Sunday, August 30, 2009

Its the climb

Asking us how far can we reach ;o

At the top right hand sign to HSBC treetop walk (;

Some handdrawn map ;o

We took the blue route okay ;/

4.4km moar....

The not to do-s ;3

Trapped in the world of lost featuring Short Sisters Gang(SSG);x

Smoking wood wich was emitting smoke ;o

On the shaky trail ;/

We walked 3 km!!

Seee a snakeee?

Nice warning ;/

Future actor and actoress
Big ant wif Fat butt ;x

DIrty shoes );
Saw this running past us before we encounter de snake!!
We finally reached the 4.4km !!
Epsilon poses*!

Edmund on the shaky bridge(;

PLaying on the bridge ;x

The pig poses ;x

The long flight of stairs );

Finally almost out of this place

The epsilons (Ginnette,Puikwan,Xueni,Shunan and Edmund) met at bm interchange.
We took 132 to mac ritche reservoir.
On the bus we played wif our ds agn ((;
When we reached, we walked ard before we figure out how we can get started.
We den started walking up a bridge and asked some psserby to take pics.
We walked up a route and reached the entrance of the climb.
Asked more passerbys to take pics for us (;

Sang random songs like the climb whileclimbing.
Went up the rocky trail and saw some big ants and insects.
There was once i saw a skink run past away and xueni scream snake!
I tot she saw the skink and screamed snake.
Bud i was wrong, the snake was blocking the path, green and skinny.
Waited for the snake to slither away before we continued.
We reached a dead end before we reached the treetop walk.

Waited for passerby to reach and we tok another grp foto.
We walked the suspended bridge and took lots of fotos.
As edmund and puik was behind me, i ran alil and start taking foto.
They had to catch up wif my speed and pose before my camera captures the pic.
We finshed the walk and went to one of the toilet place to rest.
Xueni made us scrambled eggs sandwiches, she had to wake up earli in the morn to make

Walked down the trail via some road( i forgot)
Asked some passerby to confirm whether we were on the right route.
Den saw some scary monkeys as well.
Made our way out and took bus 166 to bugis.
We ate Icemonsterrrr (; as xn was craving for mango ice like a pregnant lady x;

Our orders ((;

Walked ard sim lim to get cheap headsets for our EOY props.
We got headsets at 10 bucksss each (;
Went home aft dat

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wig cutting + Natsu Matsuri ( super long post prewarned)

Ginnette's koko (; ( he loves my shoulder ;D )

Sleeeping when he heard miley cyrus '7 things abt u'

Cute feathers like mohawk

Biting my handfone strap );
Curious birdie (;

Camwhore on ginnette's lift as usual :D
Edmund and koko (;
Puik's wig on wignet
My wig in wignet ;D
After cutting :D
Edmund's horrible experience ;D
Xueni goes snap snap :D
Presenting Princess edmund ;o
Camwhore at staircase dere ;/

Jay walking ;o
Jaywalking act cute peepzs ;/

Last pic on lift before NAZHU MA ZHURI ;x

Went to ginnette's house to cut wig.
Was late as usual, pk the pig lah ;x
Went in and took a look at my blue wig , oh my so niceeeee (;
Played wif nette's bird and he flew to my shoulders a few times , and of course my head.
I tink edmund said becos my hair look like birdnest );
Xueni came and we wore our wigs for her to cut.

Putting on the wigcap reali makes 1 ugly.
P.k turned into a nun and i turned into a monk /;
They had a hard time putting on the wigcap cos i got big head and styled my hair ;x(ty ppl!)
Put on the blue wig and felt like a mad professor.
Head was seriously too big bud tried to make it smaller.
Went to the staircase corner to cut our wigs.
Camwhored abit also.
Exchanged wig wif p.k and took some pics.
It was OMG UGLY.

Just when u thought it was over, here comes part 2. Warned u le hor (;

Played mario kart (;
Shunan,Ginnette,Puikwan,Edmund,Xueni met at the bus 1 day ;D

Queue-d dam long for this..

Tori karaage (;

Katsu curry rice :OO

Panda-yaki (;

Edmund's pokemon pad for junwei ;o

Zilian shot ); (flat hair.. )

Cute girl(u sure its a guy meh?!) (;

Xueni's Matured Zayden( spelled like dis? )

Another suave dolfie :D

Right, we continued our way to Natsu matsuri ( NAZHU MAZHU RI)
Took train to simei and took bus 5 dere.
Met sis on the way as she was going to bf house i tink.
Played mario kart wif dem and chose a lousy chracter.
Went i went off de mrt i told my frens she was my sis and they were stunned.
They made fun of the name CHUAN nt knowing Chuan was jus beside dem ;x
Toook a long time for bus 5 to reach the bustop.

Reached the japanese school and saw a bloody long queue.
We had to join in ));
We Q-ed for close to 1 and a half hours to get in dere.
Went to find the Yukata rental place. ( WAS VERY excited as dats 1 of the main purpose)
To my outmost and Unbelievabling shockingly terribly horrifying horror, it was rented out );
Boooo huu ); nvm continue to find food afterwards.
Queued for TOri karaage while edmund bought some cheese fishball.
Food wasnt dat bad bud wasnt filling.
Edmund bought katsu curry rice as well.

We went to buy panda yaki and queued annother hour can?!
So freaking tired and i saw a Temasek poly-ian.
Was so bored we started singing and bending each other's fans ;x
Nette and Xueni went to get drinks for us, we got some fruit punch :D
Finshed our food in 10 mins , so contradicting lor ;/
Went to sit at some tables as my legs couldnt take it animoreeeee.
Nette and Xueni the short and strong legs went to continue playing water ballooon game.
Met Jiaqing and had a short conver wif him :D

When they were done they came back and edmund bought rice AGN!
Xueni brought out Zayden and her friends took out more dolls.
SO cooooool lah dolfies, bud damm damm damm exp ;X
After somore snapping we saw g.v jordan and snapped agn.
We OFFICIALLY left de place (;
Took bus back to simei and bought 2bucks chicken rice.
Xueni left us wif her frens );
Rice was filling and nice, we also whined and yant abt some nostalgic stories (;
Played the drum game back on our way home.

Took 195 and watched i guesssssss show.
Saw this woman named 'Hui ci' in dat show.
She goes like ' Helloooo Ehveryli BODIIEEEEEH! '
SHes dam funny , like Xu chun mei, bud somehow, more real in a fake way ;/
IDk she brightens my day :D
Today's all abt quein );