopefully, there would be lesser lazy men in the world which would result in more good looking people. *claps*

Signing off

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Onecompiledpiece's Origin

Reading some other ppl's blog kept me thinking of what made me start this blog. (long post up ahead! BEWARE ! )

Back in December 2006, my first blog post was about me buying some ham near christmas period at this i dont remember place. ( with like gross 'twit' lingo that makes me wanna bang the wall, but well its in the past)

And i started a blog because, i wanted to keep a personal diary to rant about everything.

I started off with blogdrive, i think the url is still there
Started in May 2005 & its still there omg. I sound so pessimestic in my url LOL.
Blogdrive aint user friendly and i didnt like it .

Then i switched to blogger after a few months.

I had 3 blogs initially, 
  • 1 for anime/manga (cant remember url) ,
  • 1 for animal related stuffs( deleted too
  • & lastly a blog where i consolidate what i did, e.g outings birthdays.
( I think its stupid because nobody reads 1 blog, who will go and read 3? )

I had them for many months and i realised that it was rather stupid,
Imagine typing in 3 different blogs and always limiting what type of topics you can write
due to the blog url & theme.

So i came up with onecompiledpiece, a url that allows anything and everything to be said, basically my life.

So it is rather meaningful for me to keep this name in my blog and i did not change it to like

Because this incident happened  more than 4 years ago? Realised i have been bloggin for quite long hehe.

&& Im a very jealous person. I see many popular people get traffic, sponsorships and all, makes me feel kinda inferior. (*inserts sad face*) Just dont have the luck i think.

Some of them started their blogs later then me. &
Yes i know "Its about quality not quantity".
Just feel indignant sometimes, oh well

&& Im still dreaming of the day where i would get my first sponsorship/ advertorial, anything would suffice.But not retarded or disgusting stuffs can already, hahahha. I guess sponsorship is a bonus in reinforcing how famous 1 is and so if i dont have it, it jus means that im not good enough hahah.

Well, from somewhere in my heart, i still love to blog and rant and show what i;ve did. Its like I post something and its appearing in MY web, how amazing is that? (;

And i really suck at technical IT stuffs, ( btw i still cant insert games into my psp, okay thats not the point)
So making a blog by myself is abit like setting up a site and i was very impressed with myself.

 So throughout the years, I would always bitch about the teachers, homework & school.
(sorry for being a whiny kid la)

& Even if theres no one reading , at least im reading it. But i think confirm got people read 1 lor, most probably my close friends who sometimes read and keep quiet or comment on it haha.

& Sometimes rereading my archives (myself) is a fun experience. (i got stm la, cant be helped) 

P.s I was so random and felt like i had to blog some stuffs out hehe, especially how i got this name onecompiledpiece.

&& I might be making a logo, the draft is something like a 4 pieced jigsaw with 4 different themes green, blue, red and yellow. && inside would be me in 4 different kinds expressions/wigs/camwhore shots? Just an rough idea ahhaha.

&& i feel that i should probably change my blog header, im getting abit bored by it now hahah.
Sorry for boring you with my long post ! (to whoever's reading it)

Signing off

Monday, February 21, 2011

Exam papers

Ughhh so i have jus 1 more day to the start of the exammm.
So 4 more days til the end of Year 2 omgomgomg!! :o

Anyway my papers goes like this

22nd MCT - 9am
23rd ABCHM - 9am
25th MBIO - 9.30 am

I personally need to rant here. I think the person in charge of amic is rather ridiculous.

From the initial 4.1-4.8 that was supposed to be taught we were taught on 4.1-4.2 only.

'WOWW '...

Okay its good for us because we have lesser to study.

BUT, we need to do more indepth research for the topics because the information is not found in the notes itself.

It an open book test btw. 
But wtf do u mean by find indepth information, i find this an excuse to be lazy and not teach/upload notes.
For many times , this teacher have done so.

Could have given us 
  1. Assignment to do on our holidays BUT GAVE US THE ASSIGNMENT AFTER THE HOLIDAYS.
  2. Uploaded scopes to read JUST 1 DAY BEFORE THE PAPERS(happened thrice maybe?)
  3. Had 1 tutorial instead of the required 2. (+ go thru 1 out of 3 questions only btw ,wth)
  4. Failure of lab equipments to come on time, wasting 2 periods of our supposed 3 hrs each session
  5. Didnt upload lab manual for 2 TOPICS, in which 1 he printed for us the other 1 we jus copy from the whiteboard.

&& until now, the time and venue isnt confirmed , for the paper on thursday.

Haven wednesday mahh.. Right?

Signing Off

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saizeriya WOHOOO

Its beeen a super long time since i wanted to go Saizeriya && i went with Clarisa on christmas itself 
(Super late post right.., I NOE :/ )
Anyways, there were many times where i wanted to go & dine there but then it always fails!!
Like during halloween shoot, but we ended up at macs && during clique meetup but we ended up at waraku.

So i finally went to City Square Mall to have dinner with Clarisa there.
&& surprisingly, being a public holiday City Square mall was weirdddddly empty.
HAHHAH, probably because its newww :o

With 42 43 years of history && on going!

Looking at the menu makes me happy!
All the yummy food ranged at a VERYYYY pocket friendly price.
Like from 5-13 bucks?

Clar ordered thie pork cutlet (she has this thing with mr pork LOL)

I think it was like 6-8 bucks only?

I also asked clar if she wanted to try Escargots.
&& WE tried dem! 

SUPPPEr YUMMY, the fact that they are snails could be a turnoff but they tastes like clams!
U noe the typical tze char stores that kinda 'La La' or 'Tsuk Tsuk', but baked in butter and garlic.
DAMMMM NICEEE :D ! ( too bad tionglin wont get to try hhahah)

And heres the gratin that i ordered

The gratin was like less den 6 dollars.
Mind u the portion was quite huge lehhhh.
The bad thing was that this is beeef :x (religious hur hur )
In any case i ate it (sinful, literally goin to hell kind) && I tricked clarisa into eating beef 
(forget it confirm go to hell already, LOL).

Well, i knew she couldnt eat beef bud i went 
" Hey wanna try? Look dam nice right?"
And she took a bite and said 
" Not bad, but abit too milky"
Well on the bright side, u tasted beef ma !
 At least can Si Er Wu Han (die without regrets) , LOL ;x

Black Squiddd? 
Know what does that meansss? hehhehe

We ordered Squid Ink Pasta TOOOO ! :D

Major woo huus!
Like in television & all they keep showing this legendary pasta (okay maybe abit too exaggerating)


I personally dont really dig this because theres a certain taste to it.

I think its the squid ink smell and if i had a choice i would not really want to have it.
PLUS, theres only squid in squid ink pasta && no meat, i rather have the 
Mouthwatering, cheesy , baked, milky rice with beef gratin. HAHHAAH :D

&& the aftermath of squid ink pasta

In my opinion Squid ink pasta is not good for a date
 ( ESPECIALLY BLIND DATES) Or a casual date with your crush.
BECAUSE you will be
super paranoid wiping your mouth frantically after every mouth.
Me & clar already neighbours for 18 yrs (LOL), 
so we are still generally okay with each other looking gross , hahaha.

But we still wiped after every mouth especially when the noodles smack your upper or lower lips  :/
Oh after we drank water (u ownself need to pour for urself 1 omg :o)  the squid ink was gone.
So.. Phewwww
But it was a good experience with Squid ink pasta overalll :D
We paid like 10-13 bucks each? 
Considering that we shared 4 dishes, its really cheap already lor !

We met jayjay & ying ying ( LOL at the repeated names) and played monopoly deal at macs.
Then we left at around 10 plus? And it started raining  )):
Me & clar trained to harbour front & homeddd :D

Saizeriya is located at :
Liang Court & City Square Mall .
Go & try the foood (:

Signing off

Saturday, February 12, 2011


What hides behind the mask , are faces.
Faces with different kinds of happiness, agony and malignant.
Strain your eyes and look close enough.
Because what you thought was not meant to be.

Random shit LOL.

Signing off

Thursday, February 03, 2011



Credits from google.

Hope u all good looking people will enjoy urself && get lots of angpaooo (:
(i almost typed angmoh instead of angpao.)
ANYWAYYY, Im still rotting at home at like what 11am? HAHAH
I will only be visiting at only 1-2pm?
Hehe, i see some jealous faces.
BUT, i will need to wake up at like 9am 2mlo or even earlier, ugh.

Food for thought, i think rat is a cousion or a relative of RABBIT .
U see the RAT in a RAbbiT.
Right right right?
HHAHAHA, i think i jus made the most amazing discovery. (:

Okay wishing anyone reading this will get lots of wealth & health, && those winning streaks when u game okay (:

Signing Off

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Xmas countdown with clique :D

Me & clique met at bugis to have steamboat.
We ended up at La Mei Zi :/
Xmas prezzies to exchange hehehe

Clar, weiling & me (:

Prawns we ate

And some other food.

Idk , prolly cause the food wasnt very nice, i didnt take much photos in fact 2 only LOL
We finshed our food and we walk down to bras basah nearby the mac donalds (:
We exchanged our presents && played monopoly deal LOL

Weiling got junjie's !

Clarisa got weiyi's !

Jay got clar's

Tionglin got mine ! (:

&& i;ve got weiling's hehehe

Didnt took a pic of  weiyi with tionglin's fruit paradise cake cos we ate it during steamboat LOL.
Anyway, we are good posers because the 
It was like 4-5 fans on th top floor onli lor.
Machiam Sauna!
We still can endure 2-3 rounds of deal before we left. Hahhaha

This are cards clar made for all of us, so sweet (:

Weiling's present got 4 kinder joy also hehe (i ate 2 gave 2 to ppl LOL)

Clar's message (:

After that we decided to head down to dhoby to starbucks to slack . it was ard 11pm oredi i think
We reached dere and found some seats, luckily LOL.
We sat in the store itself and not like the outdoor seats.

Cofffeeee to last thru the night heheh.

Den my dearest nu er kymm came & gave me this ((:

We played Murderer with monopoly deal, innovative right? LOL
Kymm was like overly suspicious & kept talking hahah.
&& i die easily okayy, cos i know how to react when someone winks at me LOL.
After awhile some of us were 'high tide' so we went to the mrt toilet.

Camwhore wif nu er ((:

Kymm, tionglin & me HEHE (:

Weiyi (back), Weiling, kymm & me

Guess which toilet were we ALL IN HAHHAH.
We went back to join clar & jay and continued murderer heheh

Proof of playing hehe

Tionglin like a suspicious only

Weiyi, weiling, tionglin (:

Me && clar hehe

(above pic credits from kymm, she keep spamming hahah )

Grp pic ((:

Kymm took taxi home at ard 2-3am while we slacked outside the Mrt.
LOL, we chat til like 7am or so den we left for home.